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Lady Comstock
Final Fight - Command Deck - Hand of the Prophet


Never take on a Patriot straight-on...

These are the first of the tough enemies you come across in the game and you'll
encounter them more than a few times. The Patriots are designed behind one of
the three founding father figures.

You will always encounter one Patriot during the game at different stages and
if you are playing on Hard then they can be a little more than just a little
pain. But still, they are manageable.

The best Vigor against the Patriots is the Shock Jockey. So keep Shock Jockey
equipped when you see a Patriot and your most powerful gun. I mean it... if
you do not have a really powerful weapon - like a Volley Gun or an RPG Laucher
then you are going to have a bit of a lengthened fight. 

With the Shock Jockey:::

So basically the simplest way to deal with the Patriots is to keep shocking
them and shooting them. They come out of the Shock Jockey effect soon so you
best be ready to shock them again. Better yet, shock them and move behind their
back and shoot them on their backs for them to take more damage - yup, Patriots
take more damage on their backs so once you get behind them keep paralyzing
them with shocks so that you can aim well on their backs.

a pillar nearby - there are a lot of pillars in the game - believe me... If you
can't find a pillar then find something to run around while the Patriot is
following you. So get to that pillar or whatever and make it run behind you.
Now you can use powerful traps like the Devi's Kiss Trap or even a Shock Jockey
Trap and place them on the ground behind you and when the patriots hits it
it's going to get more than a little damaged and you can continue this way.

W/O the Shock Jockey or other Vigors :::

Now we will not have unlimited supply of Salts (although if you are good
enough you can keep looking for salts during fights and you will find them
somewhere or the other but let's consider you are unable to find them.. What do
you do?

So you cannot paralyze them so what? you can still hurt them... Now, as I
mentioned earlier, the backs of the Patriots are the weak points for them. Find
a pillar nearby and run around it... move behind it and shoot it on the back
and keep continuing this. Remember that the Patriots can move pretty fast so
they may even gain up on your back - be careful and make sure you always have
an eye open for them.

Worst Case Scenario:::

Consider you don't have a powerful weapon and a Vigor...

Then you just got to get as far away from the Patriot as possible. Just run
like hell and keep a good distance - this way it'll hit you less accurately and
hid behind a cover and shoot it from behind cover. If it comes near you then
get to the next place of cover - far away.


Now, Handymen are a level above the Patriots so the same tactics will not work
and make sure you are never too close to them... and... aim for the heart...

Basically, the Shock Jockey will not paralyze the Handyman for more than a
second so you can't really do anything with the Jockey except waste salts when
you use it.

The best thing you can do with Handymen is shoot them in their hearts -

However, you can still use the other Vigors... I found then best thing to use
on Handymen is the Devil's Kiss Trap. Again, find a pillar and stay there and
place a trap behind you. After the Handyman follows you and hits the trap,
move ahead and plant another trap and keep repeating this. Also, if you have
Return To Sender power then keep that shield on if you are confronting the
Handyman straight on.

You can also use Murder of Crows on the Handymen which will keep them busy
for a few seconds and you can take this time to land critical hits on their

Considering you can't find salts (you are in serious trouble)... Run as far
away from the Handyman as possible and get behind cover and shoot them from
there. If they get close to you, then continue to the next place of cover and
so on..... But if you do have salts then keep using them.


Lady Comstock

You are going to fight this stubborn B**** for three times and all three fights
can be dreadful if you don't do this right...

Basically, very few Vigors actually work on Lady Comstock - since she is a

I mean, you can't paralyze her with the Jockey, nor can you use Murder of Crows
on her and forget about Bucking Bronco - she's already floating in the air for
heaven's sake!!! She's worse than a freaking stalker!!!

So.. one bit of GEAR you need to have on you is the Vampire boots or
something... Yes it has "Vampire ..." for a name so you know when you see it.
Equip that one on, because when you melee kill something you will gain health.

or as an alternative, if you did not find Vampire's Embrace in the game you
can use -

Basically, with the Lady Comstock fight, you need to be more careful and lively
than ever because she keeps raising dead and she can do that for a very very
long time (actually I nevver tested this but she can do it until you actually
kill her - so if you are not hurting her and only killing the dead she spawns
then you are going to be in the fight forever).

So as you see the dead come up - you ought to only use the dead as a means of
health supply... You will fight Lady Comstock after you get the "CHARGE" vigor.
So equip that vigor and when your health hits half use charge to get near one
of the several dead around you and melee kill them, then use charge to get
close to the next dead and repeat killing with the melee hits. Bring their
numbers down a bit and continue your assault on Lady Comstock - make sure you
are using your best weapon against her. If you are finding it difficult to
aim at her then you an use Charge to get close to her and then shoot her or

Never forget to keep killing the dead for health around you and this only works
if you have the one Vampire Gear on you and you melee kill them (read the
description of the vampire gear).

You are going to fight her for three times and the last time, she is going to
be more vicious than the first two times so make sure you at least find a good
weapon before you fight her the last time - this is in front of the
Comstock House after you open the three tears.

Final Fight - Command Deck - Hand of the Prophet

You have a great ally in SongBird for this fight but this is still going to be
very hairy...

First - know that you can aim at one of the flying machines or the Zeppelins
which are going to come here or on a certain area of the deck and hold F to
make Songbird come down like Heavenly Smythe...

But there's a certain cooldown time each time you use Songbird and you can see
the clock showing the cooldown time on the top right of the screen below the
health of your Zeppelin so make sure you are keeping an eye on it. Make sure
you use Songbird as soon as the cooldown is over.

Now basically we cannot use Songbird to kill everything - you ought to use it
to destroy all of the flying ships around and whatever is getting dropped on
the deck ahead of you is for you to kill...

Make sure you also see where the Medkit tears are. There are two tears here
which have Medkits in them. One is the the Command room and another is on
the deck to the left I think on top...

So keep using SOngbird on the flying machines and if any enemies get dropped on
the deck then you can come down on them with an airstrike if you are on the
sky lines. But moving around on the sky lines will waste a lot of time and the
enemies will most certainly bring down the health of your zeppelin while you
are moving around. One advantage you have here is that they always concentrate
on shooting up the zeppelin so you can always go away for first aid if you want

Whenever you see the enemies just kill them and if you have Vampire Gear on
then use Charge to get close to them and melee kill them for some health. You
will also always face two Patriots at the same time here but again.. thankfully
they want to shoot up the zeppeing more badly so you can easily go behind them
and shoot them up... but make sure you kill the lesser enemies first before
you assault the Patriots on their backs. This is going to be a long  fight too
so saddle in properly before you start the fight.

If somehow you have let your deck get overpopulated then you can ask SongBird
to attack the area of the deck with the enemies but if this is happening then
you are not doing it right and may lose this fight.

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