Far Cry 3 – Blood Dragon Walkthrough [GUIDE]

Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon

Welcome to the evil infested world of Far Cry 3 – Blood Dragon. Play along with us as “Cyber-Commando Seargent Rex Power Colt – Mark IV” and destroy evil…

Blood Dragon

Taking down the Dragons...
Predator's Path
Liberating Outposts...

Main Missions:

You got time to Duck?

They're Hee-eere
Save a Nerd (Hostage-Rescue 1)
Birds with Attitude (Predator's Path 1)
Liberating Garrisons - 1
Ruining Everything (Hostage-Rescue 2)

Punch It
Liberating Garrisons - 2
Desperately Saving Susan (Hostage-Rescue 3)
Liberating Garrisons - 3
Insane in the Braincage (Hostage-Rescue 4)

What is this Shit?
Liberating Garrisons - 4
Life's a Beach (Hostage-Rescue 5)
Liberating Garrisons - 5
Mind the Teeth (Predator's Path 2)
Liberating Garrisons - 6
Everyone's on a Boat  (Hostage-Rescue 6)
Turtle Killer (Predator's Path 3)
Liberating Garrisons - 7
Unique Horn Dragon (Predator's Path 4)
Liberating Garrisons - 8
He's not Heavy, He's Big Boned (Predator's Path 5)
Baiting the Hostage (Hostage-Rescue 7)

I Don't Deal with Psychos, I Put Them Away
Liberating Garrisons - 9
Insurance Scammer (Predator's Path 6)
Liberating Garrisons - 10
Tiger Fist (Predator's Path 7)
Liberating Garrisons - 11
Save A Nerd - Part Deux (Hostage Rescue 8)
Liberating Garrisons - 12
Hunt The Hunter (Predator's Path 8) 

Summon the Plague
Final Mission!!!

Taking down the Dragons...

Killing Dragons gives you 5000 CP so why the hell not kill as many as you can?

Well, it's not too easy to begin with but still it's do-able. You should
always appraoch dragons while crouched so that they don't detect you and also
you should have a lot of Cyber-Hearts - you can get them from enemies all
over the world and there are a ton of enemies around.

The best way to kill it is to hold a powerful weapon first like the gatling
gun or atleast the shotgun. Throw a heart infront of you and step back a bit
(while crouched). When the Dragon eats the heart it rises on it's legs for
a little bit, now you will be able to see the purple heart above it's belly -

That's the weakpoint and it'll lose a lot of health once you hit it there.
The dragon will also get up on it's feet while shooting lazers or attacking.
So you can also infuriate it and then start killing it. Kill as many dragons
as you can early on so that you can level up - you'll find them everywhere,
especially near garrisons. The least you should have is a shotgun before you
face them and some backup. The more powerful you weapon the better though...

Hostage-Rescue, Predator's Path

These are the two kinds of side-missions in the game. They'll be unlocked
once you liberate a garrison. Hostage-Rescue will require you to do exactly
what it says - you need to rescue a scientist who is usually guarded by 4-6
guards. If the guards spot you then they will execute the scientist so if
they do spot you then you better kill everyone fast or just go about killing
in stealth. Remember to talk to the scientist after you kill everyone to unlock
an attachment.

Predator's path will require you to use a certain weapon which you'll get to
kill a certain Unique Enemy. Unlike the last time, the enemies even have
Cyber-Soldiers in them apart from the usualy animals. Try to use only that
weapon to do all the killings. You can distract enemies by throwing dice so
keep using the Dice to move them to points where you can get them easily.

Liberating Outposts...

There are several ways you can go about liberating outposts. The first is
to blow up generators which power the Mega-Shields. The generators are outside
the garrison and you can use a C4 or 2 grenades to blow them up. You can also
lower the shields if you press a button inside the garrisons - you can find
them if you follow this walkthrough's Liberating Garrisons missions.

After the shields are lowered, a Blood Dragon comes in and kills everyone for
you - this will always happen. But there are two disadvantages. One is that
you will not get any CP since the dragon is doing all the killing and also
you will have to chase the dragon out of the garrison ater everyone is killed.
If you are prepared to kill the dragon after it kills everyone then you'll get
5000CP anyway so that's covered. But if you want to chase the dragon then you
can simply throw Cyber-Hearts taking it outside the garrison. Or you can anger
it and run outside and it will follow you.

You can also kill the enemies while the dragon is killing too to gain a little
extra Xp.

If you don't want the dragon to do your work, then simple infiltrate the
Garrisons and switch off the Alarms first then proceed to kill everyone
stealthly or go berserk - your wish.

After a Garrison is liberated, you may unlock one or two side-missions and
the sales vending-machine and the garrison itself will become a quick-travel


As you keep liberating outposts, you will be able to buy Scans of a certain
area on the map. There are a total of four scans and after each scan.
Everything present in that area will be shown on the main map. Just mark them
and go collect them as you please after that - it'll be easy - rememebr to
mark the collectible you want as it can be above or below you and once you
mark it, you can see it's exact location pointed by the pointer on your HUD.

You'll be able to collect all of them in no time and unlock attachments...

You got time to Duck?

Objective: Attack the Base

As your copter whirls around the base - kill as many enemies as you can using
the gatling gun you have... After you land, a nice little tutorial starts up..

"Military Navigation for Idiots"
It's just the Basic tutorial in which you have to demonstrate your ability to
read and push different buttons for different things to happen.

After that, move ahead, you should be able to see a diamond shaped pointer on
your HUD-map. Go straight up and jump across the gap to reach the pointer
which is on the other side -

Move a bit to the right and crouch and go thru the small cave coming behind
an enemy whom you need to stealth kill with "F". Then use your cyber-eye to
mark the other enemies ahead. There should be a total of four guys - one
close-by and the other three together a bit further ahead.

Now, you can start Pilfering the dead cyborgs by hitting "E" - this will earn
you CYBER-HEARTS which give you money in-turn. Anyway, take a few steps ahead
and throw dice with "T" to the left near the small fire and the guard walks up
to it. Stealth kill him and move ahead sticking to the left wall. The next
group of people can be taken down with a chain-takedown. After killing the
first guy just press the direction button of the direction the next guy is in
or better, while killing move your cam to see the nexft guy straight ahead and
keep hitting "W".

Ahead, you need to climb the rubble to get to the next area and you will
receive a flurry of tutorials. You'll also see the entrance straight ahead -

Now it's your choice how you are going to go about the mission - the best way
to do it is to stealth kill as many as you can because you get the most number
of points this way - 300 per stealth kill. If you do get into a fire-fight then
you ought to do a lot of headshots which give you 200 points per kill. Anyway,
move ahead and kill the guy and be  ready hit the left click to kill the guy
who is a few steps ahead with the "Shuriken-Takedown". 

Objective: Eliminate all Cyber-Soldiers

So if you have been spotted then the alarm goes off and a flurry of Cyborgs
come to kill you. But just stay behind cover and head-shoot them. Some even
climb up on the turrets on the vehicles ahead - you can also mount the turret if
you wish to but you'll be open to fire from all sides. There's a sniper past
the second vehicle ahead. And, cyborgs keep coming from all directions. Just
killing them until you can see no more. Then move on the left road into a
building where you see some stairs lead up -

Go on top and take the zipline here to the nex building. You will see a couple
of enemies below you - you can dispose of them in any way you wish and then
use the zipline to get in front and then into the bunker.

Objective: Meet Spider at the Bunker-Entrance

Go inside the bunker but stay in the entrance room and to the right side of
the door ahead. The enemies start coming thru the door and you can blast them
with your shotgun - remember, headshots give more points. You will also face
a heavy-cyborg but again, the shotgun to his head is very effective.

Objective: Defend Spider, Kill all enemies

Move ahead till you see a ramp above your head and climb it - it's marked on
your mini-map. Anyway, walk to the left of the ramp and ahead and you will see
a lot of enemies ahead, before you start shooting them, consider stealth
killing as many as possible - move to a good location on top of the ramp and
use your dice to distract and kill as many as you can. You can always restart
from the checkpoint if you think you can do better.

After killing all the soldiers here, you need to find the mainframe - which is
obviously shown on the mini-map along with containers having some stuff. Just
go to the containers and pilfer them.

Objective: Reach Control Room

Go ahead and thru the door and to the control panel for the main-frame. Now you
will be under very-heavy assault. And if you are playing on hard difficulty
then you better watch out. The best place to stay is to the left of Spider,
crouching behind the mainframe for cover. This way, you can see enemies come
to you on the mini-map and use your weapons to kill them.

Objective: Protect Spider as he Hacks

Try alternating between the shotgun and the pistol. The shotgun for the enemies
who come up close from behind the mainframe and the pistol for the enemies who
try to kill you from the walkway to the left of where the main-frame is.

You will spend a long time here and will have to kill everyone before you can
continue - use your med-kits if you need to.

After Spider gets shorted-out, you need to make it to the missile control panel
in a few seconds before the count-down gets finished. So, forget all the
enemies and just run for the panel which is marked with a pointer on your HUD.

After that, you meet Solan under whom Rex used to serve...

They're Hee-eere

Objective: Leave the Cave

The exit of the cave is just ahead, but let's take a detour and go down to the
right ahead instead of continuing ahead. On the lower area, go ahead till the
end and jump into the water, look inside for a small chest -

Go back all the way, and you should see a collectible on the mini-map, it's
one of [[Carlyle's Notes]] -

Move out of the cave for now and you'll see your first Blood Dragons -

And before you get any sort of bright ideas you are better off without trying
to kill these things at least till you are on level 10 or above - even then
you'll have a few difficulties (of course we mean on HARD difficulty).

Objective: Sneak Past the Dragons

Move ahead and you'll come to some dead enemies whom you can pilfer for
Cyber-Hearts -

Now, collect hearts from all three bodies. Go ahead and throw one of them in
the indicated area and when the dragon move to get the snack, you ought to
crouch past the big thing to the next point shown on the map. Pilfer hearts
from any bodies you come across.

You'll come across a Bunker -

Now, the game prompts you to throw a heart in the indicated area, what follows
is called -
Dragon Angry - Dragon Lazer Blast...

The dragon will clear out the bunker ahead and you can pretty much use this
tactic to get rid of enemies inside outposts thru the game but this is not
advised as you won't get any points since the dragon is doing all the work.

Inside the Bunker is a Bow which is great for silent kills.

Objective: Eliminate all Omega Force Garrison Soldiers

Your HUD keeps telling you the different ways which you can employ to clear out
the Outpost. The first of which is to take down the shield generator or
infiltrate and hit the shut-down button - both of which will stop the shield
around the garrison and then immediately afterwards a BD goes in to get the
work done. The generator is to the left -

Go to it and blast the generator with a C4 or grenade and use the zipline to
go into the outpost. Now, if you let the dragon in, it's going to take care of
all the enemies but you still ought to get some using the bow for CP. Each
stealth kill will gain you 300CP with the bow. So keep doing that and after
the entire outpost is empty, it's liberated. You will also get the co-ordinates
of the Doc's lab. Go down and to the door and go in to meet the doc.



Save a Nerd

Go to the console to the right of the left side gate of the garrison and accept
the mission. Now, go to the designated area and stay low. There are a total of
6 enemies. The Nerd is to the left side so you can slowly get to him. Stealth
kill the two guys here and take care of the rest and then talk to the scientist
to get your reward which is an unlock part which can buy an any garrison.

Fast travel back to the garrison and buy the suppressor as it's great for
silent kills.


Predator's Path

Birds with Attitude

Go to the designated area and pick up the weapon. Now, you need to seach for
the birds but they do not show up on the mini-map, instead, go into the main
map and you will see the diamond which shows where the birds are - it's just
not shown on the mini-map. Kill the bird there and drown the Attitude.

Liberating Garrisons - 1

Let's clear out the Garrison which is on the way to the dam where the next
main mission takes place, it's here -

On the way to that garrison, you ought to come across a small place where you
see a collectible on the mini-map (even if you don't get this don't worry as
you'll soon be able to get it anyway) -

Go ahead and you will see the garrison across the stream of water -

You ought to clear every outpost in stealth if possible to get max points. Read
the Liberating Outposts section to see how to get max benefits out of every

For this one anyhow, move ahead and thru the water, stay low, get to the ledge
on which the enemy is standing and when you are below him hit F to execute a
"Death from Below" which gives you a few hundred more points than the normal
stealth kill.

Go up and to the left where you see some boxes you can climb up -

You will come across a sniper to the right, be careful and if you can stealth
kill him, you get 900 cs. The button which disables the Mega-Shields is
to the right of where the sniper was standing -

Anyway, I usually advice against it and you really ought to get a more stealthy
way of clearing out the garrison to gain more points. But you can still get
help from the Dragons if you want it.

NOTE: After you clear out this Garrison, you can buy an "Area Scan" from the
equipment sale machines and this will reveal all collectibles in the area.
This way, you will not miss anything as all collectibles are highlighted on
your main map and when you get near them they will show up on the mini-map as


Hostage Rescue

Ruining Everything

The best way to approach this area is from the left where you will see a single
guard standing and a heavy patrols from right to left.

                                                        You ought to stealth
kill the guard and move past the heavy without doing anything to him since I
doubt you have the Heavy-Beatdown skill (lvl15). Be ware of the single guard
who patrols from within the cave and comes out. Kill him and the others inside
and also wait for the heavy to come in to get you.

Place a C4 or land mine and wait for the heavy to blow himself up - more CP
this way.


Approach the dam from the left side, this way, you will be able to move easier
and will get closer to the objective pointers faster. You now need to place
C4000s at strategic weak points of the dams and blow the whole thing up.

From the left you can perform silent kills with your bow. But you should beware
of the snipers lurking on top. If you are careful enough, you can silent kill
your way to the first two points and plant the C4000. Then move to the left
of the Dam and you will see the steps leading up -

Once you go on top, you will come to a ladder -

After placing the last of the bombs, you need to get to a Vantage point which
is marked on your screen and detonate them - cripes!

Thing don't exactly go according to the plan so you will need to take things
into your own hands. Use the zipline to get to the enemies who just came out -

Then kill them and keep going up using the steps which you come to. Once on
top you will come across a lot of enemies and even a Dragon. Be careful and you
will also be able to collect a ton of Hearts because you can kill a ton of
enemies in this area.

When you reach the pointer, hit the button and you'll come to the Engineer.

Objective: Clear area of all enemies

The lab you come inside to has a ton of enemies. You best be careful in taking
them out - there isn't much to it. You can either take the stealthy approach or
go haywire.

Soon you will come out of the lab areas and near the Nuclear Reactor. 

Objective: Protect the Engineer while he works

The enemies comes from the other side of the bridge and some come on boats.
The ones on the bridge are easy pickings but you need to be good at aiming if
you want to get the ones on the boats. In the end, you'll need to punch the
Reactor Core with E to destory the Dam...

Liberating Garrisons - 2

Next up is this Garrison -

The next Garrison has a Braincaged Dragon infront of the entrance - these
Dragons differ from the normal ones in the sense that they do not like hearts
and also, they are not affected by any of the Power-Shields around the
garrisons ad they also only attack you and not the enemies.

You can destroy a Braincage by shooting the back of the braincage on the
Dragon's head. This will revert it to the usual savagery and it will attack
everyone. But you ought to just slip by this one and head into the garrison for

Inside, you will see a partol car making rounds and you ought to move ahead
only after the car passes you -

Climb the steps to the upper level and start your assault from the top.

Hostage Rescue

Desperately Saving Susan

Pretty straight forward, just go there and beat down some enemy a**. Don't
forget to talk to the scientist afterwards to unlock your reward.


Liberating Garrisons - 3

This one's here -

On one side is the generator with a zipline on top. If you want a Dragon to
attack the place then just blast the generator with a C4000 or you can go
incognito using the zipline.

You can also use the entrance which is open to the right of the large shielded
door -

Just clear out the area to get a Hostage Rescue mission.

Hostage Rescue

Insane in the Braincage

The hostage is inside a cave but the enemies are all nearby - you can just
go in blasting and you'll still rescue the nerd without getting him killed.


Get to the pointer and you will see the silo. Hit E near the panel and get

Inside, you will need to blowup the Braincage machines. You will see them being
pointed on the screen, they look like this -

Yeah! pretty obvious...

Anyway, the first part consists of going around and blowing up all the machines
which make the braincages.

Objective: Find a way to open the Silo

The second part is to open the silo. Just head to the pointer and hit the
button and jump in. You will see a vending machine here - better re-fill all
your ammo and also your medkits because you are going to get into a ton of

Objective: Get a Flamethrower

There are tons of them lying around, just grab the first one you see and
proceed crounched to the marked locations where you see the eggs -

Objective: Destory Eggs

You are now supposed to torch all of the eggs in the three locations shown on
the map and avoid getting killed by the dragons at the same time. Beware that
the fire does not harm the dragons - it just gets them more exited.

Now since there are two Dragons you cannot spend a lot of tiem torching a
single area. What you need to do is torch a few and when you see them coming
at you in the mini-map run into the chamber in the middle -

This path connects to all three areas with eggs. So torch one area for a few
seconds and then run away to the next one when the dragons come at you. Keep
doing this - it'll take a lot of running and a bit of time but this is the
best way to do it. After you destory all eggs, get back to the elevator.

Now, after you hit the elevator switch, it'll take some time for the elevator
get here. And the mama Dragon is going to come for you in that time. Best way
to deal with the dragon is to stay crouched at all times and move while

If you have the Cyber-Hearts, then you ought to destory the dragon's braincage
and throw hearts to distract it. When it stands up on two feet to eat the
hearts, shoot the purple spot over it's belly (the heart area) to cause
max damage - use your best weapon on it. This is the weak spot of the dragon,
you can also cook a grenade long enough and then throw it on the weak spot for
max damage.

This fight is not going to be pretty, but it'll be good. You can also mount the
machine gun on the truck and use it on the dragon.

After it is killed the elevator keeps going up, use the turret to kill the
enemies whom you come across and take the car on top when the elevator comes to
a halt. Drive it out for an explosive exit...

Liberating Garrisons - 4

This one, you need to approach from the sea. There's the vending machine on
one side and a lone enemy patrolling this place. Take him out and disable the
alarm panel and go crazy.


Life's a Beach

Pretty straight forward. There's no need to be subtle, just storm into the

NOTE: there's a single TV set in the middle of the ocean, you can get it on
your map once you buy a scan of the area. When you go to that place, you need
to swim underwater deep and you'll see the TVs -


Liberating Garrisons - 5

This one's a ship. Approach it from the left where you find a ladder to go up
on and then you'll be near the alarm, disable it to begin with and the rest
will be easy as usual.

Predator's Path

Mind the Teeth

Go to the marked location, this one can be tricky...

Stand on the boat near the pointer and refill your explosives -

The unique shark glows in blue color -

The trick here is to cook the grenade long enough so that it'll blow up
immediately when it hits the water.

Liberating Garrisons - 6

If you have a shotgun then you can empty this area pretty easily... This
garrison gives you two side-missions.

Hostage Rescue

Everyone's on a Boat

This happens on a ship. If you come from the left of the ship, you'll need to
swim under water from a distance to avoid detection and you'll find a ladder
which takes you up.

Once you are on the ship, move about slowly because there are more enemies
here than you think...

Predator's Path

Turtle Killer

This happens inside the bowels of the garrison itself.... go down and then
crawl into the pipe -

First go to the right side and you'll come to an area with electrocuted water.
Move carefully to the other side where the turtle is and kill it.

Next, move out and go the other way, you'll find one in a cage with a ladder
behind it -

The entrance to it is to the right here but as soon as you go in, a flaming
barrel comes at out, move back out quickly to avoid getting splat. Then kill
the turtle!!!

The next animal is thru the next pipe entrance and you'll be hit by fire as
soon as you go thru the entrance so be careful and move back as soon as you
can. Kill the turtle and look to the right -

Before you go in there jump past the pipe and you see a box you can loot. Go
in the pipe and kill the turtle to end the mission.

Liberating Garrisons - 7

After you liberate this garrison you get the best Predator's path in the game.

Predator's Path

Unique Horn Dragon

Go to the marked location but stack up on everything before you go there.
Especially on explosives and heavy weapons.

Again, the weak spot of a dragon is the purple heart you can see when it rises
up on it's feet momentarily. You can make it do this by throwing Cyber-Hearts
or making it mad enough to rise up and shoot the laser.

This can be hard or easy depending on how you are playing it. Stay crouched at
all times even when the dragon hits you with the laser.

Liberating Garrisons - 8

This one has a seaside appraoch too -

Go in from the right corner and take out the lone guard here and you'll come
to the alarm panel, disable it and kill everyone else.

Predator's Path

He's not Heavy, He's Big Boned

Just go to the place and pick up the shotgun and go crazy - simple...

Hostage Rescue

Baiting the Hostage

This is out in the open and you'll be able to see all enemies straigh ahead.
Crouch behind a rock and take out all normal enemies with your Bow avoiding
detection as far as possible. Once you are detected then there's nothing
stopping you anyway.

I Don't Deal with Psychos, I Put Them Away

Objective: Fly to the Island

Just fly the glider and when you get shot down. Keep going and take a boat
near one of the lookouts -

Continue ahead and near the last lookout, you can take another glider to the
next area and fall into the water before you reach the island main. Slowly
approach the two guards you see ahead and do a double takedown -

As soon as you go in, to the right you can see the alarm - disable it -

Objective: Use the code to open the Biolab

Just move around killing everyone and try to keep incognito. If you clim onto
one of the buildings then you can use a zipline to get to the entrance of the
lab where you'll see a panel which opens the door -

Go inside and jump into the deep tunnel!

The next areas just have a lot of enemies, just keep killing and continuing
till you get to a last door which you cannot open and Dr.Darling tries to open
it from the other side. You'll have a 2 min counter which you need to go thru
without getting killed.

The best place to be is to move left of the locked door and into the room here.
Stay behind to the right of the door and wait for enemies to come to you. You
can kill them with stealth kills or just use your shotgun. After the door opens
you'll come thru a few more areas with enemies and finally end up with two
Blood Dragons...

Objective: Find Dr.Carlyle

Yup, you need to do that....

First off, take out the best heavy weapon you have and stay crouched. Keep
throwing hearts away from you and attract the dragons to them. When they rise
up on their feet, just shoot their hearts. Keep doing this and after a while
some enemies keep coming who are extra sources for Cyber-Hearts...

Then Carlyle gets stomped again by his AI...

Liberating Garrisons - 9

If you come in from the seaside, from the north of the compund you'll see a
little entry -

You can go in here if you want to continue in stealth or just opposite to it is
a small building in which you'll see the generator which powers the shields -

Two grenades lobbed over there will do the trick and a Dragon comes in

If you want to take the stealth approach then go into the door showed above
and to the left is the entrance to the building after you go in. Inside again
to the left you will see a ladder -

Once you climb it, you'll come to a zipline. To the right of the zipline are
some steps which take you to the button which switches off the shields -

After that do as you wish and clear out the garrison.

Predator's Path

Insurance Scammer

Go to the pointed location and pick up the A.J.M 9 Pistol. You can see all
the enemies ahead -

And there is also a sniper on the mountain path overlooking here to the right -

You should approach the enemies from the right behind them and distract them
with dice and take out the elite with the A.J.M before killing the others.

Liberating Garrisons - 10

The next one should be approached from the right side gate where there's an
enemy closeby to the right once you get inside. There's another enemy in a
small shack a bit further and a vehicle doing the rounds.

You ought to take out the enemies under stealth. After you take out the one
near the shack, you will find the alarm next to him -

Switch it off and go crazy...

Predator's Path

Tiger Fist

You will see the marked location on your map. Go there and pick up the Bow.
Now, again look into your main map to spot the pointer which shows where the
tigers are -

Yup there are many, just keep crouched and keep shooting the arrows at any
tiger you see. The rare one is a bit white and shiny but is difficult to spot
so just kill everything you see here.

Liberating Garrisons - 11

The garrison looks like this -

If you come in from the right of this garrison you'll see a small entry -

Just inside to the left is another entry into a building and if you go in,
you'll see a ladder going up and you'll come to a mounted turret. Once above
and if you look ahead below, there's another one which is still above the
ground on an elevated platform -

You'll also see a zipline here which is to the left of the turret and it leads
straight to the alarm, you can switch it off. But once you are there, then
you'll need to start stealth killing enemies.

There are two copters here in this garrison which are landed and have pilots
in them. If you are spotted then they take off and start shooting you. You
cannot stealth kill the pilots but you can use the Bow and target their heads
and kill them that way as you cannot enter the copter. 

Also from the turret, as you look ahead you'll see another platform which has
another turret and to the back of this platform, you'll see the button which
opens the shields -

Then you can take it how you want from there...

Hostage Rescue

Save A Nerd - Part Deux

The place is near the water and to the right are steps -

Approach from there and you'll come across a single enemy, kill them and
continue up the steps.

You'll come to the entrance of the shack where the hostage is kept -

Go in here first ignoring the rest of the enemies outside and kill the enemy
guarding the Nerd.

Then go back out and wait for the heavy to walk to the left of the guy fixing
the truck. Then do a heavy-beat down and also stealth kill the next guy and
you'll be done here.

Liberating Garrisons - 12

If you walk towards the garrison from the south then you'll see a zipline
extending all the way from a building to the garrison which is a long way -
The building is on a mountain -

Climb the ladder inside and you'll come to the zipline. Take it to the
garrison (it's just a fun way to get there).

Inside, sneak onto the walkway above and you'll come to the button to
deactivate to Mega-Shields -

This place is really big so you ought to look around and see if you can spot
additional attack points.

Predator's Path

Hunt The Hunter

Go to the location and gear up with the Fazertron...

Go to the location of the sniper - it's the same building mentioned above.

The elite sniper is inside the building here on top of which other snipers are
looking out. The Elite is just to the right of where the steps to climb up are.

Summon the Plague

NOTE: Before you begin this mission, make sure you have the most powerful
weapons with you - or you'll find it a bit challenging (on HARD)... You ought
to choose the Fazertron, Shotgun, the 9000, and the Pistol. You can choose the
sniper rifle if you unlocked the explosive ammo for it (which should have
been done by now). In that case, take the rifle instead of the pistol.

Objective: Grab a Weapon and prove your Might

There's a freaking snake which keeps biting you for no reason in this place!!!

Go ahead but look for the medkit on the right -

If you are already full on medkits, then remember this so that you can come
back later for it. Now, move ahead and go to the center of the area and grab
your first weapon (it will be the weakest of the weapons you brought in here).

Now, go back to where you came in here from where the medkit is or you'll be
attacked from on all sides. Then the Plague of the dead comes at you and they
come like a Plague alright. You need to shoot their heads to kill them quickly.
You can only use the one weapons you have and also the knife to takedown.

If you are surrounded by enemies and you start taking down one then you can
chain kill like 10-15 dead guys in one chain which gives big bonuses. Just keep
mashing the direction buttons once you start a take down.

After several waves of enemies they stop coming, now go back for that medkit
and only then proceed to the next area.

You have to repeat this with each weapon you brought in progressing areas.

Once you grab the next weapon then you will see another medkit just as you come
out -

You will also find an Armor inside the small shack which is to the rigth corner
of this entire area to the right of the chinese statue -

Get to the next area after that and the next one and finally after all that
killing you'll come to the Killstar - which is without a doubt the coolest
weapon in Videogaming history...


Final Mission!!!

Objective: Reach and Blow Danko Main gate wide...

This mission is going to be really really cool because of the Killstar in
your possession and the power it has...

There's nothing much to this mission, just run from one point to the other
while. ... as your HUD puts it...

Kill Everything...EVERYTHING...Kill, Kill....

You will keep draining your life as you use the laser so be on the lookout for
that but I don't think it'll get too low. You will find medkits too -
Once you reach the Weapons Lab, it's on a crate to the right of a door -

After you go thru the areas and come to the final door, interact with it to
see the coolest ride in the galaxy -

You won't start to fathom how great it's going to be.... Just go crazy...

Battle Dragon's Lines:














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