Dragon Summoner Walkthrough [Guide]


Dragon Summoner is a fighting game where players use cards of varying strengths in order to do battle with each other. Players must be able to gather the most powerful cards and enhance them in such a way that they will be much more formidable when facing enemies and completing quests.

In Dragon Summoner, players must be able to collect cards and use them to battle different kinds of enemies. Players will be able to perform quests and battle different types of creatures and bosses. They will also be able to battle other players who are also playing the game. By constantly participating in and winning battles, players will be able to earn points and other items that will help them make their cards much stronger.

There are two types of currency within Dragon Summoner. Friendship points, or FP, are earned by winning battles and completing quests, and this can be used to buy spins, which will earn you cards that you can add on your deck.

However, really powerful cards will only be available by purchasing them via Dragon Coins. Dragon Coins are used to purchase premium items within the game, and can only be acquired using real life currency. While this may seem costly, having Dragon Coins handy is very advantageous as you would be able to get more superior cards.

If you do choose to purchase Dragon Coins, you should take note that the more money you spend, the better deal that you would be able to get.

Cards are your main weapons within the game. Each card has certain attack and defense points, as well as HP, and having the right cards in your deck will spell the difference between victory and defeat. It is also possible to improve your existing cards either to enhancing or evolving, both of which are explained in detail below.

It is also important to note that each card has one of three different classes, namely Warrior, Hunter, and Mage. These can affect how compatible cards are when combined, as well as how effective they are when attacking cards of the same of different class.

Cards can be earned by spending Dragon Coins or Friendship Points, with the latter being able to yield far superior cards. Cards may also be won for completing quests and battling friends.

Evolving and Enhancing Cards
Players have the chance to improve their existing cards using either of the two methods mentioned above. By evolving cards, players would require two cards of the same type, which can then be evolved in order to produce a single card with higher stats. Similarly, enhancing cards involves two different cards where one card will be absorbed by the other, creating a more powerful card with higher stats. However, make sure that you place your base card and material card in the right positions or you might lose your more powerful card in the process.

The major area of play within Dragon Summoner is called quests. It involves going through different areas and battling creatures. Before each battle, players must select the card that they want to bring into play, and it’s then all a matter of having enough energy to defeat your opponents.

Energy is required in order to perform battle. Once this has been depleted completely, you can no longer perform any actions, and you will either have to wait until it regenerates, or you can use an energy potion to refill your energy meter.

Once quests have been completed, you will be awarded with experience points that will cause you to level up, allowing you access to even more powerful cards. Also, you will be able to move on to other areas where you will be ultimately able to meet a boss enemy.

Battling with Friends
Aside from quests, Dragon Summoner also allows players to battle with real opponents. Players can select who they want to challenge, although it is preferred that they fight someone who is more or less at the same level at them. Once a challenger has been selected, you can then select your cards and go into battle.

Battles are part luck, and part strength of your deck, and both attack and defense statistics will come into play. Attack defines your offensive capabilities while defend determines how effective you are at resisting damage. At the end of the battle, the victor that remains standing will earn the agreed upon reward.


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