Survivalcraft Walkthrough [Guide]


Survivalcraft is a Minecraft-esque game that will test the resourcefulness of players against the environment. Anything and everything can be used for and against your favor, and it is up to your imagination and creativity to explore the world, as well as gather and craft items that you can use to thrive in the dangerous world. How long can you survive? Play Survivalcraft and find out.

Survivalcraft is an open world sandbox type game where players can mine minerals and craft items that they can use to build their homes, in addition to simple and complex tools and structures that they can use against the dangers of the world. Virtually anything can be created, and the game also encourages creations by other players for sharing.

Game Modes
There are different types of game modes available within Survivalcraft. These are Harmless, Challenging, Cruel, and Creative. The first three modes are similar except for the difficulty and the way that the game treats deaths, while Creative allows players to do anything within the game, as this mode provides them with infinite health and resources. Players can pick which mode they would like to play in, and all modes are unlocked at the very beginning.

All items within Survivalcraft are represented by blocks. These can be used to build structures as well as other tools. Some items need to be crafted, which means they would need to be combined with other materials, or they must be smelted, which is essentially the same as crafting but would require a smelting area. Blocks as resources may be mined, but some are renewable while some are in limited supply. Make sure to explore all the areas in the world as well as the various environments in order to be able to access all available blocks.

Another thing to mention is how the game handles fluids. While players can collect liquids like water or magma, it would require players buckets crafted out of different materials in order to transfer them from one place to another. Wooden buckets can be used to carry water while buckets made out of metal must be used for magma and other similar types of liquid.

New block textures with different properties are constantly being created, and players can access these whenever they get updates or through Community Content.

Basic controls include walking and sneaking around. Walking will get you from one place to another while sneaking around will lessen the chances of you getting noticed by animals, which may then either run away or attack you. In addition, players can also use items to attack and mine minerals. For mining minerals such as for digging rocks or cutting trees, you can do these tasks barehanded, although using tools will complete the process much faster. Certain items may also be thrown such as spears or daggers, which will provide a safe way for you to attack from a distance.

Weather and Time
Survivalcraft also employs time and weather conditions within the game. In Creative Mode, this can be set manually. However, other modes will change time and weather patterns based on in game time. Animals will behave differently according to both time and weather, and it is recommended that players seek shelter at night or when the weather is harsh.

Players can die in a variety of ways. They can get attacked by animals, or they can fall to their deaths from high areas. Also, players can choose to commit suicide. Depending on the game mode, players would either respawn or their game would be ended. Players can recuperate from damage by sleeping.

There are various animals that players can interact with. Some are docile while some are vicious. Others may also attack only when provoked. Animals can be killed while some can be ridden on, although players must craft a saddle first in order to be able to do this safely. Riding animals is an easier way to travel, although a fly option is also available in Creative Mode.

Recipedia is the dictionary of all blocks and items that can be collected and created within Survivalcraft. Players may refer to this guide so that they would be able to know what items to create so that they may use them to better survive in the world. Players should take note that, sometimes, a certain may have more than one way to be created, so it would be wise to check up on the Recipedia from time to time.

Community Content
Survivalcraft allows players to share their creations with one another online. They can also use Dropbox to upload and download their creations and they can share the link to the community. Custom creations include different worlds as well as new block textures, adding new items and improved playability within the game, as well as interaction within the Survivalcraft community.


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