Bioshock Infinite Walkthrough [GUIDE]

Bioshock Infinite
Welcome to the city of the Skies... The world of Infinite....  Bioshock: Infinite

BiOsHocK iNfINitE

The Lighthouse
Welcome  Center
Raffle Square
Comstock Center Rooftops
Monument Island Gateway
Monument Tower

Battleship Bay
Soldier's Field
Hall of Heroes
Return to Heroe's Plaza

Finkton Docks
Finkton Proper
The Good Time Club
The Bull House Impound
The Factory

Downtown Emporia
--Memorial Gardens
The Bank of the Prophet

Comstock House
The Hand of the Prophet
Hangar Deck, Engineering Deck, Command Deck
The Sea of Doors

ThE LiGhTHouSe

1912 Coast of Maine...

The game starts off with a funny conversation and when you reach the pier look
to the left and climb the ladder onto the pier as the boat you were on goes
away... not knowing when it'll come back, let's move ahead now.... (There are
a couple of Silver Eagles - The Currency, to the left behind the wood wall)

Go from the right ahead to the entrance and before knocking, move left to find
a barrel with a couple of things in it and a Silver Eagle on the ground. You'll
obviously need to keep an eye out for such barrels and other boxes which may
hold useful stuff for you so keep watching.

Knock on the door and let yourself in. You'll need to get up to the top most
floor here and on your way, read the placards to the right at the foot of
each level of stairs and on the top most level you'll come to three bells.
As shown on the card which Brooker draws out, hit the first bell once and
the others twice and watch the world thunder red. Go inside and sit in the
Fancy Chair and after the Ascension -



Welcome  Center

Objective: Find a Way into the City

After you see the wonderful city, you land and keep reading the one liners you
come across, soon you'll stop so move ahead and to the left. You'll come into
the Welcome Center. You can go to the left and right and pick up Silvers and
also, you'll find the first Voxophone of the game [[LOVE THE SINNER]] in the
left side chamber (to the right inside the chamber). The music here is really

Go up to the guy dressed in white in the middle room and continue ahead. You'll
come up to the congregation ahead, move in close and hit F to enter the circle.

Objective: Accept the Baptism to enter the City

After the Father asks you to get Cleansed move ahead and take his hand...

Open the door and you'll come to Columbia...

You can see the statues of the three founders here..

Washington - The Sword
Franklin - The Key
Jefferson - The Scroll

Each of the followers here has something to say and if you stop at each of them
you can listen to the whole prayer to the Fathers. Go ahead and open the door -
the view is just fantastic..

Eat anything you come across to regain the bit of lost health but don't worry
too much coz we'll come to a Health Kit soon. Move ahead and hit N if you need
to know which way to go. Go right from the statue of Comstock and into the
Hudson's Suits Cloaks to find a Kinetoscope -
Father Comstock's Gift of Prophecy

Go back out and to the other side and keep going to the end where you'll see a
some hoardings fly by and after they go the path ahead opens up. Move ahead
and you'll come to a Grocery store to the right where you can find a

Move back out and you can see another Kinetoscope - Beware, the False Shepard!
When you come to the junction, go to the left towards the lady selling the
flowers and move ahead into the garden and find the [[EVERYMAN, ALL AT ONCE]]
Voxophone on the table to the right. Go back and continue along the path
pointer by hitting N.

You can listen to the "God Only Knows" which is sung by a Quatret -

Nice Song...

Continue ahead and you'll come to the Statue of Columbia -

And you'll get a Telegram...

 Objective: Go to the Monument Island and Find the Girl

Keep going and you'll come to sme steps, go up and to the left you can see the
Vigor demonstration - rest assured, we're going to get to that soon enough.
Move ahead into the carnival area and to the right before you enter is -
THE ENVY OF ALL PEERS Kinetoscope. Move into the carnival area and there are
three games you can play here to win some money which is going to be useful
a little later. The first is to the right - 

"Cast out the Devil"
You just need to hit right click when you see the devil - he is usually hiding
behind one of the three chairs ahead. Get him thrice to win the price...

A bit further to the right -

"Bring down the Skyline Vox"
You'll get a shotgun and you have three prices - make sure you get all three
prices just win with diffrent amount of points each time. To get to 20 points
you'll need to shoot the Vox when they com together - while they are moving
there's a point when two or three vox on the different lines meet so this is
the place you want to shoot. Otherwise just keep shooting the ones you see.

Nearby as you keep moving along -

"Hunt Down the Vox"
You should again score for first second and third places. Just shoot at the Vox
-  aim steadily since you have a lit of time to do it. You should also get the
Traitor girl who moves along from right to left or vice versa in the back.

Ahead to the left you'll come to the "Possession" Vigor. Take it and drink it.
Now after you are done here, use Possesion on the Ticket machine -

Replenish your salts with the machine which is right across the Possession
stand. Go in and you'll get a Heads or Tails toss, after that, move ahead and
cross the policemen showing off their new weapons -

You'll see a statue to the right ahead vibrate -

Go there and you'll find the audio log - [[FOR I AM LONELY TOO]]... and a bit
further you get the reveal which we all know was coming for us -


Raffle Square

Look around for supplies and coin and after you are done, move ahead and keep
going till you come to the Raffle. Talk to the woman near the raffle to pick
a number and you just know who's going to win this right!!!

Anyway, you need to make a choice of whom to throw the ball at or you can just
decide not to throw - all outcomes will be same and the police spot the AD
mark... all hell breaks loose.

Objective: Fight Your Way to Monument Island

Well, you'll start off with the ripper in your hand so keep meeleing any
police guy dunb enough to get close to you. After you kill each of them make
sure you are looting their bodies for useful items -

Also another neat trick which you ought to keep doing is the execution. When
you see a small skull on top of the enemy's head (it usually appears when
you bring his health down a bit) you can get into execution mode if you hold
the Melee button. Keep going and after you move ahead for a while, you'll get
a gun and the real fun begins. Soon you'll come to two cages which were
probably use to restrain the coupld from earlier. To the right is a tape -
[[SOLUTION TO YOUR PROBLEM]] and you can buy a Vigor Aid to your Possession.

Go up the platfrom and ahead and you can interact with the fireworks to the
left to blow them up and move ahead where you'll spot a turret machine -

Just behind it to the right is salt if you need... Use Possession on the
machine and watch it kill the guards. Keep going to the right and you'll come
to a gate which was closed earlier. Destroy the turrt to the right first or
use Possession on it and to the left of the gate is a first aid kit if you
need it. Go thru and kill the cops who are shooting at you. In the end you
can find salts and first aid in a cart to the left and when you get to the
gates, interact to open them.

He is pretty easy if you shoot fast. Just hide behind the many may wagons to
avoid his grenades and keeo shooting him to get him quick. After he dies.
Loot him and take the [[DEVIL'S KISS]] Vigor -

Objective: Go to Monument Island to find the girl

Use your new powers on the unfortunate police ahead - there are patches of oil
on the ground (which just happen to exist conveniently for us....) which can
be used to make a death trap for the enemies. Once you come to the end, go
left and enter the Blue Ribbon.

Comstock Center Rooftops

Objective: Go to Monument Island to find the girl

You can find a few things behind you after you start. Straight ahead are three
Kaleidoscopes so check them out and move into the next room. Here you have the
ominous couple waiting for you with a Vigor it would seem.... You can find
Health behind the counter here and salts on the table. Take the Shield Upgrade
from the woman and move ahead.

In the next room past the lady to the left on a desk is a Voxophone
[[HALF a JEW]] -

Keep going ahead and you will come out to "THE HOOKS" region.

                                                                  Now you will
start learning how to use the freight hooks around Columbia - just look at one
hook and hit Space (when the hook glows) to jump and latch onto it -

Jump down ahead to the left where you can see an enemy -

To the right below the steps are several enemies. Keep shooting and make sure
you are using your powers Judiciously. Keep going ahead and killing, you can
also take cover behind the large things here to avoid some fire - and the
shield upgrade you just got works wonders too. You will fight some turrets too
so you can choose what to do with themm either shoot them or use Possession if
you have some. Go to the end of this area and latch onto the hooks ahead.

Jump to the building far ahead and go inside - don't shoot here though as the
civilians here are no threat. Go thru the house (you can find Health and Salts
in here). You will come out again to another vending machine ahead of you and
a Kinetoscope is also nearby. To the rigth here is the stand for the
"Wild West Show" -

It has a Voxophone on it [[A NEW HUNT]]. Keep going (follow the arrow after
hitting N if you are having troubles. You'll come to a large gate you can go

Fraternal Order of the Raven

Move inside and go to the left side room from the statue of Comstock. Kill the
enemies here and pick up the Voxophone [[THE GIFT OF THE EMANCIPATOR]] from
the counter table. Anyway, look around here if you want to and then go up
the steps behind the Cpmstock statue from the central area. Keep going and
you'll reach a fraternity. Walk down the steps while preparing for a battle.
You ought to set up a trap ahead of you because a lot of enemies run toward
you once you go down.

After you kill everyone, walk up on the podium and pick up the [[KEY]] and

After you pick up infusion you can choose to upgrade one of the three critical
stats you have and the Key fits a lock in one of the places nearby so you are
free to search if you want to - but maybe you will not find anything just yet.
Move into the next area and use the elevator.

Go into the large room in the center which has a projector on. THe adjacent to
this one has a Vox on the table [[SYMBOLS OF OUR LADY]] -

There a bookshelf to the right of the main room which you can push and it leads
to another room where you'll get your first piece of gear [[URGENT CARE]]. Go
back and continue and soon you'll come to a door which will show you a man
being eaten by crows live...

Move ahead into the garden like area and the crow master keeps appearing behind
you. You can shoot or use Devil's Kiss on him. After you kill him though,
you'll get the [[MURDER OF CROWS]] vigor -

Go ahead and some guards come it on whom you can test your new Vigor. In the
next room to the right as you enter is another piece of Gear - [BURNING HALO]]
Go ahead and move out into the open.

Objective: Go to the Gondola Station

There's a hook ahead, use it to get to the next hook and from the second hook
look down and you should see an open house -

You can go in and cause a bit of mayhem. Anyway, after that move ahead into the
station and walk inside the station.

Monument Island Gateway

Objective: Find a Gondola to Monument Island

There's a Kinetoscope called "Uncanny Mystery in Columbia" to the right. Now,
before you enter the next room be sure you are prepped well because it's going
to be a big fight. Keep using the Murder of Crows when you see two to three
enemies ahead. Remember that Murder of Crows only weakens and distracts the
enemies, you still have to shoot to kill them. Or set up traps using your
Devil's Kiss. There are turrets ahead so use Possession on them for some
additional help. Go thru out the next door and you'll come out to the skyline -

The Skyline can be used as a means of transport and it's extremely effective
and neck-breaking fun. The first time it stops, jump to the right, kill the guy
and use the lever here to take out the freight from the way. There's also a

Continue ahead on the skyline and the next time you stop, jump to the right
onto a floating vessel where you can spot an enemy. Jump on him and use the
hooks ahead to get to the next area below. Kill the three enemies here and look
ahead on the top you will spot the balcony of a room. To the left of the
balcony is a sky hook. Use it to get on top and jump into the balcony -

Kill the guy on the balcony and go in and take the [[KILL TO LIVE]] boots from
behind the small desk -

Move out the other way and continue on the skyline.

Objective: Ascend the Building to reach the Skyline

Jump onto the building with all the police and just move thru the doors because
they start praying. Use the lift inside to go up and when the building blows.
Look to the right and use the Hook to board the zepplin. Go inside the Zepplin
and see what happens. You'll need to move back and jump out the zepplin and
latch onto the skyline in time. AFter you stop moving, jump ahead and go thru
the door and into Monument Island.

Monument Tower

Objective: Find the Girl

Move ahead and on top of the closed gates is a hook - use it to jump across and
go into the tower. To the left as you enter in one of the lockers is a Vox -
[[TIGER BY THE TAIL]]. Keep going ahead and you'll see three levers with names
as Transpose No.1 2 or 3. You can pull all of them and then move on inside and
in a room to the left you'll find another Vox - [[To: R. Thompson Re: Fuses]] -

You can also watch a movie of the girl being recorded. The ahead you'll see
another Vox on a table - [[A REWARD, DEFERRED]]. Keep going and use the
elevator to go up. In the subsequent areas, you can pull levers which open up
observation chambers and also if you see a specimen tracker, use it to know
where the specimen is right now. You'll see something freaky and also come
across the [[THE SOURCE OF HER POWER]] Vox. Then there's noting much to do
except go and meet the girl.

After she open the door with the key you gave her, follow here outside.

Objective: Escape the Statue with Elizabeth

Anyway, just keep running like hell out of this place and the whole tower
starts collapsing -

((open the door in the dream...)

Battleship Bay

Objective: Find Elizabeth

You can look around the whole beach if you want to and spend some time here.
This place is definitely worth going around as it has many things and many
characters with good lines to say so spend your time in this beautiful place.

You can find Elizabeth if you go to where you can hear the music from, it's
this pier in the Dancing at Dusk gig.

Get close to her and hit F to get her attention.

Objective: Take Elizabeth to the First Lady Airstrip

After that, follow her and head into the building to the right which was
previously being blocked by some photoshoot. Go through this area and you'll
come out to meet the strange couple again. You'll need to get close to
Elizabeth andd get her attention again - choose between the Cage and the Bird
when you have to - Elizabeth wears it around her neck.

Move ahead and head into the last building to the right where a police check is
commencing. Go right from there as you ae certainly not getting thru there. Ask
Elizabeth to open the lock. Go in and go up the stairs past the cleaning guy
and once you are on top, check the adjacent rooms to get [[NEW GEAR]] -

andd also a Voxophone - [[HEAVEN]]. Go ahead into the left room at the end of
the corridor and you'll come across the couple you saved (if you made the right
choice) in the early missions. They have a [[NEW GEAR]] to gift you -

Go thru the next and you'll come into a laarge gaming hall. After you look
around head up the stairs to the right and you'll come to a strange woman who
mistakes ELizabeth for someone else near a turnstile. After that move ahead and
into the next room which looks like a place full of shady characters. Go to the
ticket seller in the end and ring the bell,, you'll then come up with two
choices - either go ahead and Draw your Weapon or just Demand Tickets (which
will get you stabbed in the hand). Just kill everyone after that and go to the
next place.

Objective: Pursue Elizabeth

In the room which has the Columbia Authority Crest ahead to the right I think -

You'll come across a Voxophone - [[TAKE HER ALIVE]]. Also if you move ahead and
go left you'll come behind the couter where the ticket seller was and you'll
find an [[INFUSION]] here -

If you go down the stairs from the end (past the exit to the next area which
is to the rightyou'll come to the Voxophone [[THE GOLDEN PATH TO HEAVEN]].
Go back up and out the exit and go ahead to Elizabeth and pull the lever.

Objective: Take Elizabeth to the First Lady Airstrip

Move ahead and go into the building and choose to Leave the Area.

Soldier's Field

Objective: Take Elizabeth to the First Lady Airstrip

Soldier's Field Welcome Center

NOTE: From now on, you will come across various Safes which need Eliazabeth's
lockpicking skills and some additional lockpicks. I will give you the locations
of all such safe's and lokcpicks but it's up to you to remember where the safe
was and how to get back to it... it'll be written here anyway so just read how
you go to the safe in the first place from here to know how to get back to it.

There are a few interesting things in the welcome center here for us. First,
go to the right from below the steps and to the right of the Minuteman's
Authority Vending machine, you'll find a [[LOCKPICK KIT]] -

Look inside further if you want to. Then get back to the main hall and you'll
see the gate to the right shutdown due to some electrical damage.

Go across the hall first to the left and you'll come to your first locked door
and you will find a [[LOCKPICK]] just near the door. Ask Elizabeth to open the
door and go in and you'll find a Fusion here to the left in the middle of the
room -

In the last room you'll come to a [[SAFE]].

This needs 5 lockpicks which you will get soone enough so you'll need to come
back to this place. Also pick up the [[LOCKPICK]] which is on the desk here and
the Voxophone - [[A PLACE IN THE WORLD]] from the open cupboard and then get
back to the center room where the gate closed. Now you can go near the gate and
hit F to lift it. You can lift the gate from the other side too to get back
here. There's a Salt Machine ahead so remember this place if you are in need of
salf a bit later. You'll then come out to Soldier's Field.

Soldier's Field

You will get a prompt on the scree saying "Stealing has Consequences" so you
can understand that when you steal from someone, you'll have to figth them. The
ice cream shop to the left has a Voxophone on one of the tables

If ou go straight ahead, you'll come to the "Founder's Books" which is to the
right after you go down some steps which are to the left.

Go inside there and you'll find a Voxophone in the end on a desk

Ahead you'll also come to a "Toy Soldier's" shop.

In here at the end you'll find a [[WORKING HEATER REPLICA]].

You can steal it and kill some people as a consequence if you want to. Go back
outside and to the right corner of the area ahead is a "Carousel" -

To the right of the Carousel you are going to find a [[LOCKPICK]] -

Now follow the mission pointer (by hitting N) to get to our place of Objective,
which is a lever used to call the Gondola to the next area but unfortunately
it's out of Juice and we need to give it some "Shock Jockey" to power it up

Objective: Find Shock Jockey at the Hall of Heroes

You'l find enemies as you go back so be prepared and then follow the mission
pointer (hit N) and get to the entrance of "HALL OF HEROES". You can find a
[[LOCKPICK]] and salts to the left as you enter -

Now you should have 5 Lockpicks - you can go back to the SAFE which was in the
Welocome Center and open it.


After that go into the Hall of Heroes and hit the switch to get the elevator
in the end running. After the power is cut off, Investigae the Fuse Box and
Elizabeth shows you something neat and also you get a glimpse of what is to
come later rather than sooner.

You'll then come inside the Hall of Heroes.

Hall of Heroes

Go ahead and you will come to a locked door - with an "Employees Only" sign
on it if you used the the 5 picks on the SAFE in the previous area then you
will not be having anything. But you'll find one soon, just keep going and to
the left of the room is a broken vending machine.

To the right of the machine is a [[LOCKPICK]] on the ground -

Go back to the locked door and open it. There's a turret inside so you'll need
to destroy it and past the turret in the room there is another [[SAFE]] and
some [[NEW GEAR]].

NOTE: You can collect all gears you come across and use them whenever you want
to by going into the menu (O).

You will also find a Voxophone behind a desk in the previous room
[[NEVER SEEN THE FACE]].  Now, go back and continue on the mission pointer path
and you'll come under a large arch and you will also find here a new vigor,

Go past that and you will come outside to the main area where you can see the
Hall of Heroes Gondola ahead. There are enemies ahead and you can use a
combination of Vigors on them like the Broncho and place a Devil's Kiss trap
where they are falling and so on. You will also fight a turret which is to the
left corner ahead (to the left of the Hall of Heroes Building). Use Possession
on it.

NOTE: To open the the Vigor's menu hold Q and here you can select from multiple
Vigors and choose between them.

Now after you kill everyone, notice the three building here. One is the Hall
of Heroes Gondola Station and the other is the Tickets building to the right of
Station and the last is The Fellow Traveller to the left.

First go left to the Fellow Traveller and in the door to the right from the end
of the lane. In the kitcher like place here you'll find a Voxophone -

Further inside the bathroom is a Cipher -

Remember the location of the Cipher because you need to come back here after
you find the code to it. Next, come out and head into the Ticket's building.

To the left is the "Patriot's Pride" Confectionary and also a 3-pick Locked

Remember this one for later. Go up the stairs of this place and you'll get a
Voxophone [[A TRUE SOLDIER]].

Objective: Clear the Sky-Lines

Go to the Hall of Heroes Gondola Station and pull the lever here to make the
Freights move away and clear the Sky-Line.

Objective: Find Shock-Jockey and "The Hall of Heroes"

Jump up onto the Skyline then to proceed to the next place. You will eventually
be blocked on the skyline - look to the left and jump onto the next one.

When you reach the destination, jump down and you will look at the Hall of
Heroes building ahead. After jumping down, look at the GOndola to the left and
go inside it to find [[RPG LAUNCHER]] and VOxophone [[A FINAL STAND]].

After you move ahead, Elizabeth will warn you of a sniper and also throw you a
Sniper Rifle. Move ahead and aim and shoot down the sniper - you can see his
sights glow so you'll know where to shoot. After that, a fight ensues and so
kill all the enemies here and go ahead. On your way up to the Hall, go left and
look at the machine here which is linked to the closed door.

You'll need to come back here once you have the Shock Jockey so that you can
open the door to the "Hall of Heroes Maintenance" building. Go ahead and enter
the Hall of Heroes.

Hall of Heroes

Objective: Find the Shock Jockey at the Hall of Heroes

Now look carefull at the Mechanical Patriot here...

Because, he's going to start to come alive from this place onwards and you will
not like him.

Go ahead and you will come to a Salt Machine to the right and a door ahead past
some rubble and paths to the left and right. Go onto the left path first and
use inside you will find a Voxophone [[COMRADES OF NECESSITY]]. 

Then look around and go thru the center door and you'll come to a statue of

There's a door here adjacent which leads into a room where you can pick up a
[[LOCKPICK]] which is on the ground the the right of a broken foot of a statue

Ahead, you will find [[INFUSION]] on the table and also a silver bar and a
[[LOCKPICK]]. Go back and thru the central door which is behind Comstock's

You will come to a room which leads into three other places, The Boxer
Rebellion, Battle of Wounded Knee and The First Lady. Also, Slate's men start
coming at you from here so lookout for them and keep killing them.

Objective: Defeat Slate's Men

Let's head into the Boxer Rebellion first. Go in and you'll come to an
"Employee's Only" room to the right, go in to find some stuff and [[NEW GEAR]].
Go back and to the other side and you'll come into the last room where the
fight takes place. Take cover behind something here and kill the enemies -
mind you that there are going to be a lot of them to kill too...

After you are done here, go back and head into the Battle of Wounded Knee. Here
also, you will come to some steps and there's a room to the left which has

Continue into the final room ahead and another battle ensues. Take cover and
don't forget to keep using your Vigor Powers. Also, if you are low on health
try to move around to the enemies you killed and loot them to get health or
other stuff.

After here, head back and into The First Lady.

Objective: Find Slate past the First Lady's Memorial

Go inside and go past the wonderful paintings and statues and in the end,
you'll come to a locked door which Elizabeth needs to pick. In a room to the
left ahead you'll find a Voxophone [[UNCONDITIONAL]]. Then go past the fountain
and thru the door ahead.

Keep going and you'll enter The Courtyard soon. Elizabeth passes thru the
narrow bars of the gate that is blocking you and shows you the usefulness of
her powers. She rips open a freight hook, hold F to ask her to bring it and
then use it to go ahead and she'll rip open some other holes too. The first
is on the top and it gives you access to the upper level where you'll have the
advantage to fight from an elevation. Otherwise, another choice is of a turret
in the center of the area below. You can't have two tears open at the same

So if you want to use the turret then you'll need to take cover on top of the
steps. But all of this is for later. Now, jsut go ahead and thru to the next
place. You'll come to the Hall of Heroes Memorial Gift Shop. Inside here you'll
face your first Motorized Patriot and you'll know the wrath of a Patriot. These
thigs are hard to kill and if you do not have the RPG then it's going to take
a while.

You most definitely need to use your Vigors against this thing. Try to use as
many Devil's Kiss traps as you can and also hide behind pillars and run around
and shoot him in the back for extra damage. There's a turret tear which
Elizabeth can open so use that too and also the salts tear.

You'll come to a locked door which Elizabeth can open with her hairpin. So go
thru here and you'll come to a [[SAFE]]. In the crate nearby you will not find
what you came here for so go backwards following Slate's footsteps you can
see on the ground.

Objective: Subdue Slate

Go backwards and you will come outside in the main area where you're going to
have a HELL of a fight. There are tears open for you all around which have
salts and shotguns and what not. Slate keeps opening rooms which brings out
enemies. You will also fight a Patriot in the end here. Make sure you have good
cover and the best place to fight is from on top of the stairs.

After the fight move into the left side room which Slate opened to find a
Voxophone [[A SOLDIER'S DEATH]] and also an [[INFUSION]] which is hidden inside
a toolkit -

You will also find a [[LOCKPICK]] here on the ground in a dark area between
pillars -

Go back out and thru te other open door to the right and go up the large stair

Objective: COllect Shock Jockey from Slate

You'll come to Slate soon and you will have a choice to kill him or spare him
after you collect the Shock Jockey.

Objective: Return to Soldier's Field and Power Up the Gondola

Go back outside all the way and when you come out of the door which brings you
to the first room you entered where you can find a Salt Machine. Also you
found a Voxophone here the first time you came to the lane to the left which
coming from the Salk Machine - there's a dead guy hanging over the counter

Inside the room in the end below the desk is a [[LOCKPICK]], I'm not sure if
I missed this the last time though but still, you can get it now anyway -

Go back all the way and get out of this place... never to see it again.

Return to Heroe's Plaza

Once you come back here there are enemies waiting for you. You can open up
tears which bring in a "Mosquito" which is a small flying turret. After you
kill everyone, remember the Mainanence room here to the right which was
attached to the electric device -

Power Up the device and go inside here. You can find [[NEW GEAR]] and also
[[LOCKPICK KIT]] here. You will have five picks now and you can go back and
open the safe which we found in the previous place or hold on to these for a
bit till we get to the 3-Pick door which was back in Soldier's Field.

                        Move and jump onto the Sky-Line. You'll will be blocked
soon, there are enemies to the left on a platform - here you can open a tear to
a Patriot which will fight for you. Kill the enemies, go up the steps and
you'll come to another  Sky-Line you can use. Go ahead and you'll come back to
Soldier's Field. Now if you remember the Three-Pick door in the COnfectionary
area then go there and ask Elizabeth to open the door. You will find
[[NEW GEAR]] here.

Look around and go back out where you possible fight a Patriot. Then use a
lift to come to Soldier's Field again on the top. Now the skyline above you
is a circlular line which means it leads nowhere but just moves you around
Soldier's Field and using this you can get to different balconies on the top
of buildings. This Sk-Line is very very important as you are going tp be in
a very very nice fight really soon. Before you power up the Gondola, use the
Sky-Line to look around first so you where things are. If you want to slow down
on the Sky Line then hold the back button (you'll need to be slow so that you
can look around properly). Spot this balcony which has a Power COnduit -

Jump there and powr up the machine. Inside, on a small lamp table you will find
a [[LOCKPICK]] -

Inside the room you will see a message to Fitzroy on the wall and some
deadbodies along with a Voxophone on the bed [[CALLING YOU OUT]]. You will also
find a [[NEW GEAR]] and another [[LOCKPICK]] on the ground -

Go back outside and jump onto the place where the lever to call the Gondola is.

Now, power up the Conduit.

Objective: Call the Gondola

Pull the lever and all hell breaks loose...

In the beginning itself, jump onto the skyline and move around. Enemies come
on their own ships and they ahve RPGs. If you move around fast on the Sky-Line
they will miss you but you still need to kill all of them to proceed. So use
the Skyline and move around all the places and also keep asking Elizabeth to
tear open things if you find anything useful. Otherwise use your own RPG
Launcher or if you have a shotgun then jump onto the ships of the enemies and
use Shock Jockey on them and shoot them down when they are unable to move.

You will fight a lot of enemies and I think this is the best fight till now.
Jump from SKyline to Skyline and onto enemies and so on.. this fight has a ton
of potential and use your imagiation to make it better. In the end you will
also fight a Patriot and then you can ride the Gondola. Againts the Patriot you
can use Shock Jockey to disable him for a few seconds so keep using it to your

Objective: Ride the Gondola to The First Lady Airship

On the Gondola, open the lock and you will be able to find another [[LOCKPICK]]
Now you will have all the lockpicks you need to open up all the things you
found thus far in the game so go back to any unopened lock and open it and get
back here -

Pull the lever to get the thing moving.

Objective: Board the First Lady Airsthip

After you come up, keep going inside and use the lift to get on top and you
will come inisde th ship where you can find an [[INFUSION]] on the table.

Use te controls and Elizabeth figures out your plan and you can hit F to
console her and see what happens...

Finkton Docks

Watch the long cutscene and you'll be thrown down...

Objective: Find Elizabeth

To the left ahead is the Delivery Center's door. Go in there to get the
Voxophone [[GOD'S BLUEPRINT]]. Go back outside and move ahead and climb the
steps. Inside, you will find [[LOCKPICK]] -

Move across the Gondola's here using the platforms and when you get to the left
side, move left to the end and if you look near the pipes here you can get
another [[LOCKPICK]] -

Go inside the Employee's Only room and you can pick up some [[NEW GEAR]] inside
here. Keep going thru and you'll come out to a large building named "PIER". Go
into this building. You'll come across Elizabeth.

Objective: Pursue Elizabeth

Run after Elizabeth till she gets held in the end.

Objective: Rescue Elizabeth

In the room where Elizabeth gets captured, look to the left and you will find
the Voxophone [[SHAME OF MY SERVICE]]. Move to the right and move thru the
door. Keep going ahead in this next area and after some moving around, you'll
see Elizabeth being held inside a room by some enemies. A fight starts soon and
you should use the Sky-Line to move around to your advange. After you kill
everyone, land in the buidling where Elizabeth is being held and open the door.
But before you open her door, look in the cell's acorss here room to grab an
Infusion -

Open her door and grab onto the Skyline she is on and follow her. Land at the
end and you'll run into some trouble and now Elizabeth decides to get back
with you.

Objective: Go to Finkton and Find the Gunsmith

Go inside the Gondola to the left first and you can open the lock here to find
a Siver Bar and a [[NEW GEAR]].

Go back outside and inside the Induction Building.

Finkton Proper

Before you continue, look behind the steps here in the beginning to get a
Lockpick -

Move into the next room....

Objective: Find a Way into Finkton

If you go into the room in the center, you will find a Voxophone -
[[A PRODUCT LIKE ANY OTHER]] and also a lockpick on the ground beside a table -

You will also come across 5-Pick locked door to the left side. To get to the
next area, go below down the steps and ask Elizabeth to open the door ahead. In
this area, you'll need to fight a Patriort and some enemies. You can find a
lockpick below one of the small tables here -

And on another table to the right you can find a - [[LOCKPICK]]. Near the
service elevator leading to Finkton, you can pick up a Voxophone
[[SEED OF A LIE]]. Go back the the main room and look inside the trash can
beside a table to get a [[LOCKPICK]] -

In one of the adjacent rooms you'll find a 1-Pick [[SAFE]]. If you have enough
picks you can also go back up to the 5-Pick door and inside you'll get an -
[[INFUSION]] and more importantly a [[VOLLEY GUN]]. Go back down and use the
elevator to get to Finkton. Answer the phone inside the Elevator and proceed to

Just after the lift stops, you'll come across Fink's assitant who has a few
gifts for you on a desk. There's a [[LOCKPICK]] along with a [[HAND CANNON]]
and salt here.

Objective: Find the Gunsmith Chen Lin

Go into the next place. As you enter, go to the rigth and and right and you'll
come to some boxes behind which you can find a [[LOCKPICKING KIT]] -

There's a room which can be opened here. with one Pick in which you can find
a Cipher -

We'll get the code book soon so just remember this place so that we can come
back here later. You can also find a [[LOCKPICK]] on the table here -

Go back outside and explore all of the areas. You should be able to see three
main places here. Shantytown (which is not open yet).. Past Shantytown if you
go to the right you can find a Voxophone [[THE INVISIBLE COLOR]]. You will also
come across the Good Time theater - which is also closed now. Past it if you
go to the right you can find a lockpick on a table -

You will also find a Factory Entrace - where ELizabeth tells you that you'll
need a Battering Ram to get thru. If you use your N to point towards your
objective, you'll come to Chen Lin's shop.

Inside the shop you can pick up a Voxophone [[WE'VE NEED OF A SHEPARD]]. You
can also pick up a [[LOCKPICK]] here -

Enter the Gunsmith's Shop here.

The Gunsmith's Shop

Objective: Find the Gunsmith Chen Lin

Go up the stairs to the top level where you can pick up a [[LOCKPICK]] on a
table -

Go back one level down whem you hear the cries and then talk to Ms.Lin here -

Objective: Go to the Good Time Club and Rescue Chen Lin

go back outside..

The Plaza of Zeal

You'll now come across a Handyman - keep using your Shock Jockey and any
powerful weapon and try to stay far from him. He is tough so expect a big fight
After you kill him, pick up the [[NEW GEAR] he throws and also loot him. Now
use the mission marker to get to the Good Time Club.

The Good Time Club

Go up the steps here and into the next area which is a large hall and is soon
going to be filled with enemies - seems like Fink does not want us to go away.
There are tears here which will give Medical Kits, a Volley Gun and an RPG.
Soon Fink sends three waves of hic lackeys. So just stay behind over and start
killing them as they get into your crosshair. You will fight several enemies
here including a Patriot in the end. Use the rip to open Medkits and use them
if you get low.

On the top - from where you begin, you should make your stand from here and
after you are done, go left and you'll come to a room which has a Sniper Rifle,
some [[NEW GEAR]] and a 3-Pick [[SAFE]]. After that, go downstairs. In the
center of the area to the left (oppsite to the stage).. you'll come to two
rooms and a Vigor Vending Machine. These are the bathrooms. In one of the
bathrooms (maybe the left?) you'll come across a [[LOCKPICK]] on the ground -

Go back out and climb the stage and go thru the door to the right which is on
the stage and into the make-up room where you can find a Voxophone -
[[CHANGING MY TUNE]], then go thru the next door. The next room has a couple of
guards. On a chalk board ahead you'll see that Cehn Lin is in Room 9. If you
chose not to kill Slate the last time, then he's in cell 6.

Objective: Find Chen Lin's Cell

The next room is the Disposal room -

On the right here where you see "Chen Lin Gunsmith Machinist" boards to the
right of the furnace, you can grab the [[CODE BOOK]] to the cipher we saw in
the previous area -

We'll go to the Cipher in a bit, but for now let's head on inside. Past the
projector room (actually take your time to see what's running on the screen).
In the next area you can pick up a Voxophone [[HIS DESIGN FOR CRUELTY]]. Then
you'll come to the cells. If you did not kill Slate the last time, go into cell
6 and you can just shoot him now or leave him like the living-dead. You will
also come to a 5-Pick cell ahead which has [[NEW GEAR]]. Then go thru Cell 9
and down the stairs all the way. On a table with shackels you can find a

Go into the last room and hit the button here to light up the room and you'll
see what happened to Chen Lin. You'll meet the Strange Couple again and now you
can confirm it that they are not normal humans as they disappear after talking
to you.

Objective: Open The Tear

Before you actually open the Tear, I forgot to mention a few things so let's go
back and also get the Cipher cracked. Don't open the tear yet but just head
back and in the cells area to the other end are some shackles on the ground
where you can pick up a [[LOCKPICK]] -

There's another room we missed which has some Carbine Rifles and a [[LOCKPICK]]

Go back to the main hall where you had the big fight near the stage and there's
another room here to the right opposite from the stage where you'll find an

And also a [[LOCKPICK]] below one of the tables -

Now, go back all the way outside to the Cipher and Elizabeth Cracks it.
Interact with the clock to the right and it opens to show a reward -

Now go back to the Tear and open it to enter an alternate Columbia.

Objective: Return to the Gunsmith's Shop

You'll have another fight in the main stage area and also in the Plaza. After
the fights go back to Chen Lin's shop and you'll see that the Statue of Buddha
has been replaced by one of Comstock. Go up to the Smith and then when he seems
"disoriented", go down to his wife and talk to her.

Objective: Find Shantytown's Police Impound

Go into Shantytown now (I hope you know where it is by now, jsut go right from
Lin's shop). Inside, pull the lever and then go thru the door. Kill the enemies
here and in the middle of the area between some desks, you can pick up a

Go into the Departing area and hit the Button.


Objective: Find ShantyTown's Police Impound

After you the lift stops, head outside to see Brother Love giving a speech. To
hes left is a small place with the placard
"My Family is Starving. We Need Food!"

In here beside the mattreses on the ground, you can find a [[LOCKPICK]] -

Go ahead and some thugs attack you to the left and after you kill them, pick
up the [[INFUSION]] -

To the left of the area is "The Graveyard Shift" Bar and to the right inside is
a door leading to the basement. In here you ca find a guitar -

Play the Guitar and Elizabeth sings a song and then to the right on one of the
barrels is a [[KEY]] -

And also there's a Voxophone nearby [[FANNING A FLAME]].

There's also a [[LOCKSMITH's BAG]] round the corner in the end -

Go back out the Bar and to the right of the steps which you came down to come
to the bar, is a drain, go there and you'll find a [[LOCKPICK]] -

Go up and move ahead and you'll see Food Sacks in a Tear. Ask Elizabeth to open
the tear and some people gather around to get food. Go thru to the next area
and you'll come to the Police Lines.

The Bull Yard

After you enter the Bull Yard you can see a [[NEW GEAR]] to the right -

Objective: Destroy the Defence Turrets

Prepare for another major battle on the skylines. Make sure you keep moving on
the Skylines and take down enemies from here - try to spend as much time as you
possible can on the Skylines and if you have a powerful gun then one of the
lines will take you directly under the Defence Turrets -

You can bust it up nice from this angle - especially if you have something like
a Volley Gun or RPG. 

Objective: Search for Chen Lin's Confiscated Tools

You will also fight a Patriot and more enemies in a bit and after you kill all
of them, One of the skylines leads you thru a place where you can see a Bear
Trap -

Jump down here and take the Voxophone [[TRAPPED]]. Then use the lines again
to jump infornt of the door to the Columbia Authority which leads into the
Impound, Ask Elizabeth to open the door and go in...

The Bull House Impound

Go ahead and in a room to the left you'll get a [[LOCKPICK]] -

Thru the next door you'll come into a larger area where you'll fight some
enemies and a Patriot. If you need Medical Kit's during the fight, you can find
them in a Tear on the first floor here. Up the stairs you will also come across
a room which is to the left of the medical kits where you can find a 5-Pick
door. You'll get [[NEW GEAR]] and [[INFUSION]] inside.

In the next room to the end here is a Voxophone [[THAT GODDAMN KEY]]. To the
left of the VOxophone is a Chest which gives you an [[INFUSION]]. There's also
a [[LOCKPICK]] on the ground near the table where you find the Hand Cannon - to
the left of the room.

Go back out the room and into the next room which is the "Locker Room". You'll
find another [[LOCKPICK]] on a table here. Now go back downstairs and across
the room where the fight began are a set of stairs which lead further down.
Go down and you'll come to Chen's Tools. Go down all the way and you'll find
some cell's opposite to the large machines. In the first cell to the right is
a [[LOCKPICK]]. Then you'll see a tear where the tools were.

Objective: Open the Tear

Open the Tear when you are ready...

Objective: Return to the Gunsmith's Shop

Go back up the steps here after you go thru the tear and you'll come to a
Voxophone [[KINDLING]]. Keep going up the next set of stairs into the main
hall and into the room on the left end of the hall where you'll find a

The Bull Yard

Now go back out to the Bull Yard and make your way back and you'll come across
a Poster of you... Strange what's happening!!!

As you pass the poster thru the small area with the asbestos sheets you can
pick up a [[LOKCPICK]] to the right -

After you come up go towards The Graveyard Shift Bar. Here you can see some
people posing on a Handyman. Below the Handyman is a Voxophone
[[THAT ETERNAL SHORE]]. Inside The Graveyard Shift you can pick up another
Voxophone [[DRAWING DEAD]]. Go to the elevator which will take you out of The
Bull Yard.

Finkton Proper

Go back outside and on your way, look into the small room in the middle to find
a new Vigor [[CHARGE]] -

Go thru this area towards FInkton Proper and pull the lever in the end to make
the boxes move away and now you can go into Finkton. If you look on top, there
are hooks here which weren't there before. Grab onto the hook which is infront
of Chen Lin's shop and jump on top of the shop to find [[NEW GEAR]] -

Go into the shop and you'll get another Voxophone in the shelf
[[ALL DEBTS PAID]]. Then investigae Lin's Body.

Objective: Go to the Factory and Reclaim the First Lady Airship

Now go to the Factory gate and with the help of some Vox it opens up. Go thru
and you'll come out infront of the Factory where a large fight ensues. You are
on the Vox's side for now so take out Fink's men and machines. After the whole
area is cleared to head inside the Factory you'll need to take out a Zeppelin.

Objective: Take out the Zeppelin

Go to the right of the factory and jump onto the Sky-Lines and then as you move
you'll come to this place -

Jump onto that area (It seems Elizabeth is already waiting for you there...)

Head into the Zeppelng from there and kill the Patriot inside and the other
enemies. Go to the engine in the middle and hit F to take it down -

Objective: Go to the Factory and reclaim the First Lady Airship

Move to the left of tthe engine you just sabotaged and look down and you should
spot a Sky-Line -

Go back near the Factory's entrance and thru the now opened gates and up the
stairs and then into the Factory...

The Factory

Objective: Reclaim the First Lady Airship

Go into the next area which you'll have a fight and you can find a
[[LOCKPICK KIT]] near a podium -

The Vox here have funny costumes !!!

Go thru the next door and in the end you'll come to an elevator and to it's
right is a [[NEW GEAR]]. Go into the elevator and hit the button. When the
bell rings, answer the call...

It would seem that Fitzroy is against you now so you'll also have to kill all
of her men. In the adjacent room here is a Voxophone
[[A CHILD NEEDS A PROTECTOR]] (on top of the voxophone is the drawing of Song

Just infront of the gate to the next place is a new Vigor [[UNDERTOW]] -

Thru the next door is the main area of the factory -

Go up the stairs straight and you'll see Fitzroy shoot Fink. Then a huge huge
fight starts. Keep moving on the skyline and a Handyman also joins in the fight
here and he is one tough sonuvagun...

Use the Veending machine below if you need Medical kits or Supplies and keep
moving around a lot. After the fight go back up the stairs to where Daisy was.

Objective: Boost Elizabeth into the Vent

Just hit F to Boost up ELizabeth and she goes thru a Vent...

Objective: Distract Daisy

Go to the window and hit F to Distract Daisy and see what happens...

Go inisde and in the rooms to the left and right here you can find the dead
body of Fink and a Voxophone [[APOLOGY]] and also an [[INFUSION]]. Now go into
the Airship at the end and Knock on the Door as you see ELizabeth lock herself

Objective: Set a Course

Go to the console and set a course and Elizabeth comes out with a new look and
in a bit her friend joins in too...



Objective: Help ELizabeth

Open the Hatch here and go to the strange couple, take the card which he gives
you -

Push aside the Piano and you'll get the first view of Comstock House -

Objective: Go to Comstock House

Go ahead and when you reach the mid region, you'll find a Vending machine and
past it are Vox - tough ones too so take proper cover and kill all of them.
To the right infront of the Port Prosperity Building here below a cart is a

Go into the Port Prosperity Station...

Port Prosperity

To the left here is a 3-Pick Gate. Inside you'll find a Heater rifle and an
[[INFUSION]]. Keep going till you come out to a "Welcome to Emporia" sign.
There's a motorized Patriot in a tear here, use him as a Gondola comes in
carrying a Patriot and some enemies. Kill them and board the GOndola and pull
the lever.

As you move up the Line here you'll see the Strange Couple and figure out that
they infact are not related how we thought earlier (I was shocked!!!)...

Rosalind and Robert Lutece

After you come to a halt, move out and make your way to the next area. Kill the
enemies here and in the adjacent area you'll come across a 3-Pick SAFE and also
a new gun (possibly!) The Hail Fire...

Keep going while killing and to the left you'll come across a dead body and a

You'll come to a set of stairs leading up. There's a room here which has a
3-Pick Door and also a 3-Pick lock on "The Salty Oyster".

You can find a [[NEW GEAR]] on the ground near a table -

Remember The Salty Oyster because we'll need to come back here in a bit.
Continue to the next area where you'll have another large fight. You can find
Medical Kits in a tear if you go up the first set of steps and look below the
small arch over the steps -

In a room to the left is a 3-Pick Safe and inside that thru another door is a

After the large fight go up across the room and open the lock to the next area.
You'll fight more enemies here. To the left here is the "Founder's Books" store

Go in there and pick up the [[NEW GEAR]]... go downstairs here and kill the
rest of the enemies and pick up the Voxophone [[SALLY]]. Now you need to get
back to "The Salty Oyster" and you'll find the button under the register -

The room which opens has the last Vigor of the game [[RETURN TO SENDER]] and
an [[INFUSION]] -

There's also a Voxophone to the left here [[ONE AND THE SAME]] and a
[[LOCKPICKING KIT]]. Now go back all the way and continue thru the Turnstile.
Go to the elevator in the end here and return to the first desk to the left of
the room to find the code and you'll get another surprise here...

Go into the elevator and hit the button to go up...

Downtown Emporia


Objective: Go to Comstock House

Jump onto the Skyline once you are out and kill all of the bad guys....
easily said.....

After the fight jump near the statue in the middle -

There's a [[NEW GEAR]] infront of it. Grab onto the skyline and jump to the
area to the left and you'll come to a gate which Elizabeth opens and you'll
also come to a map of the area -

This is an important map and can be found everywhere inside the city here. Go
thru the next area and keep going till you come out. You'll come across some
snipers who are pinning you down. If you don't have a sniper yourself then put
on Return To Sender shield and just a few feet ahead beside the Emporia Towers
hoarding you can find a Sniper in a Tear. Go to the left here and ask Elizabeth
to open the lock. Inside you'll find a [[LOCKPICKING KIT]] on the ground in a
corner. Go down the steps here below the bridge to find another [[LOCKPICK]] -

Move ahead and in a broke building, you can go in -

All the way inside you'll find a Voxophone [[BEYOND REDEMPTION]] -

Go back outside and you'll come to another door to the left which has a 3-Pick
lock -

Inside you'll come across a [[NEW GEAR]]. Go ahead and over the steps and under
the small "Downtown Emporia" arch and walk ahead. To the right ahead are some
shops -

Here you'll have another fight. There's a Gun Automaton on top of the bridge
here. And If you walk up the steps  which lead to the brige to the right is a
3-Pick door -

Inside is another [[NEW GEAR]] and a Voxophone [[THE TRUE COLOR OF MY SKIN]].
Keep going ahead and if you look into one of the maps, you should be near
Victory Square which has a large busted statue of Comstock -

Z.H Comstock Victory Square

The Comstock House is straight ahead. Go up to the door and you'll see that
you need Lady Comstock who has been long dead to get inside the door...
Elizabeth has a plan though. So move right from the Comstock House and go under
the arch which says "Memorial Gardens" -

Objective: Find the Crypt of Lady Comstock

On you way, you'll come to an open building to the left with a 3-Pick SAFE.
Continue ahead and you'll come to the "Memorial Gardens" to the right -

Before you go into the memorial let's scout ahead... Go on the path between
the Memorial Entrance and Fink's Magical Melodies building -

You'll come to the Market Place where you can see the Lutece Lab which isn't
open yet. You'll also come across a locked door, ask Elizabeth to open it and
you'll find [[NEW GEAR]] inside.

Go back towards the Memorial Gardens and before you go in let's just pick up
one last [[LOCPICK]] which you'll find as you go past the memorial gardens
entrance and towards the small "Memorial Gardens" arch which leads back to
COmstock House. To the right of this arch is a Vending machine -

To the left of the machine beside some boxes is a [[LOCKPICK]] -

Memorial Gardens

Go inside the Memorial Gardens and before you go in, stack up on ammo because
it's going to be a fantastic fight. Go to the main grave of the Lady and you'll
see a lock in a tear. Open the lock and go inside the Grave of the lady and the
next minute is my favourite part of the entire game -

The one wish I had was to see a ghost in the game and I finally see it... :D 

Objective: Defeat the Ghost of Lady Comstock

This is going to be one HELL of a fight. Lady Comstock keeps rising up the dead
and she will continue doing that till she is killed. So the dead are nearly
endless here (I think!!!)....

You will have to keep hurting her if you want to get out of this fight soon...
Use your most poserful weapons and also your CHARGE power on the Lady.. get in
close and punch her lights out. Also use charge to get close to the other dead
and then melee them after to kill them and loot them constantly for supplies or
you'll not finish this fight. Elizabeth does help a lot by giving you supplies
ocassionally. This can be a very very long fight if you are not carefull...
Do not use your ammo on the dead on Lady Comstock.. use your ammo...

After the fight you'll meet the Lutece's again...

Now you'll see Lady Comstock's footsteps... Go back and exit the graveyard and
the Lucetes meet you here for another piece of advice -

Objective: Find the Three Tears

First head right into the market place where you'll have a nice fight and
you'll come to the Lucete Labs to the left from the middle which is being
guarded -

Kill everyone and open the door. You'll get a [[LOCKPICK]] on the ground here-

If you go up the stairs, you'll find a Voxophone beside the bed
[[A THEORY ON OUR "DEATH"]] and an [[INFUSION]] on the table. Go back down and
get close to the Tear here and hit F to ask Elizabeth to open it... There's
another Voxophone to the left here [[ON THE ENTROPY OF GENES]].

Objective: Find the next Tear

Go back outside and follow the footsteps of the lady leading from the Market
District to the Financial District -



Go down the steps and right from below into a broke room where you can pick up
a [[LOCKSMITH BAG]] and a 3-Pick SAFE. You will also find a [[CODE BOOK]] here
on top of the boxes -

Go back outside and thru the gate leading into the district. Go inside the
door leading into the Bank and you'll come to an elevator. Hit the button to
go up top...

The Bank of the Prophet Main Hall

Objective: Find the Next Tear

Step into the hall ahead and you'll have a small fight. After the fight, notice
that there are two rooms - one on each side of the Hall below. Go into the left
one to find a SAFE and the right side one has a {{LOCKPICK]] jsut beside the

At the end of the hall is a large safe door which does not open but go into the
room to the left and pick up the [[LOCKSMITH BAG]] which is on the table -

Further you will find a large painting -

Below the painting is a dead guy with a [[NEW GEAR]] beside him. If you move in
further, you'll come to the Vox Code for which we already have the code book -

You can also pick up a [[LOCKPICKING KIT]] on the desk nearby. Then enter the
code into the type writer and a secret door to the right opens up. You'll find

Go back all the way out (use your mission pointer N) and into the room to the
right of the large safe door. You'll cross a couple of room and then be
ambushed in one of the rooms. Here, you can find the [[LOCKPICKING KIT]] on
a table to the right. Kill everyone and move ahead you'll come to the tear
soon. But in the room just before the room with the tear, to the right you'll
come to a [[LOCKSMITH BAG]] and a [[NEW GEAR]] -

Go into the room with the tear and in the room to the left from the tear (go
behind the tear and walk left) and you can find a SAFE and a VOxophone

Now, open up the tear and after it closes, pick up the Voxophone which just
appeared behind it [[A BROKEN CIRCLE]] -

A large clock door opens behind where the tear was, go thru it and keep
fighting the enemies and head back outside the bank, but you'll need to kill
Lady Comstock first before you head out.... Stubborn b****

Objective: Find the Last Tear

Once you come out of the bank, walk left and exit here from under the arch and
just as you come out, you'll see the Wilson Bros. & Company Bottling Works
shop -

It has a 3-Pick Lock and you can find a Silver Eagle Bag and an Infusion. Now
leads head to the last tear. I saved this one for last so that we did not have
to work too hard just before entering Comstock House. As you head back, I'm
sure you have noticed Fink's Magical Melodies house. The entrance is behind
the house so just enter there -

You can pick up a Voxophone inside [[OUT OF THE THIN AIR]] and a
[[LOCKSMITH BAG]]. Now we need to go to the Photography Shop to find the last
tear it's actually the first building in this entire area. You can use the
mission pointer N to go there.

You can see the tear as soon as you enter the shop. In the adjacent room is

Open the Tear...

Objective: Return to The Comstock House Gate

Do as the objective tell you to...

You'll have a large fight against Lady Comstock here...

You should have Vampiric Gear put on so that when you kill an enemy with melee
strikes, you gain health. You ought to combine that with Charge - all kills
with charge count as melee hits. Just get close to a target and keep melee
hitting and you'll get health like this. To get Lady Comstock you'll need to
use powerful weapons or you will fight for a long time. Occassionally you
ought to also melee kill the dead she rises so that your health does not drop
too much.

Rest Assured, you have a long fight ahead of you -

After you defeat her, the door to Comstock House opens up...

Comstock House

Well, move ahead on the bridge and pull the lever in the end. After a few very
dramatic moments (in the dream, just open the door to the right)...

You'll need to pursue Elizabeth...

Objective: Enter Comstock House

Move to the edge here and latch onto the hook far ahead -

Then you can jump down onto the bridge and move past the lever. As you go ahead
you'll come into a snowy area... No idea where the snow came from!!!

Enter the house and you might be surprised what you see in there -

Go inside and in the first room you come across, you can see some ghosts which
seem disoriented.... If you go ahead near the gate leading out of this place
you'll spot a Howler -

These things burst with a loud noise if they spot you and the ghosts which were
just standing around now start attacking you... so watch out for these things..
You can't go past them or kill them so you'll be spotted anyway...

You can see that the iron gate is closed 00415739

Get in the lift across the gate and take it up.... You'll find a Voxophone in
the life [[A LEASH]]...

Once you come up you'll go thru a set of rooms connecting each other starting
with the room named "The Atrium".

Objective: Go to the Warden's Office

You can use your mission pointer (N) to get thru the different rooms -

The Atrium
Where we Lie
Where we cleanse
Where we Weep

In where we weep you can find a VOxophone in a coffin [[THE VALUE OF CHOICE]].

The you pass thru the same rooms again -

Where we cleanse
Where we Sleep
The Atrium

Then you come out again and climb the stairs and go to -

Where we Work

You will come across a room with Mannequins and you can find a
[[LOCKSMITH BAG]]. In the next room you can find [[NEW GEAR]] on a table -

And a Voxophone [[DEBTS]] on another table. You'll then go thru -

Where you Learn

and then finally come to the Warden's office. You can find a Voxophone
[[A LAST CHANCE]] in the beside the projetor in the room ahead and [[NEW GEAR]]
on a table to the right here -

Then after you climb a set of steps, you will come into te office of the Warden
You can pick up the [[SMOTHERED IN THE CRIB]] Voxophone here. Pull the lever
and the gate below opens up.

Objective: Rescue Elizabeth

You'll get a surprise just as you turn around after pulling the lever. Now get
back to the lift (Use the pointer) and you can find the [[ENDING IT]]. Then
take it down and go thru the now opened gate. Now keep going thru the next set
of rooms and you will come across the Twins and then finally you will come to

You'll be transported back to the current time now where the younger Elizabeth
is being operated on. Go to the right side and you'll come to an automated

Objective: Turn off the Machines

You can ue your mission pointer to get the locations of the machines or you can
just follow the large wires on the ground to get there -

There are two chambers on either side and you need to go to each and pull a
lever to switch off the device which fighting off enemies who may include a
Patriot. After you pull the two levers, go down the Elizabeth.

Objective: Release Elizabeth

Do it and go back up the stairs, you should have noticed the locked door here
to the left, open it and you can find a Voxophone [[PAVLOV'S BELL]] and an
[[INFUSION]] there. No back outside and thru the gate across towards the
Zeppelin... You will need to take the lift up.

The Hand of the Prophet

Objective: Locate Comstock

In the first room itself, you can find a [[LOCKPICK]] next to the vending
machine -

Objective: Board Comstock's Flagship

As you move out, you get into a big fight so the bull-crap ends here, from now
on it's just HARDCORE fighting till the end of the game... So there won't be
much to write here except to suggest you to fight...

After you clear out the area (easier said than done), go to the 3-Pick door
and open it. Inside you will find a 1-Pick SAFE, a Voxophone [[AN ULTIMATUM]].
Now go back outside and get onto the flagship and pull the lever to take it up
to the Mother Ship. 

Objective: Repel the Airborne Assault

Some other Gunships come across, you can jump onto the hooks they have and
kill you enemies and then return back to your gunship. This is going to take
a while and you'll have to encounter a lot of gunships so brace yourself. Don't
be too shy - just board the enemie's ship and kill them and get back - your
ship will always be close. You can also find First Aid kits on your ship.

Objective: Board Comstock's Flagship

After you come up to the ship, get on it and make you way up...

Objective: Find a way to the top Deck

Go ahead and you should encounter you first enemies soon...

Hangar Deck, Engineering Deck, Command Deck

Hangar Deck

Objective: Clear the Hangar Bay Sky-Line

The control panel is on the other side on this deck, you will come across many
enemies so just kill all of them and go there. Also, you can pretty much find
First Aid Kits on any place you are fighting so always keep a lookout for them
if you need some. Here what the Control Panel looks like -

Hit the switch here and the Patriot Pods on the Skyline drop. After all of them
drop down, take the skyline and jump onto the upper deck. 

Objective: Clear the Main Deck Sky-Line

Find the Control Panel and hit the button and some enemies start boarding this
deck, to clear the sky-line it'll take some time so you need to either hide
or fight till the sky-line is cleared. You can just avoid all he enemies too
if you want to and then take this one up to the top deck.

Once you are on the third-deck, go to the door and open it to get inside...

Engineering Deck

You will come into a large area which you need to get across and ride the
skyline on the other side to the top most deck of the ship. So this deck has a
ton of enemies on it, just make your way to the other side while killing all of
them and get up top. When you are on the top most deck, you will find another
door - open it and go inside.

Objective: Confront Comstock

Comstock is in the room ahead, go talk to him.. we'll you actually do more than
just talk. Anyway, after that, go up to the command deck and turn the wheel
here.. Suddenly the Vox start coming in.. Perfect Timing... Elizabeth thinks of
a plan and tries to call a friend...

Command Deck

Objective: Direct Songbird to Protect the Zeppelin

Now then, I like most of you thought we'd be fighting the bird in the end but
as it turns out - we'll be fighting with the bird. I'll give you an insight of
what this part is all about - note that this is the toughest fight in the game
if you don't do the things you should at the right time.

First the Bird -

You will have several Vox ships come near the deck and dump Vox enemies all
over the place. If you look at them they will be highlighted in red color and
then you can hold F to make Song Bird attack the ship. Later on, you can also
attack Zeppelins which come here. So basically, thru the fight you ought to use
Song Bird on the ships which are coming around you and it's up to your
discretion as to which ones you destroy first when there are several around -
one advice - destroy the dangerous or larger ships first.

Apart from the ships, several Vox along with a couple of Patriots each time
get dropped on the COmmand Deck. They along with some ships are aiming at the
power core of the ship. You can see the health of the power core at the top
right of your screen. Just below it is the cooldown timer for Song Bird. After
each attack with the bird, the colldown starts and you cannot do another attack
until the needle makes a full round (quite obvious!).

So apart from directing the bird, you need to get on deck or use the Sky-Line
here and attack all enemies coming onto the deck before the health of your
ship drops to nothing. All enemies usually concentrate on the ship an not you
so you have an advantage that you can go behind the Patriot's back and hit
them on their back and they'll take greater damage. You can find First-Aid
kits in tears in a couple of places around the ship, one is on the main deck
and the other is in the control room.

Objective: Join Elizabeth at the Bow

After a long fight and many destroyed Zeppelins go ahead to the front end of
the ship (the Bow! as they call it...

Objective: Order Song Bird to destroy the Siphon

Just do it and see what happens next...

The Sea of Doors

This is basically the ending of the game and no matter what you do you will
still get the same ending so look around and spend your time understanding the
real story of the game as it unravels in this wonderful level...

The End...

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