Transformers Legends Walkthrough [Guide]


It’s the ultimate battle between Autobots and Decepticons with Transformers legends. See the iconic heroes and villains come to life in this card collecting game. Gather up Transformer cards and weapons in order to create the best deck that you can as you embark on missions and battle other players in the ultimate quest in putting up the best team available. You can also duke it out in episode battles where never before seen Transformers can be fought against in intense battle.

Transformers Legends is a card collection game where players can create teams and squads comprising of both Autobot and Decepticon faction members. Each card has their statistics that can be improved upon, and how you arrange your team will be integral in winning matches. There are also a lot of other elements at play, and there are several resources that you must manage in order to be able to come out on top of battles and get even better cards.

There are two types of currency at play within Transformers Legends. Credits can be earned by dong battle and performing actions during missions, and can also be acquired through rewards. Credits are used when trans-scanning and when upgrading cards, so it is essential to keep this resource in steady supply.

On the other hand, cybercash is the premium currency within the game and can only be purchased via in-app purchases. Cybercash can help you acquire premium items and can also be used to acquire more powerful cards and weapons.

Leveling Up
Performing actions within the game can earn the player experience points, or XP, which can then cause the player to level up. Players with higher levels can have more allies, which means that they will be more formidable in combat. Leveling up will also provide players with rewards that they can use to get even more powerful cards, in addition to refilling and increasing their energon capacity.

Energon serves as the energy for Transformers. This is required for players to do quests, as each action will consume a specific amount of energon crystals. Items can be used to refill this meter, and leveling up will also increase its maximum capacity as well as refill it. Energon will also replenish itself over time.

Ally Points
Ally points are earned by cheering your allies. Thus, the more allies that you have, the more ally points that you can get. Ally points can be exchanged for stronger cards on the Space Bridge.

Battle Points
Battle Points are acquired by participating in PvP battles. Battle points can be exchanged for more powerful weapons on the Space Bridge. It is thus recommended that you fight a lot especially if you have a healthy supply of Battle Cubes on hand so that you will be able to upgrade your armaments sooner.

Battle Cubes
Battle cubes are required whenever you want to do combat. Battle cubes can also be used to boost your damage especially during fights where you are outmatched. Like energon, battle cubes replenish over time or you can use items to replenish it faster.

Medals come in the form of gold, silver, and bronze, and having a specific amount of each will define just how powerful or rare the cards that you will be able to get. There are a variety of ways of earning medals, including but not limited to leveling up, defeating bosses, and participating in episodes.

Cards are the main items that you must acquire in order to do battle. Each card has specific statistics like levels, health, defense, and attack damage, and this can be increased by bringing them in battles as well as trans-scanning and upgrading them. Having a weapon that matches the Transformer’s class will also provide a boost that is extremely essential during combat.

Trans-Scanning involves having both a Transformer’s Robot and Alt Mode card. This, when combined, will increase the card’s maximum level, allowing it to be upgraded even further. In turn, upgrading involves evolving the card where other cards will be “consumed” so that the base card will earn additional XP and get stronger. This is a great way of disposing of excess cards as well as beefing up your squad. Of course, you can also opt to sell excess cards for additional credits.

Setting up your team can either be done manually, or you can ask the game to recommend a lineup for you and you can choose to either accept or ignore it. Specific orientations will provide your team with boosts depending on the factions of the cards involved, their levels, as well as the weapons that they have equipped. Some weapons also provide special abilities such as a higher chance for critical hits, double or triple attacks, and the like. Thus, it is very important to be very acquainted with what type of cards that you have and arrange them so that you will be able to take full advantage of the cards that you already have.

Players may be able to see their card collection in its entirety through the Cyberdex section.

Space Bridge
The Space Bridge is where players will be able to acquire new cards. Different Space Bridges require different items, and they will be able to exchange these items for different types of cards. Check your Cybercash, Battle Points, Ally Points, and medals and see if you have enough to make the exchange. There is also a free Space Bridge that you can access once per day.

Players can go on missions either for the Autobot or Decepticon faction, regardless of what cards they bring along. Players will have to unlock missions on the map by completing previous missions which they can do by scanning the area and deflecting attacks from Transformer enemies. Each action will cost energon crystals, so make sure that you have enough to complete a mission, or else you would have to wait for it to replenish or use an item.

Each area needs to be completed before you can move on to the next one. However, you can redo missions so that you will be able to find all the cards available in the area. This is a great way to improve your deck through upgrading especially if you do not have a strong enough collection with you to do PvP battles.

At the end of each mission, you will also be facing a mini-boss that will get you big rewards if you defeat them. That is why it is important to have a competitive enough squad with you at all times, and to add swap weaker cards with stronger ones if one come along.

Transformer Legends has a player versus player function where they will be able to battle each other for Battle Points. Each battle requires Battle Cubes, so make sure that you have some handy should you want to fight. Having strong cards is key, although equipping the right weapon to the right Transformers as well as arranging them properly is also essential.

The battle itself is automated, and you can skip ahead to see the results. There is an online leaderboard so that you will be able to see how well you play against the top of the list.

Episodes are special quests that players may embark in, and they will be able to get rare and powerful cards for their efforts. Most bosses here are very tough, and they must battle several times as well as call on allies for assistance. Those who participated in the battle will also be rewarded for their efforts. Some episodes require players to accomplish them for a limited time, so players will have to make sure that they have enough resources as well as a powerful squad to bring along so that they would be able to finish it.


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