Farm Heroes Saga Walkthrough [Guide]

Farm Heroes Saga

Picking fruit has never been this much fun. With Farm Heroes Saga, players can collect fruits while fending off Rancid the Raccoon in this very addictive and enjoyable match 3 game from King. See various fruits fall before your eyes, and there are also a lot of endearing animals to see and discover. This guide will get you through the basics of this very challenging puzzle game.

Farm Heroes Saga is a match 3 game much akin to Candy Crush. Here, players must complete challenges within a set number of moves in order to progress. There are also boosts to be acquired that can help you in your quest as you go from farm to farm and ultimately face off with Rancid the Raccoon at the end of each level.

Hearts count as your lives in Farm Heroes Saga. You can play puzzles for as long as you like for as long as you do not fail a challenge. When this happens, you would either have to pay gold bars for additional moves, or consume a heart to restart the stage. Hearts regenerate over time, though, and friends can also give them to you as a gift.

Each challenge requires the player to collect a specific amount of each item, whether it be fruits, sunshine, flowers, and the like. By matching these items on the grid, these would be collected. However, those not included within the list will not add onto your progress, but can be used for better positioning as well as the accumulation of points. Only by collecting all required crops within the allowed number of moves will you be allowed to progress to the next stage. Still, one hundred percent growth may be exceeded, and this will earn you more Magic Beans.

Magic Beans
Magic Beans are resources that will come in pretty handy when facing off against Rancid the Raccoon. Battles come in the form of puzzles where players must again collect specified crops. You can spend Magic Beans to enhance your damage against Rancid so that defeating him may be an easier task. Magic Beans may be earned by completing a level, with a higher growth percentage resulting in a bigger reward.

Boosters are special types of powerups that can turn the tide in your favor especially in difficult puzzles. Boosters include being able to remove an element from the grid, collecting all crops from a row, adding bonuses to crops, getting additional moves, and many more. Boosts are unlocked and are made available as you level, although they are a limited resource that you must either allow to replenish over time or spend gold bars for.

Some elements have, or will have, a number beside it. This means that collecting this type of crop will add that number to your collection rather than just the usual one. This means that collecting three stars with each having the number two beside it will net you six suns rather than six. Being able to use this to your advantage is extremely important especially when you still have a lot of collect but only have limited moves left.

Bonuses can be added to crops by collecting other crops adjacent to it. You can also use powerups to automatically add bonuses to required crops.

Hero Mode
Hero Mode is activated when you have already achieved one hundred percent growth and still have some moves left. Hero Mode will randomly add bonuses to crops which you can then use to achieve even higher scores and growth.

Special Crops
From time to time, special crops will appear such as frozen crops, flowers, and even duck eggs. Some of these cannot be moved and would require some special strategies to collect and eliminate. This often includes collecting crops beside it. In the case of flowers, elements beside the item must be removed three times in order for it to bloom and be removed from the puzzle.

Social Function
Farm Heroes Saga relies on a social function to get the game going. You can ask for hearts from friends so that you can continue playing on, and you can also see the scores made by other players so that you will be able to see how you fare against the performances of your friends.

Farm Animals
There will also be stages where you will be rewarded with farm animals depending on how much growth you have achieved. These will form a collection where being able to complete a set will get you boosts that will help you during more difficult puzzles.

Tips and Tricks
Sometimes, ignoring required crops during the initial stages of the puzzle are important, especially when they are few and far between. Doing this strategy will provide you with a higher chance of them appearing, and adjacent crops will also get a bonus, allowing you to collect them with a fewer set of moves as compared to eliminating them one by one.

It is also very important to try and chain collections by prioritizing collection at the bottom row. Collecting horizontally rather than vertically often have a higher chance of you being able to chain matches, so try to look at these first before seeing other alternatives. Chaining will also provide you with a lot of bonuses especially if you match more than three of the same crop.

Try to save up your boosts as much as possible. Also, use them once they are available, but you would not be playing for an extended amount of time. This means that by the time you log in again, your boosts will already be replenished. This goes the same way with hearts. Exhaust your supply of hearts in difficult puzzles and don’t fret if you run out, as you will have more once you go back.

Lastly, bear in mind that the game will provide you with hints if you do not move for a specific amount of time. It would be then up to you if you would like to follow the tip or not. Also, the puzzle will reshuffle if you do not have any possible moves left, so this is a great way to get some new possible combinations if your target growth is still far away.


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