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For the last few days, Electronic Arts has been teasing the full reveal of the next installment of the Battlefield franchise. Entitled Battlefield 4, not much is known about this new game, but EA is promising to reveal more information as more people create accounts on the official website, which you can check out here. In the meantime, Cheat Masters has compiled a wishlist of five things we want out of the sequel.

1. Improve the multiplayer
Under the hood, Battlefield 3 was quite an impressive multiplayer experience. In fact, it is one of the only games that stood toe to toe with Activision’s juggernaut Call of Duty franchise and actually had a ghost’s chance in hell of pulling away some of that game’s audience. However, the multiplayer was not perfect or consistent across all the systems, and with just a few tweaks here and there, DICE and EA could have the ultimate FPS on their hands, and really give Activision a run for their money.

For one, split-screen multiplayer is a MUST. Call of Duty offers split-screen offline and split-screen online modes. Battlefield 4 should strive to do the same. With the constantly changing world of online gaming, you never know how long a game’s multiplayer component will remain popular. So say you like the multiplayer of the game, but it becomes completely dead within a month. There’s no way to enjoy it without split-screen of some kind, and hopefully this feature is implemented in Battlefield 4.

Another way to improve the multiplayer is to make the multiplayer consistent across all systems. PC gamers enjoyed epic 64 player battles in Battlefield 3, but console players were left in the dust, only having up to 32 players in matches. Battlefield 4 needs to offer a level playing field across the board. Activision dominates the console FPS market, and Battlefield 4 needs to focus on providing experiences Call of Duty simply does not offer, such as battles this large in scale.

2. Nonlinear campaign

One of the biggest complaints against Battlefield 4 was that the campaign was boring and way too linear. Indeed, there is not much separating the Battlefield 4 campaign from the awful “Follow Me” simulator that was Modern Warfare 3. I’d really like it if Battlefield 4 offered a nonlinear campaign, kind of like the original Bad Company game. Hell, why not have the campaign feature the Bad Company characters and humor, and then have the multiplayer be typical Battlefield multiplayer? They nailed the single player in Bad Company and the multiplayer in Battlefield 3. Let’s combine the best of both worlds.

3. More vehicles
It looks like this wish just might come true. A new teaser video that was just released shows off what appears to be a submarine. Check it out:

Submarine warfare could be provide for a truly different and complicated vehicle type that would add a nice layer of strategy to everything. But why stop there? Let’s have battleships. Let’s have epic battles in which players are fighting on land and sea on the same map.

Does a whirring submarine blade hint at new vehicles for Battlefield 4?

Vehicles have always been a part of Battlefield, but in Battlefield 3, I feel, they were largely ignored in favor of larger-scale Call of Duty style gunplay. Battlefield 4 needs to bring back vehicles in full force. Based on the teaser materials EA has released thus far, Battlefield 4 apparently features submarines and tanks, but that is not nearly enough in my estimation.

4. Co-op
Battlefield 3′s co-op mode was even worse than its mind numbing campaign. The lack of split-screen really hurt the co-op, but the boring mission structure made it even worse. Battlefield 4 needs to bring back co-op, but this time, they need to do it right. Add split-screen and online support, and then make the co-op something someone would actually want to play.

Call of Duty games have an interesting way of going about co-op with Zombies for the Treyarch games and Spec Ops for the “Infinity Ward” games. Battlefield 4 needs to figure out what kind of co-op would best suit its style and capitalize on the large market out there looking for quality co-op experiences.

5. More destructibility
One of the biggest hooks for the franchise has been its impressive level of destructibility in the environments. It’s seriously awesome when a wall is in your way, and instead of finding a way around it, you simply blow it up. Compared to the Bad Company games, I felt that Battlefield 4 was limited in this regard, however, and not as destructible as I’d like. EA needs to up the ante tenfold.

If Battlefield 4 releases on next-generation hardware, that’s the perfect opportunity for vastly improved destructibility in the environments. Battlefield 4 needs to play to the strengths of the series, and this is definitely one of its most important strengths that helps it stand apart from the sea of other first-person shooters out there. Based on the tech demos we saw at the PlayStation press conference, the potential that Battlefield 4 could bring us on PlayStation 4 has me frothing at the mouth.

EA is promising to have a full reveal of Battlefield 4 on March 27th, where it will debut the first gameplay footage of the game. Come back to Cheat Masters then and


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