Runaway: Twist of Fate Walkthrough [Guide]


Runaway: Twist of Fate is the third and final installment of the Runaway series. It closely follows the story of the second game and beautifully brings the series to a close. This title provides the same point and click mechanics, and players will be required to have a sharp eye and keen wits in order to spot all of the key items and make them work together towards solving the puzzle-like situations and pushing the story forward. This is a walkthrough of Runaway: Twist of Fate from beginning to end of the first part of the two part-story arc.

Chapter 1

Get the ribbon from the wreath on Brian’s grave, then leave the area and go to the crypt where you will be meeting Agatha. Get a flashlight from her and go down the stairs. There, you will see a painting that you will have to remove, after which an urn will be revealed. Take the urn and return upstairs.

Find the church and lift the mat by. Lift the revealed trapdoor and get the glove as well as the box on the shelf. Inside the box, you will find a key which you then must use to open the grating and get the collection basket. After this, ring the bell by pulling on the rope.

After the cut scene, go the hearse and check the back. You will get a strap after a brief exploration. Then, fill the rubber glove with water from the fountain and go to the workshop on the left. There, you will be able to talk to Luanne and she will give you an assembly manual in Swedish. You will also see a file from the tools nearby. Before leaving, place the water filled glove into the freezer. Transfer the ashes from urn into the box that you currently have in your inventory and use the urn to retrieve and keep the now frozen glove. Leave the area and go back to the chapel.

Look down at the hole and you will see an angel statue. Attach the strap to the statue and then go downstairs where you will be able to use the urn containing the frozen glove at the machine. Go upstairs and get her Agatha’s flashlight. After that, go back to the entrance of the church and look at the book using the flashlight. Use the Swedish manual to locate the dead Swede among the dead bodies in the graveyard.

Go to the area with the body of Atlas and talk to Agatha, who will then translate the manual for you. Give this manual to Luanne, after which she will leave the room. Open the newly accessible room and get the circular saw. Attach it to the collection bucket that you got from the church entrance and go back to Agatha.

Go back to where the Atlas statue was and remove the strap using the jack that can be found on the boulder. Go back to the tomb and to the place where you originally found the urn and use the file found within the room to remove the mortar. Attach the strap to the stone block and go back upstairs. Back in the room where you can look down at the angel statue. Use the saw to cut the steel wires and get the pole upstairs after the crash. Go back to the chamber and use the pole to destroy the wall and let Brian out.

Chapter 2

Go to the TV room and get the market pen and paper clips. Before you leave, take the whiteboard from the cabinet as well. Return to the hall and locate Room 304. Under the pillow on the bed to the right of the room, you will be able to find a knife and some mints. Take those and try to get into the air duct system. After this, talk to Marcelo and you will be able to access an imaginary box in your inventory. However, you will not be able to access this yet.

Go back to the TV area and go towards the two old men. Give the mint to Mr. Hollister and talk to him. Write “Cucamonga” on the whiteboard using the marker pen. Go towards Mr. Nice and he will then drop his whiteboard. Switch this whiteboard with your own and take the straps from the suitcase by cutting it with your knife. Attach them to the paper clips in order to make suspenders. Give the imaginary box to Marcelo and you will be directed to the casino room.

Take the scale weight and plastic tube from the room. You can then enter the air vent but you will soon discover that the map has been stolen. Talking to Gabbo will let you discover that the janitor possesses a map. Go to the hallway and talk to Quickie behind the door. Use the scale weight do break the radiator in the hallway, which would then cause the janitor to appear.

Look at the billboard and use your marker on Ernie’s picture. Find Ernie and talk to him, and he will then distract the janitor enough so that you would be able to look into the janitor’s toolbox where you will be able to find a map.

Chapter 3

Get the spatula in the kitchen after searching the cupboards. Go outside and look under the bridge where you will find wire cutters. Go towards the shed, but you will discover that it is locked. Talk to Bennett for the keys, but it will bounce under a kitchen cabinet when he throws it down.

Looking under the cabinet, you can use the spatula where you will be able to get an envelope. Exit through the back door and use the wire cutters on the fish where you will acquire a fish hook. Use this to get the keys from under the cabinet.

Go back outside ad use the keys to enter the shed. Get the rope and the goggles. You can then use te goggles to see some spider hairs on the envelope. Once you talk to Bennett, he will leave, and the upstairs will now be accessible to you.

Look around the area and find a trophy where you will be able to get a pendant. Also, you can find a bow and arrow. Tie the rope around the arrow. You will be using this later. Hit the Sheriff Badge and talk to the sheriff. You can then use the phone and call everyone, where you will be able to call Bennett. Give him the nickname “Lovely Bear” and, as Bennett, give this answer to the sheriff.

Take the glowsticks from the chests and then go outside. There, you will be able to find a well. unlock it, throw down the glowsticks, and use the bow and arrow to retrieve a boot with a laptop in it. Take in inside, go upstairs, and plug it in. You can then go downstairs where you will be able to find boxing gloves by the front door. Use the goggles and you will be able to see the name “Hurricane”. Type this into the computer to complete the chapter.

Runaway: Twist of Fate was developed by Pendulo Studios and was published and distributed by Focus Home Interactive. It was made available for the Microsoft Windows and Nintendo DS platforms last 2010 but is now currently available for the Ipad 2, iPhone 4, iPod 5, and up. The Apple version of Runaway: Twist of Fate was published by BulkyPix.


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