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Next-generation consoles always stir up a lot of excitement in the gaming industry. Of course, everyone is really excited to learn about the new hardware and what kind of capabilities the new systems will bring to the table, but the most exciting part of learning about next-gen is learning what kinds of new gaming experiences will be on their way as well.

These 10 games are 10 titles that I would love to see make an appearance on Wii U, PS4, or Xbox 720. Some of these games are confirmed to exist, others are rumored, and others still are dream games that I just hope we’ll see before the next console cycle has its swan song and we are waiting the ninth generation systems.

10. Crash Bandicoot Reboot
Crash Bandicoot was once the crown jewel for Sony, and a huge factor in the console wars of the fifth generation. Crash Bandicoot was once rival to Mario in gaming popularity, thanks to the high quality trilogy of games released on the original PlayStation. Bandicoot was even Sony’s mascot at one time, but then they ended up selling the IP to Activision, and it has squandered since.

I know I’m not the only fan of Crash that would love to see him make a comeback. It’d be ideal if Sony could get their hands on him (and Spyro, but due to the massive success of Skylanders, that seems like a pipe dream) and give the IP back to Naughty Dog to see what they could dream up with Crash on the PS4. With fans clamoring to see Crash in PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale, there’s definitely still a fanbase for him, and next-gen would greatly benefit from his return.

09. Final Fantasy XV
We’ve received glimpses of what next-gen Final Fantasy could be, and the trailer we’ve seen is downright breathtaking. I’m not going to re-post it here, mainly because it’s been posted to death, but I still want to speculate about what next-gen Final Fantasy could mean for the consoles as well as the Final Fantasy franchise as a whole.

Right now, Final Fantasy is in a negative light. At one time, the franchise was an incredible juggernaut, and certainly the most popular RPG franchise of all time (excluding Pokemon, of course). Final Fantasy VII revolutionized gaming, and the sequels that followed maintained the high sales and critical praise.

This guy is ready for next-gen

Square Enix, unfortunately, has largely dropped the ball this gen. Final Fantasy XIII, while an okay game, definitely did not live up to the expectations and high bar set by its predecessors. Final Fantasy XIV was a disaster when it launched, and will live on in history as the most pathetic MMO launch of all time.

Final Fantasy XV is Square Enix’s chance to redeem the franchise and make it the relevant RPG juggernaut once again. FFXV needs to blow people away with its visuals, engross everyone with its story, and most importantly, provide fun gameplay that makes it hard to put the controller down. Having a Final Fantasy released early in a console’s life has proved to be beneficial in the past (see: Final Fantasy X), so hopefully Square Enix can turn their misfortunes around with the inevitable Final Fantasy XV.

08. Banjo-Threeie
Speaking of pipe dreams (what? I mentioned “pipe dream” a few paragraphs ago, I swear!), it seems that Microsoft has permanently regulated Rare to creating Kinect games and Avatar content. Back when Rare worked with Nintendo, they pumped out smash hit after smash hit with the likes of GoldenEye 007, Banjo-Kazooie, Conker’s Bad Fur Day, Perfect Dark, and others.

However, Rare’s partnership with Microsoft hasn’t been even nearly as fruitful. Most of their games have not been critical successes, even though I will still argue in favor of Kameo and Perfect Dark, personally. These last few years, they’ve been making Avatars and Avatar DLC, plus the odd Kinect Sports game every once in a while.

I believe Rare is very good at what it does, and I think that Kinect Sports was pretty good, actually (plus, who can forget Viva Pinata?), but it’s time that Rare returns to form. People want to see the return of Rare’s bigger franchises, such as a true Banjo-Kazooie sequel. Nuts & Bolts was fine for what it was, but it could’ve been (and should’ve been) a brand new IP.

Banjo-Threeie has been promised since way back on the days of the Nintendo 64. There’s a lot of bad press in regards to the next-generation Xbox right now due to the comments of the silly¬†Adam Orth, but announcing the return of a beloved franchise would put Microsoft back into the good graces of many gamers.

07. Resident Evil
The future of Resident Evil is uncertain. Capcom is juggling its possibilities. On one hand, it could make Resident Evil 7 and continue the story and universe that they’ve been working with since the original game launched on the PlayStation. On the other hand, they could reboot and start fresh. No matter the route they take, Capcom has promised the next Resident Evil to be a “return to the series roots”.

Fan reception to Resident Evil 6 was almost universally negative, as was critical reception. It is the worst-rated core Resident Evil game in history, with all the other core RE games receiving very high praise. It is a no-brainer that Capcom needs to return the series to its survival horror roots, but as for the reboot or sequel…I think Capcom should reboot Resident Evil for next-gen.

With new consoles on the horizon, it’s the perfect time for Capcom to reboot one of their biggest franchises and start a new, strong RE universe that is even more horrifying than the previous one. Or if none of this happens, Capcom could at least throw us a bone and give us that Resident Evil 2 Remake we all want…

06. Super Mario U
Nintendo has confirmed the existence of Super Mario U, the next Mario game being developed by Shigeru Miyamoto. It will be three-dimensional in style, but not much else is known about the game beyond that. Oh, but we do know that Super Mario U will be present at E3, and a release by the end of 2013 is almost a virtual guarantee.

It’s no secret that Wii U is in dire straits right now. It started off with a strong launch, filled with a wide variety of high quality games, plus truly fantastic exclusives. Since then, technical issues with the console coupled with a lack of remarkable new games being released has seriously held the system back. Nintendo faced similar issues with 3DS, but they were able to flip the tables there once the games started releasing.

Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Galaxy 2 are two of the highest rated games of all time, and Nintendo could play it safe and give us Super Mario Galaxy 3. Of course, I hope they continue to innovate and give us something completely different with Super Mario on Wii U. Ever since the days of the Nintendo 64, three-dimensional Mario games have always been about innovation. Let’s see if Nintendo can keep that streak alive. E3 is just a few months away, so we don’t have to wait all that long to find out.

05. Dead Rising 3
The original Dead Rising was one of the first truly “next-gen” games on Xbox 360. Up until then, the vast majority of seventh generation games were really cross-generational, meaning they were available for PS2/Xbox/GameCube as well as the seventh generation consoles, and failed to push the seventh generation consoles to their limit. Dead Rising aimed to change all that, and did so pretty successfully.

In fact, the draw of being able to explore a mall crawling with zombies, with over 800 zombies appearing on screen at one time, a variety of RPG elements, plus survivor management and more, is the reason why I went with Xbox 360 at first this gen instead of sticking with Sony and getting the PS3.

This fella is rumored to be the main character in Dead Rising 3. Let's hope not. Frank West forever!

Dead Rising 2 was a big disappointment for me, as it didn’t really push the boundaries of the series, and was basically set in what amounted to a glorified mall. Dead Rising 3, powered by the PS4 and 720, should be nothing short of amazing. I want a Dead Rising game set in a city that can be fully explored, with thousands of zombies crowding the streets at a time, and the ability to use almost anything you see as a weapon.

Plus, having local co-op wouldn’t hurt. Dead Rising 2 added co-op, but the lack of local co-op was a huge bummer. Yes, it might bring down the framerate or take the visuals down a tad, but PS4 and 720 should be able to handle it. There’s nothing better in the world of video games then zombie-killing with friends!

04. Pokemon Console RPG
Wii U is already out, yes, but it’s still eighth gen, and until Sony and Microsoft put out their consoles, I consider it a next-gen system. That being said, I already pointed out earlier how Wii U is not doing so hot right now, and Nintendo really needs to bring out the big guns to ensure that the system is a success. And what bigger gun is there than full-fledged Pokemon RPG on consoles?

I know Game Freak doesn’t want to make a console Pokemon RPG in the vein of the handheld games, but I don’t see why not. The concept seems like it would simply print money. We’ve had quasi-Pokemon games released as RPGs on consoles in the past, mainly on GameCube, but I’m talking about a full-fledged Pokemon console RPG.

Hell, I would settle for a remake of Red, Blue, and Yellow with Skyrim-style graphics and exploration. Keep the original 150 or throw in all the Pokemon available, I don’t care. I can already imagine exploring Viridian Forest in glorious HD visuals and the thought is making my stomach do flips.

Please god, make this a reality

03. Super Smash Bros. U
Super Smash Bros. U is another game we already know exists, but we haven’t seen any footage on it and we lack any concrete details about the game either. One thing we do know is that the game will be revealed for the first time at E3. And another thing we know is that the game is going to put Wii U on the map for all of gamers.

Super Smash Bros. Melee single-handedly sold nearly every GameCube that was sold. Considered one of the best fighting games of all time, Melee still holds strong today. GameCubes and Wii systems all over the world remain plugged in just so people can play Super Smash Bros. Melee.

Plenty of hardcore gamers adopted a Wii after the release of Brawl, and I expect a similar reaction to the release of Super Smash Bros. U. Now with improved online infrastructure, Nintendo can truly put out the ultimate crossover fighting game with Super Smash Bros. U. E3 isn’t long way away, but Smash Bros. U is expected to be released sometime in 2014.

02. Conker’s Bad Fur Day 2
This. This right here is my dream game. The original Conker’s Bad Fur Day, I hold in high regard as one of my favorite games of all time, and all these years later, over a decade, and we still haven’t seen a proper sequel. Sure, there was a handheld spinoff, plus the god-awful remake on the original Xbox, but we need a TRUE Conker’s Bad Fur Day 2. This is the game that Rare could do that would probably get them even more press than a true Banjo sequel.

Hopefully this is what Rare’s been working on these last couple of years. A true sequel to Conker would snag headlines all over the place, plus it’d make a great launch or launch window title exclusive for the next Xbox. The main criticism of the Xbox 360 is a (perceived) lack of exclusive games or variety in the exclusive games. Conker’s Bad Fur Day 2 is the game that can change that.

Imagine a Conker game powered by next-generation technology, featuring the multiplayer modes of the original, but beefed up with online capability and multiple maps and far more options. Just imagine a single-player campaign that simultaneously serves as a parody of all of gaming and also proves to be an incredibly fun game in its own right.

01. Fallout 4
Fallout 4 will happen. This is more or less an undeniable fact. Bethesda didn’t buy the rights to the Fallout IP just so they could make Fallout 3 and then call it quits. It’s far too early for a new Elder Scrolls, so it makes sense that Bethesda is working on something else, besides serving as the publisher to the recently Wolfenstein reboot and Shinji Mikami’s upcoming and terrifying new horror game.

Fallout 4 could be the first game on next-generation consoles to bring that “WOW!” factor. I’ve seen all the games revealed for PS4 and Wii U so far, and none of them have really blown me away. I fully expect Fallout 4, or whatever else Bethesda has in the pipeline, to be that game. After all, Fallout 3 was nothing short of amazing. I can’t wait to see what Fallout 4 will bring to the table.

* * *

Next-gen is right around the corner. Microsoft is set to reveal the next Xbox on May 21st, and the PS4 will release by the end of the year. Then all the eighth generation systems (Wii U, 3DS, PS Vita, PS4, and 720) will have been released. What potential games (unannounced or otherwise) are going to convince you to upgrade from the seventh gen systems to the eighth gen systems?


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