Candy Crush Saga Walkthrough [Guide]


Candy Crush Saga is one of the most addictive games to come out as of late. Millions of people are playing it, and there are no doubt instances when these same millions all shout out in frustration especially during the more challenging levels. Still, there’s always a way to solve a puzzle, and this guide will try to help you with the more basic concepts, as well as some tips and tricks, along the way.

Candy Crush Saga is a match 3 type game where players must switch the candies’ positions in order to make a match. Each puzzle has different mission parameters, and you are given either limited moves or a set time limit to complete the task or tasks. Your performance is evaluated via your score at the end of the round, and you will be given one to two stars for your efforts. There are also powerups and other items that can help you along during the more difficult stages of the game.

Hearts serve as your life in Candy Crush Saga. Whenever players fail a puzzle, they will lose a life. However, hearts replenish at a rate of one every thirty minutes, so players will merely have to wait a while before they can replay a stage again, although you are limited to only five hearts at a time. Players may also ask for and receive hearts from other players as a gift, and they can also send out hearts in return.

There are many different types of challenges within Candy Crush Saga. The most basic one is having to reach a certain score within a set number of moves. Also, you will be tasked with removing all jellies from the screen, as well as letting a required set of ingredients to fall towards the bottom of the puzzle, among others. There are also stages where players are required to reach a score while a timer is counting down. Thus, it is very important to read the tasks required before starting a stage.

Special Candies
Special candies will pop up from time to time, whether as a bonus item or if players formed special matches such as four in a row, five in a row, or matches in the shape of an L or a T. Special candies have different effects such as clearing a row, whether horizontal or vertical, of candies, or removing one kind of candy entirely from the current grid. Knowing how to conjure up these candies, and knowing how to use them, are extremely essential in order to be able to score the maximum amount of points.

There are two types of powerups within the game, namely boosts and charms, and all of these can positively impact the game. Charms are activated immediately after they have been purchased, and you would no longer need to replenish them. Boosters, on the other hand, will be unlocked only after you have reached certain levels, and you would have to make in-app purchases to resupply yourself with them.

Effects of powerups vary, ranging from providing you with extra moves, increasing your heart capacity, giving you more special candies, and many more. Still, you can potentially solve all puzzles without these, although this can prove to be difficult, which is why it is recommended that you request these resources from friends whenever possible,

Sugar Crush
Sugar Crush is a mode that is activated automatically once you have reached a goal but still has moves left. Sugar Crush will activate all special candies still present, which will allow you to get a better score.

Social Function
Candy Crush Saga has a social function where players will be able to see how their friends performed in levels, and this can be used to compare their scores with your own. Players can also send out and receive gifts from friends such as hearts and extra moves. Players would need to link the game up with their Facebook account in order to take advantage of this feature.

Tips and Tricks
Perseverance and thinking several moves ahead are certainly vital keys in order to complete as many levels as possible within this game. Always remember that hearts are a renewable resource, so do not exhaust your boosters if you feel that you are stuck. Sometimes, replaying the game is much better as compared to wasting valuable resources.

Also, don’t forget that working with friends will have some great advantages, especially if you have people who regularly gift you with hearts and boosters. Of course, they would expect you to do the same, so don’t forget to gift friends, as well.

Lastly, make sure to be knowledgeable on what you have to do exactly, and do not just match any candies that you see. Make every move count, but don’t hesitate to make any matches that may seem far away from your original objective if you see an opportunity to put yourself in a better position. This may involve chaining matches, or getting a special candy that can help you further along the line. Always bear in mind the cause and effect of your actions, and you are bound to find success in this very addictive game.


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