Star Command Walkthrough [Guide]


Star Command is a combat simulation game where players can take control of a ship and crew while exploring the unknown universe and doing battle with hostile alien forces. The game is reminiscent of a Star Trek episode, where players will be able to meet with different races, and their decisions will greatly affect how each altercation goes. This guide will provide you the basics of the game as you lead your crew in a space adventure unlike any other.

Star Command is a game where players must manage their crew as well as upgrade their ship in order for it to become more formidable in battle. Assigning crews and upgrading rooms are very relevant especially during combat, as battles can take place both against ships and against invaders that can get into your shuttle and inflict pain to your crew and other passengers. Players must also go on quests so that more planets can be explored, and more resources to improve your fleet can be collected.

Tokens are the primary currency within the game. Tokens are used for everything from hiring crew members to upgrading ships. There are different kinds of tokens that correspond to different types of rooms. Tokens can be acquired as rewards and can also be produced by different rooms. Unlike most games, tokens can only be acquired through regular gameplay, and cannot be purchased using real life currency. Having the right amount and color of tokens is integral when improving your crew as well as your ship.

Starting the Game
Players will start the game by customizing their ship’s captain. Aesthetics such as gender, color, and even race can be customized. You would also have the option to name your captain. Next would be the selection of your ship as well as naming it, after which you must hire crews to man the different areas of your shuttle. From there, a tutorial session will help show you the ropes before you embark on your first mission.

Players can hire crews to help run the ship. There are several races to choose from, and each crew has their own specialties, such as in tactical, engineering, or research. Properly maintaining your crew as well as keeping them from harm is essential, as they can possibly die during battle, removing them from the game forever. This can prove to be anti-constructive as crew also level up the longer they are in a certain position, allowing them to develop skills that newer crew do not have. Thus, it is important to heal them and keep them from dying during battles.

Players are only allowed a certain number of crew, but this capacity is further increased the more you play and the more missions you complete.

How players design the rooms available within the ship will define how successful they can be during battle. There are three types of rooms available, namely tactical (red), engineering (yellow), and research (blue). You can assign crews to different rooms, and this will be reflected by the shirt that they wear. Red rooms are used for attacking rival ships, and yellow rooms are used for dodging attacks. Lastly, the blue room is where your shield is maintained and can also serve as the healing area for your crew.

Rooms can be upgraded in order for their performance to be improved during combat. However, this will require tokens that you must spend in order to complete the said improvements.

There are several missions that players can undertake. The game allows players to explore different planets, each of which carries with them different mission parameters as well as threats. Make sure to explore all planets as each will allow you to get different types of rewards and you will also get to play under different scenarios.

Each mission requires players to make decisions based on different situations. Depending on the choices that you make, you will be able to get different outcomes, which may include more or less difficult combat, rewards or penalties, new crew, or others. Some parts of the storyline may also be altered based on the decisions that you make.

When doing battle with ships, it is important to have all rooms manned to make the most out of them. Also, there will be times where you will have to put more crews into a particular ship, such as when wanting to charge a weapon faster. It is also very important to put out fires in order to avoid a hull breach, which may cause some of your crew or your ship’s passengers to get sucked out. The game will end if your captain or some other special character dies, so it is important to protect them at all costs. Take note that when your ship is destroyed, you would merely have to start the mission over.

When firing weapons, you will enter a mini game where you will have to match targets within a limited amount of time. Accuracy and precision is important in order to deal the most damage. It is also very important to not leave your yellow and blue rooms idle, as these are very important defensive methods so that your ship would not get destroyed and that your hull and other areas of the ship would not be breached.

Sometimes, enemies would also invade and teleport into your ship. With this, your red shirts must do battle with them using their laser guns. Move non-combatant crew and passengers away if you do not want them to take damage, and make dispatching these invaders a priority so that you can get back to battling the enemy ship as fast as possible.

Lastly, make sure to keep your crew, and most importantly, your captain, away from hull breaches, as this will surely kill them if they get sucked out. Have engineers work at fixing these breaches once they appear, and always keep your shield up and fully charged whenever possible. Also, bring your wounded crew to the healing room so that they can recuperate, although you must make it a point to prioritize your veterans first so you would not have to develop more improved crews from scratch. You can use newer crew as cannon fodder if a sacrifice is necessary.

Tips and Tricks
Tokens are very important within this game if you want to have an easier time battling other ships. Generate tokens whenever you can, and make it a point to visit friendly planets for a chance to get free Token rewards. Use these tokens to hire better crew and upgrade your ship.

If you do not have a formidable force yet, try to refrain from being hostile towards enemies. Sometimes, you will get to face enemies that would not want a battle, and you can get off pretty much unscathed if you make the right decisions.

Lastly, it is very important to know when to move crew around when doing battle. This will allow you to make decisions faster, such as when trying to attack more while sacrificing defenses such as shields or dodges. Your captain can also help out crewmembers, but protecting him must also be prioritized above all. Always remember to keep up with everything that is happening around you, and make sure that all crew members and rooms are maximized to their full potential.


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