Order and Chaos Duels Walkthrough [Guide]


Order and Chaos Duels is a version of the popular MMORPG Order and Chaos by Gameloft. Instead of the usual battles related with MMORPGs, however, combat takes place on the card table, and players must do battle with both computer and player controlled opponents using cards, and those that are able to play their cards the best will be able to come out on top.

Order and Chaos Duels allows players to control a deck of cards that they can use in battling opponents that are either controlled by the computer or by another human player. Players can collect cards that have varying strengths and effects, and they must be able to predict their opponent’s movements and counteract them effectively in order to ensure higher chances of success. Players can complete quests and battle constantly in order to earn more and improve their decks further.

Characters, or heroes, are the main characters that players will be able to control. There are a total of four major classes, namely humans, undead, elves, and orcs. There are also subclasses for each, and these include warriors, monks, mages, and rangers. Each subclass carries with them special abilities as well as strengths and weaknesses that should suit a player’s style.

When players begin the game, they will be asked to choose their hero. Do not fret, however, should you feel that the character does not suit you, as you can select a different hero later on. It is also important to note that different classes will own different types of cards specific to their class, and each has abilities that only they are capable of possessing. In addition, heroes can also unleash special abilities that are specific to each type of hero.

Like most games, Order and Chaos Duels has two different types of currency. Gold is the basic currency in the game, and it can be acquired in a variety of ways such as winning battles, completing quests, or leveling up. Runes, in turn, are premium currency, and are much harder to acquire. Both these types of currency can be used to purchase items and additional cards, although runes will provide you access to much rarer and more powerful items. Runes can be exchanged for coins, and can also be purchased using real life currency.

Leveling Up
Going into battles, win or lose, will earn players experience points, or XP. Once enough XP has been earned, players will level up. Once players level up, additional cards would be unlocked, and benefits such as additional health, mana, or deck capacity would be provided, as well as rewards such as coins or runes. Reaching higher levels is essential in unlocking all items available in the game. However, the more players level up, the harder it would be to reach the next level, so constantly playing and battling is also required.

Cards are the primary items required when battling opponents. Each card has a specific mana requirement as well as other statistics and effects, and being familiar of what each card in your possession can do and arranging them in your deck is essential in attaining victory. Cards can be divided into three categories – minion cards, enchantment cards, and spell cards.

Minion cards are essentially creatures that players can summon for offensive and defensive purposes. All minion cards have an attack stat, which determines the amount of damage that they can deal, as well as a health stat, which determines how much damage they can take before they would be removed from the table. Some minion cards also have effects that will be triggered once certain scenarios have been met.

Enchantment cards will enchant the slot on which they have been placed. Usually, enchantment cards will provide positive boosts to the minion card, or negative effects to the slot directly in front of it. Spell cards, in turn, can have effects either on your hero, the enemy’s hero, or even on a target minion, either your own or an enemy’s. Again, it is very important to read through all information in the card before you place them so that you can put them to good use.

Cards can be purchased using coins or runes and can even be collected as rewards. Cards can also be added or deducted from your deck, and arranging them depends entirely on the player’s preference and style of play. The number of cards in a deck can be below the deck capacity, and cards previously drawn can be drawn again, making having less cards in your deck a wise tactic especially if you want to have a higher chance of drawing up the same card over and over again.

Most cards require mana, or energy, to be placed on the table. Players are limited to a certain amount of mana per turn, although this is replenished by the next round. Players can also increase their mana capacity permanently, at least during the fight, by sacrificing cards and placing them on the graveyard. Certain items and cards will also be able to boost mana capacity for the round. It is very important to have a lot of mana available especially when playing cards with high mana requirements.

Battle takes place on a table where players can place cards in one of five slots. Card placement is turn per turn, with the decision as to who goes first done randomly. Each hero has their own health points, and whoever depletes his or her opponents HP completely will be the winner.

Each turn, players can sacrifice cards, place enchantments, cast spells, and place minion cards on empty slots in front of them. After their turn has ended, or whenever conditions have been met, the cards will activate, dealing effects and damage. If a minion card has another minion card directly in front of them, then the card will be dealt the damage displayed in the offensive minion card’s attack stat. Once a minion card’s health reaches zero, it will be placed in the graveyard. However, if there are no opposing cards in front of an attacking minion card, then the damage will be dealt directly to the hero. Usually, it does not matter how high an attacking minion’s attack card is with relation to the defending minion’s health card, as the excess will not carry over anywhere. That is, of course, if the attack has Breach attack ability, where in excess damage will be dealt to the opposing hero. All cards used will be replenished by the end of the turn.

Players can also unleash hero spells, which are specific for each particular hero. These spells take time to regenerate, so it would be wise to unleash them only when needed. Players can also use equipment and other items to help turn the tide of the battle in their favor.

Some players find it wise to play with less cards on their deck than more, as cards drawn previously can be drawn again later. This is a wise tactic especially if you only have a few powerful cards. However, it would also be good to have a few feeder cards that you can use for sacrificing and increasing your mana pool.

It is also recommended to always have an opposing minion directly in front of an enemy’s card. This will ensure that your hero is protected from any attacks. Also, have a healthy mix of enchantment and spell cards so that you can deal additional damage even when your slots are still filled up.

Players can go through different sets of maps in order to push the storyline forward. Each map has different areas where players will have to face different enemies. Only by completing all areas of the map and defeating all enemies within it will the next area be unlocked. Still, players can still explore previously completed areas in order to earn additional coins and XP, should they choose to.

Aside from battling computer controlled opponents, players can also battle against other players in Order and Chaos Duels. Players can choose to either battle randomly or fight players that are of the same level as them. Doing so will earn you prestige as well as a lot of rewards. There is also a function called Epic Boss Fights but is not yet available as of this time.

Players can also try to complete quests, which are a form of achievements within the game. these include collecting a certain number of cards, fighting and winning online battles a certain number of times, or winning against a certain race a certain number of times. Quests can be done simultaneously, and players will be able to see their progress for each quest. Completing quests will earn players a lot of rewards, specifically in the form of coins or runes.

Daily Bonus
Those who are serious about playing the game would most likely benefit from the daily bonus. Order and Chaos Duels rewards players who log in to the game for continuous days by providing them with rewards. Thus, players should play each day in order to collect prizes that go higher and higher with each consecutive day played.


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