Nimble Quest Walkthrough [Guide]

Nimble Quest

Those who are familiar with the very old school mobile game Snake and its many incarnations will also be very familiar with how Nimble Quest is played. However, there is more than meets the eye as this game adds further elements that would make this particular adventure unique. Collect heroes along your lines and battle different types of enemies and monsters as you collect gems that you can use to purchase power ups and other items that will allow you to go farther and farther in your quest.

Nimble Quest is set in an area where players will get to control a lead character. Players can add heroes to their party once they have collected them from the arena. Like in Snake, players cannot stop moving, and they must not hit the walls as well as each other, as this will cause major damage and might even wipe out the entire party. Players must do battle against both individual and strings of enemies in order to clear the stage, and items collected can be used to further improve on your heroes.

Gems and tokens are the currency within Nimble Quest. Gems can be used to upgrade heroes as well as improve on the potency or positive effects of powerups and special items, while tokens can be used to restart at a level that the party falls in, activate buffs, or recruit a hero early. Coins and tokens are generally earned by collecting them in the field, although tokens, being the premium currency, are rarer to find. Of course, tokens can be purchased via the in-app store like most freemium games.

Players can choose among any of the heroes that they have unlocked. Base statistics are initially the same all throughout, although the manner by which they attack enemies differ with regards to range, strength, and frequency. Some are suited for melee combat rather than ranged, and some deal higher damage than others. Finding the right leader in your party is crucial as he will be the one bringing glory or defeat to the team.

Once players are set on the field, battle is pretty much basic and automatic, as no additional controls are required to instigate combat aside from being within firing range. Heroes will attack enemies randomly, although it should be noted that if the enemy party falls, the entire group will also be defeated. Like you, enemies have hit points that are displayed via the bar over their heads, so this would be a good way to see just how much damage you have already caused, or if you should run away for the moment to deal with weaker enemies. In addition, some enemies might be able to inflict players with negative status such as Freeze, which will slow players’ movements down, so it would be wise to dodge these types of attacks than other conventional attacks.

Once enemies have been defeated, they might drop powerups and other items that you can use, so make sure to collect these before they fade away. They might also uncover heroes that you can collect, and they would be automatically added to your team.

All heroes in your party have health points, and if any of your heroes’ health is depleted completely, then they will be removed from your party. However, should the leader fall, then the stage would automatically end. Also, bear in mind that colliding with the enemy will deal you and your party heavy damage, so avoid this at all costs. Players must take caution as enemy movement patterns are random, and they might just steer towards you and hit your party without notice.

If a team falls in a certain stage, they can choose to restart at the current level by spending tokens. However, the amount of tokens required to revive your team increases with each resurrection, so they would have to watch out for this, especially when repeated deaths occur. Should the player decide to play again without using tokens, then they will be forced to start from the very beginning with only one hero allowed.

Heroes can be upgraded using gems. This will increase their speed with regards to both movement and attack. Total health and attack strength may also increase. Some statistics would only be obvious if the hero serves as the leader, so players need not upgrade all heroes, especially when they already have decent enough health and attacks but are not likely to play the role of leader.

Powerups or items may also be upgraded so that their potency and effect duration would increase. One of the best to upgrade among these is the treasure chest upgrade, which will provide players with the opportunity to collect more gems than usual.

Buffs and Powerups
Buffs and powerups are two different things, although they both provide players with beneficial effects. The main difference is that buffs are purchased with tokens, and will last for the duration of the stage, while powerups are mainly collected from defeated enemies, and has limited potency and duration, although these can be increased by upgrading them. Players should make it a point to collect powerups, as well as gems and other items, as they appear because they are bound to disappear fast if they are not collected on time.

Powerups provide beneficial effects such as increasing movement and attack speed, increased offensive and defensive capabilities, as well as the ability to deal damage to enemies within a specific area, among others. Treasure chests will also litter the area with several gems that the player can then collect.

Tips and Tricks
The best strategy that can be employed in Nimble Quest is patience, especially at latter stages where you already have a long line of heroes and there are enemies that you can attack just about everywhere. Knowing when to turn and to which direction you would like to go to is essential, as you might find yourself bumping into your own heroes or find yourself facing a wall with nowhere to go if you don’t create space between your party and the obstacles around you.

It would also be good to keep a considerate distance between your team and your enemies. Let the ranged heroes do the brunt of the work, and have a little patience in dealing with tougher and stronger enemies. attacking the head of an enemy team may seem like a wise practice, but a lot of caution must be undertaken as this will leave you with a lot less breathing room should the enemy decide to make an unexpected turn.

Also, try to conserve your currencies as they are pretty hard to come by, in most cases. Focus on specific heroes to upgrade rather than spreading the blessings around, and don’t be tempted to spend your precious tokens on your initial playthroughs, especially when you are already getting defeated in earlier levels. Try to save up as much gems as you can, and spend it wisely on the bare essentials. Reserve your tokens for buffs rather than replays, under the logic that if you fall in a certain stage, then you’re much likely to fall again without doing some necessary upgrades.

Nimble Quest was developed and published by NimbleBit. It was released on March 28, 2013, and is available for both Apple and Android devices.


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