Real Racing 3 Walkthrough [Guide]

Real Racing 3

Do you like to drive fast cars? Now, you can do just that with Real Racing 3, the racing simulation game from FireMonkeys and Electronic Arts. Defeat AI opponents in the ultimate battle between cars and pavement as you put the pedal to the metal and race towards glory in this exciting new game.

Real Racing 3 offers real tracks and accurately modeled vehicles from respected manufacturers. Sounds and visuals have also been improved from previous games which will all run smoothly from your chosen device. All these work together, along with the smooth control that device controls will be able to provide, in order to give players a racing experience unlike any other before it.

Gameplay within Real Racing 3 is very elementary. Using vehicles that you can purchase, you must participate in racing events with the goal to eventually win the series. It will take a lot of patience, timing, and determination to win against the challengers, and of course, having the right set of wheels will not hurt either.

Along the way, players will be earning currency that they can use to repair and upgrade their cars, or they can also opt to purchase newer and more powerful cars that they can use to dominate the race track.

There are two main currencies at play within Real Racing 3. The first one is called R$, which is the basic currency within the game.  R$s can be earned by joining and winning races, and these can be used to purchase new cars, as well as make repairs and upgrades on parts of existing ones. The more you play, the more RSs you can earn, but you can always save more time and get better cars early by purchasing more R$s using real life currency.

The second type of currency is gold, and these are the premium currency within the game. Real Racing 3 provides you with very limited chances to earn gold, but these can be used to purchase premium items like the BMX Z4 M Coupe and the 2011 Dodge Challenger SRT 8. These cars cannot be purchase using regular currency, and they would be able to provide you with a distinct advantage should you be able to get behind the wheel of one of these vehicles. In addition, gold can be used to unlock tracks early so that you can race on them. Like R$s, additional gold can be purchased using real life currency.

It should also be taken note of that, the more money you spend, the better deal you would be getting, but do make sure if the cost outweighs the benefits before you make a purchase.

Real Racing 3 boasts over 45 vehicles to choose from, with more probably available in the future. All cars were modeled after real cars from several manufacturers. Colors can also be changed upon purchase. Vehicles can be purchased using either R$s or gold, and the higher the price, the better the car will be. Of course, driving skills should also be taken into consideration.

Each vehicle has several statistics such as maximum speed, brake efficiency, and grip. It would be hard to find a perfectly balanced car that will dominate each and every track, so try to find the best vehicle that will best suit your style, and if possible, get cars that are best suited for the kind of track that you will be racing on.

Real Racing 3 takes advantage of all controls available within your device. Also, there are several ways by which you can control your car, which range from full manual control to having the game assist you with regards to other aspects of driving. With the default configuration, however, all you have to do is steer by tilting the device left and right, as well as brake by pressing on the button on the screen. More advanced players can opt to turn off other assists so that they would also get to control both acceleration and gear shifting.

Players can join different event series, and winning races will allow other events to be unlocked. When players choose a race, they will be asked to select the car to use, after which they will be directed straight to the track. The better your place and the faster your race time, the higher the amount of R$s that you will be able to win.

Real Racing 3 employs what it calls Time Shifted Multiplayer System, and this affects how AI opponents behave and perform during races. The game saves racing data from other players, and this eventually reflects on how computer opponents race. Essentially, the better other human players race, the more challenging your respective races would be, which would provide for shifting difficulty and challenge levels for the player.

Maintaining Cars
Vehicles take damage and their peak performance degrades over time. After each race, players will have the option to repair and service their cars. Servicing can be in specific areas of the vehicle such as braking, suspension, tires, and several others. Ensuring that repairs are done and that servicing is made will ensure that specific parts will perform at optimum levels.

Of course, having cars repaired and serviced will take money, so make sure that you have enough funds to fix up your vehicles before the next big race comes up. Also, previous versions of the game have long wait times for repairs and servicing to be completed. These have since been removed and minimized, which means that you will no longer have to wait for a long time before repairs and services are completed in order to race again.

In addition, you can also opt to upgrade car parts by having them replaced. Like repairs and servicing, upgrading will require cash, but it will provide the added benefit of your vehicle becoming much more formidable in the race track.

Tips and Tricks
As you grow more accustomed to the controls of the game, try to switch from automatic to manual controls. Once you get the hang of it, your vehicles would be able to perform much more efficiently as compared to having the computer assist you in acceleration and gear shifting.

As your collection of cars grow, make sure that you concentrate your efforts on vehicles that you will actually be using. It would no longer be important to upgrade cars that you won’t be using, and your R$s would be better spent on vehicles that you will drive in the next race. Similarly, if you are eyeing a premium vehicle that will require gold, and assuming that you have the money to acquire said gold, then go for it, and don’t spend it on other purchases. This will provide you with a distinct advantage over other competitors who are using regular cars.

Don’t treat each race as a destruction derby. Be careful around corners and try not to bump against other vehicles without good reason. The worse the damage on your vehicle, the worse it would perform, and the more R$ that you will spend in repairs and servicing.

Last but not the least, don’t be disheartened if you find yourself losing in your first few events, or even if you think that you’ve got the controls down pat. The AI system constantly evolves to challenge players, and players can use this as a motivation to better improve on their skills. Just keep playing the game and race as much as possible, collect R$s, and upgrade or purchase cars as necessary in order to become one step closer towards being called the king of the road.

Real Racing 3 was developed by FireMonkeys Studio and was published by Electronic Arts. It was released on February 28, 2013 for Android and iOS.


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