Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 Walkthrough [Guide]

Sniper Ghost Warrior 2

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--Operation "Quarterback"

Communication Breakdown
From Out of Nowhere
Leave No Man Behind

--Operation "Archangel"

And Justice for All
Ghosts of Sarajevo

--Operation "Thunderhead"

Knife in the Dark
Burning Bridges
Bad Karma
No Loose Ends

--Operation "Quarterback"

Communication Breakdown

Objective: Follow Diaz

The game begins as Diaz kills an enemy just ahead of you. Follow him and climb
the platform ahead hitting F. Go behind him and crouch at where he stops. He
asks you to take a hit at the enemy ahead. Look thru your scope with RMB and
aim at the head and also hold your breath with "Shift" which allows you to
steady your aim and then watch the splatter -

There's another in the hut here, switch on your thermals using V. You can't
shoot thru the wood so you need to aim at parts which are exposed. You can
shoot his legs, the thermal vision helps you spot his exposed body parts. After
that follow Diaz and you come to two enemies ahead. As you get prepared to kill
them two more show up which is not a good sign for a sniper. So follow Diaz
again to a spot beneath the bridge and stay there till Diaz asks you to move

Go ahead and you need to stop for a while as a boat with enemies is coming
across. Follow Diaz again and you come to two more guys with a knife icon on
them. It means you can knife them, so stay crouched and move in close behind
the guy with the icon and hit E to kill him. If the other one ahead also move
and looks at you then just shoot him.

Objective: Eliminate called out Targets

Go ahead and you'll come to a place overlooking the river bank ahead. Go prone
here with "Ctrl" and wait for Diaz to give a signal. After he does you can see
a target symbol on the guy standing at the edge of the pier - shoot him only
when the other guy is not around and also the boat has moved away. Then shoot
the next guy with the target over his head to the left. Now, Shoot the rest of
the guys carefully and try not to miss shots or they will spot you and it's
going to become a problem.

Objective: Get thru the village undetected

After you kill them go ahead on the bridge and follow Diaz till he stops you
near a village. Shoot the targeted guy to the right and go behind Diaz. Wait
for the guy straight ahead to go away and keep following Diaz thru the water.
If you see the alter meter (which comes around the minimap) or the alter sound
go up then hold Ctrl to go prone into the water so the enemies lose sight of
you. When Diaz climb up to the platform follow him with F and then you need to
make a silent kill with E - you need to kill the targeted guy and then follow
Diaz out of the village.

Objective: Eliminate Called out Targets and Stay Undetected

You'll soon come to a broken plane stuck on top of the rocks. Get into it and
go to the edge ahead. Diaz calls out the targets one by one and you need to
kill them. The last targets are two guys and you need to shoot the radio to the
right -

Shoot it and one of them goes there. Shoot the guy who goes there and then the
next one nearby. You'll fall into the river and just swim up and join Diaz
again. Go ahead and you are given two guys to shoot at. Shoot the one on the
behind first and immediately the other one ahead. Go behind Diaz and climb up
the place where the two enemies where and go into the house.

Objective: Use the C4

Go up and place the C4 in the place shown -

Slowly follow Diaz and if the alter meter is going up then duck under water
and move out of view. Blast the C4 when Diaz tells you to and then go ahead
behind him. Just keep going till you get to the next enemy. Crouch and kill and
there are two more to the left one of whom Diaz kills. Start moving again and
you'll come up to multiple enemies. There a truck to the right, shoot the fuel
tank on it to make a distraction and move ahead.

Objective: Clear the area of enemy presence

Shoot the enemy in the bell tower first -

Then use your binoculars to spot the farthest enemy and kill him first. Keep
shooting the enemy who is isolated and then shoot the ones who are close to
each other quickly. Follow Diaz and you come to the Rendezvous point.

Obective: Swim into the underground pass

Go ahead and swim in the water and some enemies come by so duck into the water
and stay behind the boat as it makes a pass around the water and goes away.
Go ahead and keep swimming thru the water. You'll need to swim underwater to
get to the next area.

Objective: Reach the Church Tower

As soon as you come out, you'll see an enemy close ahead near a camp. Shoot him
with your silenced pistol and move ahead -

You can see another enemy in the distance, you can get him any way you want to.
Proceed to the waypoints and you'll reach the church. After you enter the
church you can pick up a medkit and some ammo on the desk ahead.

Go up the stairs to the left all the way and set up point on the top and you'll
see the assault team move into position.

Objective: Cover the Assault Team

Soon you'll get your first target to shoot -

He's a guy standing on the edge of the pier straight ahead. Shoot him and then
look to the enemies on the left. Shoot the ones here when they are not looking
at each other -

Then one more pops up from the top floor outside the balcony. Kill him next and
then the assault team moves ahead. You soon spot another in a bell tower
straight ahead. A copter comes in, wait for it to go away and then shoot the
guy. Similarly you get to keep shooting enemies for the next few minutes. Just
listen to the assault team and shoot the targeted enemies. Their instructions
are very important so be sure you are listening properly. Soon you get to
clear the area icons and the assault team finally engages the target. Shoot the
enemies you can see and the team picks up a radio signal and uploads the virus
as the first mission ends.

From Out of Nowhere

Objective: Reach the overwatch thru the caves

NOTE: You will need to keep your night vision switched on for the rest of this

Go ahead soon you'll come onto a wooden walkway and you should be able to spot
three enemies ahead in the area below. Use your binoculars to tag the enemies.
Crouch on the walkway itself and watch them carefully. Look for a time when all
three are looking away from each other. Shoot the farthest ones first and then
the nearest one and save the middle one for last. Note that if you are playing
the game on easy or medium difficulties then you will have a very easy time
killing the targets because they almost never spot you when you are a long
distance from them.

After that, go down and proceed on the bridge and you will come out of the cave
soon and kill the one guy who is crouching ahead near the edge and then set up
point near where he was crouching, overlooking the entire area ahead.

Your night vision will be switched off automatically and after that you ought
to get ready for some sniping. As usual, the targets are marked for you and you
need to carefully shoot them and kill them. The assault team splits into two
to cover more ground so you need to clear the way for both the teams with a
little help from Diaz too. You'll start getting multiple targets soon enough
and you need to be more careful when this happens and also be a little quicker.

NOTE: The game is a bit bugged and sometimes the red circle which represents
the impact point after adjusting for wind is not shown so you may need to
improvise on this area. Just aim a little right and above the enemies head
depending on the wind speed shown in above. You will get a hang of it soon.

After a long time the team finally reaches the large buiding. You'll need to
shoot a few tank to cause the diversion to flush out the enemy -

After that start shooting the enemies who are in the front of the buidling and
the assault team enters in.

Objective: Shoot the enemy holding the hostage.

Look at the door which is on top of the building where the eye icon is pointing
An enemy comes out soon holding the hostage, shoot him and the hostage is set
free -

Objective: Reach the southern side of the resort through the caves.

Now you need to move out of the caves again, go to the left and switch on your
night vision and move ahead. You'll come to an area with enemies ahead. There
are four enemies below you around a camp fire. If you crouch and move you can
get thru this area without disturbing them - remember that this is a stealth
game and you are not going to get any additional points for mass murder. But
there is one enemy ahead on the wood platform you are on. Just move ahead
crouched and when you see him try to silent kill him and keep going. 

You'll come down the wooden walkway and soon you'll come to a waterfall and
will be able to see two enemies ahead one to the left and another to the right.
You need to be very careful here as you can get spotted easily and to tell you
the truth this is where the real game starts. It's going to get really
difficult to spot enemies from now and they are going to spot you pretty easily
unless you are proned. Now, of the two enemies (stay proned now) the one on
the left is walking on the wooden walkway and you can spot him to the top left-

He is stading on the edge, after him the second one is to the right on top of
a small rock path, you need to get to the edge of the place here to spot him as
he is very high up -

Then move ahead on the wood walkway and keep going and you will see three more
guys pop up on the mini map. Go prone here and wait of a bit. Wait for two
closest enemies to line up for you and talk to each other. Then kill the third
who is behind them and after that line up the shot so that a single bullet
kills the both of them. Move out of the caves now and you'll reach the resort


Once you come out of the caves, you'll come to a house and spot some enemies on
the minimap. Stay crouched and climb the stairs here -

Once you are on top, spot the enemy who is on the same roof as you and another
who is patrolling on the roof of the taller buildin ahead. Do not kill until
you marked both of them with your binoculars. Then kill the two enemies and
jump down the roof and move into the house ahead. Move carefully because
enemies are going to suddenly show up on your minimap. The closes enemy is on
the balcony just outside and there are three others outside the building, first
wait for the closest one to pass you (stay hidden) and then silent kill him.

Objective: Eliminate the enemies on the road.

Then move to the right corner here and you'll have an overwatch over the
enemies ahead below you. Be very careful and wary of the single enemy who is on
top of a vehicle to the left on a mounted machine gun. If he spots you then you
are going to meet St.Micheal. Anyway, the chick on the comm will mark targets
for you to take out one by one and you need to be quick here as you can lose
a chance real quick. Or if you want to go maverick then just shoot them
according to your wish but it is adviced to take out the one on the Machine Gun

Objective: Choose the overwatch

As you go ahead you'll come to a heavily reinforced part of the resort and you
are given a choice here to get to an overwatch - which you should do. So go on
top and be careful as there's a sniper ahead. Silent kill him and go prone and
get a good view of the area and the enemies below.

There are a total of four. First shoot the one on top of the roof ahead on the
last building. Then shoot the one to the left and finally take care of the
other two who are closes to you to clear up. Move to the left and continue on
the path. Stick to the right and be extremely careful and hidden among the
foliage. Three enemies suddenly show up and run towards your position. Stay
hidden in the bushes and behind the foliage properly or they will spot you and
you'll be dead before you hear them shoot. Wait for them to pass and move out.

Objective: Proceed to the Observatory

Once out, you can see enemies, stay porned and behind foliage. Your map gets
updated with enemy positions and you are advised to kill the enemy on the roof
to the right first and stick to the right corner of this area for improved
chances. First kill the guy on the roof as suggested. Now this is going to get
very tricky. You can just stay prone and move to the left side and crawl your
way out of this and after a lot of crawling you'll get to the next place.

Anderson gets an idea to kill the enemy in the center. Kill him and then wait
for the others to assemble around him. Then you can shoot the grenades on the
belts of the enemies for a blast. There's another enemy on top of the small
shack to the left. If you can't see them then proceed to the top of the
observatory and kill him when you can see him.

Objective: Eliminate the enemies on the Yatch

You will be given instructions on whom to kill and when so listen to Diaz
carefully and kill the enemies. You will also need to shoot out the lights so
aim carefully. After a little while, the HVT comes in and all hell breaks

Objective: Cover the Assault Team

Start shooting all the enemies ahead. Aim carefully and you will also spot a
gunner on top of a vehicle so take him out quickly and keep killing the others.
And after you kill a few of them a short cutscene takes place and the mission

Leave No Man Behind

Objective: Follow the Bio-Agent

You'll come to a place overlooking a beach soon -

You need to clear out this place and there are five enemies on the beach. The
first is on the top floor of the house. You ought to shoot the radio which is
nearby to cause a distraction and then shoot him when he stops to inspect.-

Shoot the one on the edge of the pier to the right-

There's one to the left isolated, shoot him and then look at the remaining two.
Kill the one who is standing behind the other and then the last one. Continue
to the next waypoint and shoot the enemy in the hut here before proceeding.

Objective: Reach the Bunker Undetected

Keep going till you get to the next spot where you need to clear the area again
You are adviced to kill the lookout on top first so do it. There are four more
enemies ahead but you can just avoid them if you go prone and move from behind
the foliage straight. Soon, you'll come to the bunker with four enemies ahead.
Move to the waypoint which takes you to the left of the bunker. Start killing
from here and go to the next place.

When you go to the bunker you are asked to mount a wall to the right so hit F
to climb it. Then there are two enemies closeby ahead of you. You can kill them
and move up the stairs to the left -

Once you are on top, proceed ahead and shoot the enemies who are targeted.
Proceed thru the buker and you'll come to a spot overlooking a large house.
You are asked to eliminate the lookout here. They are actually targeted one by
one so you only need to shoot the enemies who have the target icon on them.

Objective: Jump into the water

Go to the right and Anderson takes a dive.

Objective: Eliminate the enemies in the house

There are a total of four. Kill the one on the upper floor, then the second on
the left side who is alone and when the rest two split up, kill the one on the
right and then the left. Proceed to the house thru the water and keep going.

Objective: Reach the Lower Cable Car Station

Get into the cable car when you reach it and remember to stay prone here as
there's an enemy ahead and several more who will be alerted if he sees you.
After the car stops carefully crawl from the right behind the boxes and make
your kill. After exiting the cart, move ahead and look in the room ahead to
find ammo and a medkit. Go to the edge of this room and clear out the
area ahead.

Soon you'll go thru here and come to the place where the whole action is taking

Objective: Cover Diaz

Keep killing the enemies who are attacking Diaz one by one. Always watch him
closely and if you can't fine the enemies thru the scope, come out of the scope
view, spot the enemies and get into scope again. You'll come across and RPG
to the left and Diaz shouts this out when he sees him. Shoot him quick as soon
as you can. You'll need to do a lot of killing here and move to the left after

You'll come under enemy fire, just don't stop, keep running.

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=============================================================================== =============================================================================== ACT II Operation "Archangel" Move ahead with Maddox and then shoot the two targets as he calls them out. The next few minutes you'll need to keep following Maddox and also his instructions. He's going to mark targets for you and you need to execute his instructions. Keep following him and after a long time you'll come out with an AA gun ahead in the field - The best way to kill them is to target the two enemies who are sitting on the gun and when they rotate the gun you can line up a double kill. Make the double kill and then kill the rest of the enemies very quickly. If you jump ahead and go prone before you make the first kill you may not get spotted. After you clear up the ground near the gun go to it and plat C4. Back off a dozen steps and blow it. After that, move to the AA gun on the right of the map and it'll get blown by an aircraft. Then continue to the next one and repeat the same routine you did for the first gun. Follow Maddox after this and you'll move into a subway. Follow him into the room and you'll get spotted no matter what you do so run ahead. Maddox stops to set up some C4. Move behind the box here and shoot any enemy coming into the path behind you and kill them till Maddox asks you to move ahead with him. You'll meet the HVT soon enough.... =============================================================================== =============================================================================== And Justice for All This is going to be one long mission with a lot to do... Move ahead and go thru the door in the end. After you go in, you'll need to kill a target marked by Maddoz and soon after a group of enemies come in and you also need to take them out. Follow Maddox ahead and after a while you'll come to the site of Genocide. Take the pictures, aim the central area near the eye icons you can see ahead of you and take the four pics. Get out of here and keep going, soon you'll come into a dark building, use your night vision here to see more clearly. Objective: Cover Merinov After a while as you keep going, Merinov decides to be the hero and goes ahead to talk to some guards. They get ready to kill him and we can't have that happen so just kill the enemies ahead and a whole bunch keep coming here. Follow Maddox out to the high point and start eliminating the enemies one by one - there are quite a few here. Objective: Sabotage the Breaker Box Undetected After a little while, you'll come into a garage. You cannot use your weapons here so move out and stay proned and behind cover. Move to the left end of the garage here and you'll come across a single enemy whom you can knife - After that, sabotage the box with your hands and get below the car to the right and proceed to the exit marked and stick to the left wall behind cover. At the exit, knife the guard and head out. There's a medkit to the right as you exit the garage. Objective: Follow Maddox and eliminate called-out targets You'll come into a park soon filled with enemies. It's going to get dangerous here as you need to kill enemies as you move and take them out really quickly. Keep going thru the park and killing the targets which Maddox is pointing out. Once you come out of the park, you'll reach the overwatch which overlooks the enemy's position. Aim and kill but wait!! they know you're here... Start killing the enemies one by one and stay proned at all times. After you kill all the enemies take out the last one and follow Maddox out and see what happens... =============================================================================== =============================================================================== Ghosts of Sarajevo Grab your pistol ahead and move up to the door. Open it and move ahead, when you come ahead you'll come across an enemy. You'll need to knife him but he may turn around and spot you so you ought to use your pistol here. Open the next door and keep going. You'll reach a set of topples tables, you need to stay proned or a sniper on the building ahead will spot you - Go around thru the room ahead and you'll reach your equipment finally with a medkit nearby - Go back from where you came and shoot the sniper on the building ahead from whom you had to hide earlier. Baccktrack your footsteps and move to the waypoints. You'll soon be hit by a mortar and the roof collapses. But nothing happens to you, move ahead and shoot the guard ahead on the edge near the railing - You'll have to melee the next guy who comes running at you. Then move out and once outside stay proned and wait for the patrol outside to move past you. You'll be contacted by Diaz once you go out and you'll pass thru a pool of water and come to some enemies. One is on the roof patrolling ahead of you. Kill him and go ahead. Stick to the left side walls and go thru any holes in the walls you may come across - Then climb onto the wall when you reach a dead end - Objective: Fight through to the Library Building Stick to the left side and keep going while you are prone. Always stay proned thru this next area or you'll be spotted and killed in an instant. Stick to the left and go from under the trucks when you need to, keep going and you'll come to a set of steps with an enemy on top who moves to the right as you reach the stairs - Follow him and you can also spot a medkit to his right - Go near where he was and you ought to spot two enemies ahead to the left. If you wait enough then you can line up a double kill. Then you can freely move into the library. Objective: Go thru the Library Building While in the library stay to the left and move ahead. Always take the cover of the many book shelf here. Keep going and stay low and you'll come to a room where th floor is broken and some enemies are coming from below ahead - Stay proned and you can wait for them to reach their respective positions and then kill the ones on top first and then the ones on the bottom whom you can spot from here. Then jump down and kill any stragglers. Come back to the upper floor by climbing the steps on the other side and progress thru the area. Again, stay low as you are moving thru and you can just prone past two enemies who come in ahead. Then you'll reach the exit of the library and the entrance of an apartment. Objective: Go thru the Apartment Building As you move thru the apartment you can spot a first aid kit on a bench - When you come to the wall opening from where you can exit the apartment you have two choices here. One is you can use your binoculars and carefully spot and shoot the snipers ahead - if they don't kill you first. Or you can just run past to the next waypoint which is a better option at this time as there is no scope for cover and you'll come to the sewers soon. Objective: Progress thru the Sewers and reach the Park Go ahead and wait for the commanding officer to tell the two soldier ahead to go do some work. Then stay low and go ahead and you'll come to the first guy who is working on a circuit breaker. Kill him and go ahead and keep going and you'll come out to the park soon. Objective: Get thru the Park undetected As soon as you enter the park you will see four enemies ahead. Three will move ahead and go below the stairs and one will move to the left. Go ahead and kill the one on the left and go down the stairs. Now, this can be very difficult but if you are lucky then you can line up a triple kill here but you can only do this when they are still on the steps going down. Try to kill the three of them anyway and stick to the right side and you can sprint to the next waypoint and enter the debris filled apartment and move thru it and you'll come to a position overlooking an area which you need to clear out - Wait for a while to let all the enemies settle down. Then use your binoculars to spot all of them. There are six of the, ahead. One is working on a car to the left. Kill him first and then the one on the right and continue from the nearest to the farthest targets. There's also some explosive barrels here which are red in color. You can shoot them to take down the whole company at once. Even if you get spotted and you are prone then nothing will happen to you. Just kill them quick and jump down and proceed ahead into the hotel and walk up the stairs to reach overwatch.  Objective: Eliminate Carl Maddox Just make a shot at the car ahead in which Maddox is traveling and it will automatically hit him.

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=============================================================================== =============================================================================== ACT III --Operation "Thunderhead" Knife in the Dark This whole operation is set in Butan - Nepal. This place can look real good depending on your video card.... Objective: Eliminate all enemies in the Village You'll come to a place overlooking a village. First figure out where all the enemies are. Shoot the single guy to the right. Then shoot the others beginning from the farthest to the closest. Then follow Diaz to the next area. Objective: Get thru the village undetected Do not go down the ladder yet. Just start killing. Do guy to the right first and then the one to the left on the upper balcony and then do the other two in any order you wish. Then use the ladder to go down and keep moving from waypoint to waypoint and while going, you'll also come across a medkit - Objective: Rendezvous with Diaz Keep following Diaz's instructions and he'll take you past a patrol which just comes in. As you move ahead he asks you to duck in the shadows as a copter is coming from ahead so just stay proned in the foliage to the right. After it goes away, move ahead and shoot the guy to the right ahead and then join up with Diaz. In the next place he tells you that there are snipers ahead. So he calls them out and you take them out one by one. Take your time as you don't want to be spotted here. Keep following him thru the searchlight area and you'll come to a couple of enemies past a statue of Lord Shiva. Listen to them and kill them after getting the info you get. Move ahead and you come into the entry of another village with two enemies ahead. You can line up a double kill here if you look properly - Follow Diaz to the next spot where he start calling out your targets ahead. After you kill the second target, he falls down and you guys are spotted. Strangely enemies start coming in from beside you to the right - So instead of looking ahead, just look to your right and use your pistol to take out anyone coming from behind Diaz and then follow him out of here. Keep going and in the next couple of minutes you get out of here. =============================================================================== =============================================================================== Burning Bridges Unfortunately, you lose your rifle in the very beginning and only have your pistol to deal with the situation. Go to your right for now and in the first dark room you come into is some ammo. Keep going ahead and Diaz asks you to stop as a patrol is coming in from the right. Let them pass and go ahead when Diaz asks you to as there's a spotlight searching the area. Keep going - The next time you spot enemies, don't engage them. Instead, move ahead and stick to the right side. When you move ahead to where the path turns left, a patrol comes up ahead on the bridge. Fall down into the water ahead - Move to the waypoint and climb up onto the pier. Use the steps to move ahead and make sure you are moving very slowly. When you keep going Diaz will suddenly yell stop just as you are about to turn a corner. There's an enemy just around the corner and if you don't stop when Diaz asks you to then you might get killed soon. Anyway, wait for the patrol below to move away and then go ahead into the caves. Objective: Eliminate the Searchlight and it's crew You'll come to an enemy whom you'll need to stealth kill and after that keep going and listen to Diaz's instructions and soon you'll come to your Rifle. Pick it up, shoot the spotlight and the enemies here. Then progress ahead. You can spot a medkit just to the right of the rifle beside a door you need to go thru - Objective: Reach the Overwatch After you move into the next area, you are asked to hide, get proned here and hide in the little bit of foliage ahead and after the enemy move ahead go and silent kill him. Climb up to the next place and pick up the medkit you come to- You'll come to the overwatch and Diaz will give you your targets and you'll need to take out the last three guys regardless of you alerting them so you will get into a fire fight - remember to stay crouched. Objective: Rendezvous with Diaz Keep going and you'll come to the primary weapons cache. Take the C4 here and plant in the areas shown and move ahead with Diaz and as soon as you detonate the C4, be prepared to make a run for your life... =============================================================================== =============================================================================== Bad Karma Objective: Follow Diaz and Eliminate called out Targets Go ahead and kill the single target and keep moving. You'll come to a shut door soon, break it open and you'll get to another area with enemies ahead and a large statue in the center of the place. Diaz asks you to see if one of them has a frag exposed. Look infront of the statue where three of the enemies are together - The enemy on the center is wearing a frag on hid right side belt. Keep going and you will cross a path with a medkit nearby - Objective: Eliminate the enemies in the Square In the next area, you'll get to clear out more enemies below. Diaz marks the targets for you here. Kill the two snipers when they are on the edges of the balcony and another enemy moves into the tower from the entrance below. You ought to take him out as soon as you see him - just kill the second sniper and point your rifle at the entrance below. Even if you miss him, look for him as he moves past the windows - Then kill the rest of the called out targets and move below and look for a medkit if you need it here - 08450348 Objective: Follow Diaz and reach the OverWatch Keep going and you'll hear from the Assault Team soon. We need to join them fast. Keep going behind Diaz and follow his instructions. You'll need to take cover to hide from a vehicles soon - use the foliage to the left. Keep going and you'll reach the overwatch in a bit. After a short turn of events you'll be shooting at a copter... aim very carefully at the pilot's seat (take your time as you have a lot of it) and let the trigger go - =============================================================================== =============================================================================== No Loose Ends Follow Diaz to the next area and kill the first set of enemies. Progress ahead and you'll hear from Maddox soon enough. Stay proned and move along with Diaz. He'll pop a smoke G soon so be ready to run thru it. Move to the next area and shoot the Jerry can which he spots to make a diversion - Objective: Follow Maddox's Trail Keep going and you'll come to two guys in the tower ahead to the right, kill them soon and move ahead. You'll soon split from Diaz and a little drama takes place. After that, you'll need to save Diaz's skin so move ahead and shoot the enemies who are aiming at him. Meet up with him ahead and you can also pick up a medkit from ahead - Even in the next area, you are aiming at some barrels to take out a group of enemies at once. Move ahead and pick up the first aid kit if you need to - Objective: Eliminate the Mortar Teams Shoot out the guys on the mortars first and their support. There are only two teams and they are easy pickings. Objective: Eliminate the Elite Snipers Now, you cannot change the scope view which you are having right now but you can zoom in and out. So zoom out and when Diaz calls out the enemies, look for them while zoomed out and spot the red reticle on their head and zoom in to kill them. Objective: Eliminate Carl Maddox Maddox is in the building far ahead - You need to be quick to kill him or he will kill you. He can pop up in the left or middle windows randomly so just wait for him on one of the windows and shoot him when he puts his head out -

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=============================================================================== =============================================================================== The End ===============================================================================

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