Motor World: Car Factory Walkthrough [Guide]


If you love to try your hand at managing people in an industrial environment, then you will love this strategy game from Oh Bibi Socialtainment and Mobage, Inc. Motor World: Car Factory allows you to manage workers so that they are able to produce vehicles that you can then sell. Proper management of human and material assets is important in order to make your business successful, as well as earn tons of money that you can use to further your organization and staff.

Motor World: Car Factory requires players to build cars and sell them for a profit. In order to do this, they must hire workers that they can then put through various tasks in the manufacturing process. There are also other ways to improve your business, such as building buildings and negotiating prices for the vehicles that you create, so that you will be able to use the extra cash to build up your business and create more luxurious vehicles for your customers. Proper management is very essential to ensure your factory’s success and profitability.

Like most games, Motor Land: Car Factory employs both a basic and premium currency. Coins can be used to purchase cars to build as well as hiring workers, and this can be earned by collecting from buildings and selling vehicles. Dollars, in turn, are used to purchase premium items as well as speeding up tasks. Dollars can be purchased using real life currency.

Donuts serve as the energy for your workers. The better that they are fed, the more work they can perform, so avoid exhausting your workers to the point that they can no longer do any work. Donuts are replenished at a rate of once every five minutes, although there is a maximum capacity depending on your current level. Thus, it is recommended that you exhaust your supply of donuts if you will be leaving the game for prolonged periods of time. Donuts can also be earned as rewards for completing tasks and quests, as well as when leveling up.

The game features over fifty vehicles of different makes and sizes. Each require different work points and costs to create, and these can be sold at different profits. As players level up, they will be able to unlock more cars to manufacture, and they can also be bred in a way so that you will be able to create new cars to produce.

In order to complete cars to be sold, workers must work on each individual part. This will transfer the product from one part of the assembly line to another, and players must click on each section in order for production to be completed. Players can also build multiple cars simultaneously, for as long as the space is available and there are workers to do the particular job. In addition, if a certain part is taking too long to complete and you would like to free up workers for another task, then you may speed up tasks using in game currency.

Completed cars can then be sold for a profit at the dealership. Players have control over the demand of the vehicle in question, which means that they can haggle for the price as to it would be sold.

Leveling Up
Completing tasks will earn players experience points that they will be able to use to level up. Leveling up will reward players with rewards such as coins and donuts, and it will also unlock further content so that they will not be accessible in the game.

Players can hire workers directly, but in increasing price for each hire, or they can simply invite friends online and use them as workers. Ideally, the more workers you have, the more efficient your workers would be. With this, you can spend donuts in order to keep up their stamina and other special items in order to upgrade their work, resulting in better quality of cars produced in a faster span of time, and thus being able to fetch a higher price.

It is important to note that each worker has specific statistics, which will then determine how efficient they will be in producing vehicles. Proper maintenance of their skills is essential in order to keep them productive, which will benefit you and your business in the form of better cars and bigger profits.

The store is where players can purchase different kinds of items and buildings, as well as hire workers for their team. Both coins and dollars are used depending on what is to be purchased. Players can scroll through the categories in the store to give you an idea of what a particular item is about. Players can also check for new items whenever they level up, and some vehicles may also be unlocked when purchasing buildings as well as reaching certain achievements.

Along with breeding cars, players will also be able to research on several items that they can use to unlock cars, as well as improve on items and the workforce. Research requires coins to begin, and research completion will take some time to finish depending on the item concerned. Thus, it is important to prioritize on the items to research first as players can only do this one at a time.

Car Collection
Motor Land: Car Factory encourages player to “collect ‘em all” in the sense that they will be able to benefit from unlocking and producing all car models within the game. Each vehicle is included within a specific family tree, and unlocking all vehicles within that tree will award players with experience points, coins, and donuts, among others. Players can check in the Car Collection section to see what cars they have missed.

Social Function
Motor Land: Car Factory has a social function where players can interact with each other online. They can design their own avatars which would define how other players will see them if they get hired, and they can also see how successful their business is as compared to others. They can also modify their brand name as well as design their own logo so that they will be unique and identifiable from other players.

Mini Games
Motor Land: Car Factory also has mini games that will digress from the main gameplay of producing and selling cars for profit. These include drag races using cars that you have built, as well as games where players would need to survive a zombie invasion in your factory. These games will reward players with many items like experience points, donuts, and coins.

Quests are also a great way to earn experience points and rewards. Most of the time, this will require players to perform one or multiple cars. Players can perform tasks simultaneously and they would be able to see their progress as well as if there are new quests to complete. This is a great way to earn resources as well as get more acquainted with everything that the game has to offer.

Quests will also earn a player likes, which will increase the player’s popularity and increase his rankings. This way, they would also be able to haggle for higher prices whenever they sell their cars.


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