Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Walkthrough [Guide]

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate

The world of Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is treacherous, and it poses even more danger if you are a beginner in the game. Players may find it very difficult to adapt to the environment, as other players work pretty much for themselves, and would not spend the time and effort to take a newbie under their wing. Thus, players must be able to follow certain rules and guidelines in order to survive long enough to upgrade themselves into the warriors that they would ultimately be. Here are some beginner tips that you can follow once you start the game.

The Basics
First and foremost, read tutorials whenever they appear. Players might think that they know everything there is in the Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate world, but tutorials would be able to give you nuggets of information that you might find it too late to realize if you just try to push on by yourself. Tutorials are free, albeit a bit time consuming, so make sure to master all the concepts being provided before you move forward.

At the very beginning, you should also choose as to which character class you would like to play as. Fortunately, you wouldn’t be stuck with a specific class all throughout the game, but focusing on one particular class will make you very formidable within the group, so make sure to find a class that suits your style of play. Secondly, know how weapons and armors work, as it is very important to equip the right king of gear in order to be able to defeat higher level enemies. Know their weaknesses and strengths, as well as how they are able to fit your style of play. Also, know how skill slots come into play as simple defense stats will not often cut it especially in advanced combat.

It is also very essential to find a button configuration that you are comfortable with. Finding the right button layout will make sure that you can perform actions quickly in combat, allowing you to sneak in some extra actions which will convert to being able to deal additional damage or conjuring up extra spells. It would also be wise to invest in a Circle Pad Pro, as this would add a whole new layer of maneuverability for your character, especially if you do not have nimble fingers.

Lastly, try to find some friends that you can bring along into the adventure. The more friends you have playing, the more people you can discuss with, and the better the chance that all of you would be able to benefit from your collective experiences. You can even probably find more advanced players from your group, such as a classmate or co-worker, and you can pick his brains and discuss strategies during your break. Just don’t bother him while he is playing, as chances are he’ll probably ignore your request for tips.

Going Out There
Once you’ve acquainted yourself with the basics of the game, it is now time to venture forth and earn your keep as a full fledged adventurer. This will require you to complete quests, battle and capture monsters, and upgrade armor, weapons, and other equipment in order to keep up with the increasing challenges. Here are the tips on how to become better and better while you are out there.

Going to Moga Village, you will be tasked to complete quests. These are optional tasks, but these are actually used to push the plot forwards. Try to complete one star quests first, as these would open up even more quests that are probably more difficult than the last. It would also be wise to farm for items first before going to quests, especially if you are still not well equipped to complete them.

This would also be a good time to know how the upgrading system works. Unlike most RPGs, Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate does not have a level up system. Rather, players upgrade their stats via equipping higher level armor. Be informed, however, that upgrading armor will often mean that while some stats would increase, some might decrease as well. For example, upgrading armor might increase fire resistance while decreasing ice resistance, and vice versa.

Also, make sure that you are able to use skills and boosts effectively. HP renewing or upgrading boosts are always best, while other skills and boosts can help you increase damage, resistance, or speed. Knowing which items to equip is extremely important as you can use this to your advantage especially when battling special types of monsters that are weak to a specific element or has a specific attack pattern.

Being the Best
Now, you’re probably completing quests left and right, and are already capable of defeating monsters many times your size. However, for the bigger and badder enemies, you will need even more improvements on your character. It would also be good to equip yourself with even more formidable weapons and armor so that you can take down more powerful monsters with less blows.

At this point, it might be wise to do some item gathering. This will consume lots of hours of game time, but this will definitely be worth it for when you will need to combine items. Combining items would require combo books in order to make combinations more successful. Different components will create different items with varying effects, so you can pretty much mix and match and see what the result may be. Of course, you can consult online guides for recipes so that you can better take advantage of your farmed materials.

Last but definitely not the least, it is essential to form allegiances. You can form allies with people that you have started the game with, or you might find partnerships among players that you meet throughout the game. Enforcing teamwork and cooperation among players is absolutely essential when taking down super monsters and completing major quests.

Do not forget to explore the entire world. Different locations will provide different monsters, and you will be able to acquire different loot from them as well as the surrounding areas as well. Also, some locations will require players to formulate different strategies, especially when these areas are of extreme cold or heat. Equipping weapons and taking items that are resistant to a particular element or can be better against monsters weak to a certain element native to the location will be certainly advantageous.

Keeping a healthy inventory is also very essential. Keep a good stock of all available items, as you will be needing them when combining items. This will involve grinding and exploring locations that you have already explored, but this will pay for itself over time as you can use these items to forge even better items that you can equip to become a better warrior.

In your downtime, explore the various areas in Moga Village. There are features that are always available, while some would only appear from time to time. You can buy items using Zenni in the market, and you can take advantage of lower market prices whenever the Argosy is in the port. You can also trade rarer items with the captain, which is a great chance for players to get items that they have a hard time acquiring. The canteen, in turn, will allow you to prepare and consume dishes that will provide for a bunch of different effects, while the farm can let you produce your own resources. The Artisan is also the place where you can have superior weapons and armor forged. Lastly, the Guild is where you can commit to higher level quests, which is intended for more advanced players that would like to test their skill.

The last best of advice that can be given to those who would like to venture forth into the world of Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is to keep exploring everything that the world has to offer. Almost every item has its use, and all monsters can be defeated with a little time and perseverance, as well as with the proper skills, equipment, and luck. Of course, having friends to play with is a great advantage, as you can share tips and information, and they can help you out when battling the biggest and baddest monsters that the world has to offer. Learn from your mistakes if you fall in battle, and come out of it better than before. Also, don’t forget to upgrade whenever applicable, and adapt your gear and well as your playing style depending on the situation. Constant improvement and adaptation is very crucial to survive and dominate in this game. With a little practice, you will soon become the best known monster hunter in the land.

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate was developed by Capcom Production Studio and 1 and Eigthing and was published by Capcom. It is available for both the Nintendo 3DS and the Nintendo Wii U. It was released in Japan last November 2011, and in North America, Europe, and Australia last March 2013.


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