Top 10 Characters I Wish Were In Injustice


10. Apache Chief
Is this a joke entry? Yes and no. Yes in the sense that Apache Chief is kind of ridiculous and it’d be hilarious for him to be added to the Injustice roster. No in the sense that I think it’d be totally awesome for Apache Chief to duke it out with the other DC characters in the game. Plus, paying homage to Super Friends is always a good idea.

No one can tell me this wouldn't be awesome with a straight face

Originating as a way to have more racial variety in Super Friends, Apache Chief’s origin story is that he used a magical powder and fought a bear and became giant as all hell. A bit of a stereotype, Apache Chief’s character would nonetheless be a much-welcome addition to the roster, for similar reasons as to why he was added to Super Friends. The Injustice roster, as it is, is fine, but there’s a bit too much Batman and not enough of anyone else. Apache Chief would be the incredibly weird entry that would balance it all out, in my estimation.

Like Aquaman, Apache Chief can communicate with animals, except he obviously deals with land animals as opposed to Aquaman’s sea creatures. His special moves could involve summoning a bear or cougar or something to attack opponents, and he could also fight with a tomahawk or something along those lines. And if Apache Chief is too much of a far shot, then we could at least get Manitou Raven, the DC Comics-reiteration of the character.

Manitou Raven. Pretty neat...but Apache Chief is still cooler, damn it!

As for Apache Chief’s Super Move…well, I don’t know for sure, but it’d probably involve the word “Inukchuk”.

09. Cheetah
Why the hell Cheetah wasn’t include in this game from the get-go and Catwoman was is a question that still makes my head spin. Hey, call me crazy, but Catwoman just annoys the hell out of me, and there are way too many Batman characters/stages/whatever else in Injustice as it is. Plus, Cheetah is the archenemy of Wonder Woman. She fit in this game like a glove, especially considering most of Catwoman’s moveset would’ve fit with her perfectly anyways!

Ares is the God of Bore -- Cheetah for life!

Cheetah’s character history is a little confusing, because there’s been about fifty (estimation) incarnations of the character, with a bunch of different origin stories. We could have the version of Cheetah in which she’s just a crazy lady in a suit made out of a rug, or we could have the one in which she literally transforms into a Cheetah-lady (read: not the Cheetah “girl(s)”).

08. Animal Man
Developers almost never delve into DC’s darker stuff, which is a real bummer. In fact, I’d say the majority of the population are completely unaware of the creepy happenings that are in the “Dark” line of comics, featuring the likes of Animal Man, Swamp Man, and another fellow that’s a little bit farther down on the list.

Animal Man is particularly intriguing. His alter ego is Buddy Baker, a man that, after contact with an alien spacecraft, gained the ability to mimic the abilities of animals by drawing upon the powers of the entire animal kingdom. He can even summon the abilities of extinct animals, such as dinosaurs, and can alter his body to match the look of beasts as well (sometimes and kind of).

Like Apache Chief, my want of Animal Man to be included in Injustice mostly comes from a desire for more variety in the game. Animal Man would give the roster a much needed shot of zany adrenaline, and it’d also be a good way to introduce the under-appreciated character to a much wider audience.

07. The Comedian
Uh-oh. Mentioning Watchmen usually angers the most hardcore of comic nerds out there, that never want any of the characters or locales in that book to be reused or expanded on. Eh, whatever. Watchmen is popular, and announcing characters from Watchmen as DLC would earn Injustice bookoo (right?) bucks. Plus, I can’t be the only one that wants to see The Comedian and The Joker duke it out!

The dad from Supernatural never looked so badass

06. John Constantine
And here’s the other “Dark” guy. Constantine kind of got mainstream exposure in the poorly-received film adaptation, but the big news is that he will be the main character in Guillermo del Toro’s upcoming film Justice League Dark. If anyone can give Constantine the respect he deserves, it’s del Toro.

Theodore Logan as John Constantine

But in the meantime, hyping the character in a video game could be a good way to make him popular before the movie comes out. It certainly couldn’t hurt, and maybe when people become more familiar with the character, they will be more likely to go see the movie!

05. Rorshach
Another sacred cow so to speak, Rorshach is easily the most recognizable character from Watchmen. His character is especially dark and interesting, and would serve as a nice anti-hero foil to Batman. Like The Comedian, my desire to see Rorshach make an appearance in Injustice down the line stems mainly from me wanting to see him mix it up with other DC characters, but Rorshach’s popularity and overall straight-up “cool” factor earns him a sport a couple places higher (lower?…EVERYTHING IS BACKWARDS WITH THESE THINGS).

04. Brainiac
Why was it that so many Batman villains made it into Injustice? I get Batman’s one of the best, if not THE best, superhero of all time, but Superman deserves love to, and so does his rogue gallery. Brainiac was one of the biggest oversights after the full Injustice roster was announced, but it’s not too late to rectify this situation by making the character available through DLC or something.

Brainiac fights back tears after learning he will not be featured in Injustice.

03. Black Manta
Yet again, this is a case of HUGE, GLARING, UNACCEPTABLE oversight. Instead of having 50 Batman villains (estimation), why not have the arch-nemeses of the other heroes in the game featured? Screw Bane and definitely screw Catwoman. Let’s get us some Black Manta action.

Holy crap, this is terrifying

Aquaman is seriously one of the most underrated characters in the entirety of comic books. Black Manta is his equally overlooked archenemy, Black Manta is like Iron Man, except he goes underwater and uses his cool suit for evil. But I better not mention Iron Man, because then I’m just going to start drooling about a Marvel vs. DC fighting game and I’m not sure my heart can handle that right now.

02. Static Shock
Created in 1993, Static Shock is one of my favorite superheroes DC has ever produced. Most of you probably know him from the early 2000s cartoon series, in which he was the title character, that aired on Kids WB on Saturday mornings (and after school) back when Kids WB was a thing. For those reading this that are too young to know what I’m talking about, write yourself a strongly worded letter, posing as yours truly.

As his name implies, Static Shock’s powers are based on electricity. I think his character would add a much needed jolt to the Injustice roster. Puns. Baha. Anyway, it’d also be totally worth having Static Shock on the roster just so he can have an alternate skin that makes him look like his cartoon counterpart.

Plus, it’d be nice just to have all the Teen Titans. Static Shock has been slumming it as a Teen Titan in the comic books, but as far as I recall, he was never in the other popular DC show based on the Teen Titans. Speaking of Teen Titans, why isn’t Robin on this list? Whoops.

01. Martian Manhunter
I was so sure that Martian Manhunter would be a playable fighter in Injustice that he was one of the selling points of the game for me. I still loved the game, despite the soul-crushing disappointment I experienced when I realized that Martian Manhunter, one of the staples of the DC Universe, was excluded from the festivities.

We need to complete the Justice League!

To be fair, Martian Manhunter does make a cameo in the Watchtower stage, just floating in the background. During the story mode, this makes absolutely no sense. Why would Martian Manhunter just float around like an idiot and watch everyone clash it out? He’s Martian ****ing Manhunter. He’s like a green Kitty Pryde that can fly and has the tendency to stick his arms through peoples’ chests. He’s awesome. He doesn’t deserve to be relegated to scenery, a role taken up in the game by other truly “great” DC characters like Giganta and Gorilla Grodds. Or whatever that dude’s name is.

Furthermore, the lack of Martian Manhunter means that we were one character away from having a complete Justice League team! I realize that there are numerous incarnations of the Justice League, but the one I am referring to is the one from the DC Animated Universe, which features:

Green Lantern (check — sort of)
Batman (check)
Superman (check)
Hawkgirl (check)
Wonder Woman (check)
The Flash (check)
Martian Manhunter (WHERE IS HE?!)

The exclusion of Martian Manhunter is probably the biggest misstep the game made in terms of the roster of fighters. Here’s hoping this issue is rectified sooner rather than later.

Honorable Mention. Robin
Oh, there he is.

* * *

The DC Universe is exhaustively expansive. Which characters do you want to see added to the Injustice roster, or characters you wish were included from the get-go?


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