METRO: Last Light Walkthrough [GUIDE]

Metro Last Light

CheatMasters brings you the Dystopian world of Metro: Last Light, join us as we
follow the journey thru darkness and light and thru the Metro,,,








All notes locations are mentioned in the walkthrough...


You can use these as both ammo for SMGs and Assault Rifles and also as currency
to trade for normal ammo and guns.

To use this as ammo, go into the TAB menu and choose a gun, if you see an R
next to the Militariy Grade ammo icon on the top right then you can hit R
to use it. And you need to do the same to revert to ordinary ammo again.


Like the title says - this level is a short but important one, you don't get
to play thru it, only listening is what we can do and we ought to do that
because our guy tells us all about the place we are in and how we got here
from the beginning and what we are going to do now...

He takes us thru the times and how they have been and gives us a little back
drop on the Dark Ones...

After the intro, we are asked to choose our play-mode and difficulty - if you
are playing for the first time and you are used to playing games then choose
Normal Mode and then Hardcore - you can go Ranger Mode on your second
playthrough when you know how the games works a bit better...


After a deeply disturbing start, Khan wakes us up and takes us on a stroll
thru Sparta.

-- Follow Khan to a meeting with Miller

Just keep going ahead looking around at Sparta - the underground stronghold of
the Order...

As you go ahead, you'll come to the Armory, where you'll be given a Gas Mask
and some filters for that. You'll also be introduced to the currency system
of this place and time - military grade ammunition -

If you look to the right of the armory, you will find the guns you can take
with you - you can carry three at all times. You have a choice from six weapons
being -

Valve - a long range rifle which can be used for sniping
Kalash - that's what they call the AK-47, mid-range assault rifle
RPK - a light machine gun, great for mida and short ranges and it's gets better
      when you are surrounded.
Bastard - Sub-Machine Gun, good for mid and short ranges
Shambler - This you gotta have as one of the three... Combat Shotgun...
Revolver - A powerful mid range weapon...

You can hit E to choose a weapon and then choose to Customize it by adding some
attachments - which usually include silencers and scopes. Choose according to
your wish but you ought to have at least one weapon (preferably the pistol) with
a silencer.

Up next close to the right is the shooting range where you get to practice with
the weapons you just took. You can go abcj and select different weapons and
practice with them too with different attachments to get a good feel of all the
weapons and better understanding on which you would prefer in different

Keep going and you'll meet up with Khan soon enough. Go along with him and he
gives you his opinion on things and some more and after you meet Miller, things
change and you gt to go out on a mission with a different objective. As you
move out with Anna, just before you get into the elevator, look on the chair
to the right and you will find the [[NOTE]] for this particular part -

Keep going and you'll catch a train leading out...


-- Find the Dark One in the Garden

Move out of the train and follow Anna to the exit, hit the lever next to the
exit door -

Move out and keep following Anna thru the gutter, you'll spot a ladder in the
end which Anna climbs, you ought to follow her but if you walk past the ladder,
you can find the [[NOTE]] for this part next to two dead guys -

Go up the ladder and you'll see what the radiation hit surface looks like...

Follow Anna ahead till she spots a Dark One and asks you to go after it while
she makes herself comfy in a Sniper's nest. Keep moving ahead and note that if
you are low on air, swap the filter by hitting T. Just keep going ahead and
from the right edge of the place, your first enemies come in. Keep shooting
them and more follow from ahead and to the left. After the little scuttle,
if you are hurt then hit Q to get a medkit and heal yourself.

After that, there's really one one way you can go forward so keep going that
way and after Anna says you got close to it, you'll end up in an enclosed area
with a crouch area -

Go thru it and keep running ahead and you'll see the Dark One - seems to be
only a little thing but once you get close to it, you'll see the past...


-- Escape Reich territory, follow Pavel and evade detection

After you get free, go ahead with Pavel into the tunnel and move along with him
and you'll come to the concentration camp. Pavel asks you to follow him thru
the shadows, if you look at the ground ahead, you'll see the shadow of a fan
turning. You need to move in the shade to avoid detection. 

Once you are on the other side, Pavel climbs up and drops a ladder, take to go
up. Follow Pavel ahead and you'll listen to his plan. Stay crouched and move
to the right and behind the guard -

Wait for a bit until Pavel moves ahead to and then knockout or kill the guy
in front of you. After each time you take down an enemy, you can loot him with
E for military-grade ammo and more. After Pavel takes down his mark too, you
ought to pull the level which was in front of the guy you just took out -

Move up the set of steps which come down to your right and as soon as you go up
go to the bulb nearby which is illuminating the area and hit E to pull it out -

Remember that even the slightest bit of light can get you detected. After the
lights are out, cross the narrow plank bridge and take out the enemy on the
other side. You will also come across a ladder, take it up and you'll come to a
tunnel. Keep going and you'll fall in front of a dead body with throwing knives
on it. Pick them up and you can use the knives when hitting C. 

Nearby, you will also find the [[NOTE]] of this part -

Move ahead and you can see the place ahead thru a narrow gap in between walls.
If you are not too careful, an enemy might spot you here -

Anyway, keep going and you will see Pavel on a walkway on top of you. You need
to push the Button ahead now -

-- Escape the exit to the Jail

You'll come out of the jail as you continue ahead. In this place, you will see
an enemy strolling about -

You can take him out with your silenced pistol or move close behind him and
knock him out. Upfront are more enemies, you can take the higher path if you
climb the iron grate steps which come to your right as you move aehad -

There's an enemy strolling on the top ahead of you too. Take him out and look
ahead below you to the right and you can spot three enemies -

If you go left and look below, you will spot another enemy you can take down.
Get him and go back up to the three guys and shoot them from the top. Go below
and near to where they were standing and you will spot a level which opens the
prison gates -

If you move to the left side of this area to the left of the gate, you will
spot a medicine box -

Then go to the lever on the right of the door and pull it up with Pavel to
open the door and get out of here.


You'll now come to the main area of Reich territory.

-- Escape Reich Territory

On a table nearby in the next room is the [[NOTE]] of this area -

Move ahead and climb the steps and you'll come into the middle of all the

Keep running ahead along with Pavel and go thru the lowering gate. Jump onto
the rails and start shooting any Reich officers coming out of the door which
you just closed behind you.


After the rail car stops, move ahead along with Pavel thru the filth and he
spots a pipe which he asks you to boost him thru and gets caught...

-- Find a way to save Pavel. Try not to set off Alarms. Find a way to the top..

Move ahead and you'll hear two officers coming to look for you. Hide to the
left of the large entrance to the Reich Camp and take them out silently once
they come out. Move in and to the left of the camp - stay crouched and in
the shadows.

Just as you go into the camp and look to the left, you can see a ramp that you
can walk up on -

Fall down the other side and unscrew the bulb behind you. There are enemies
patrolling right ahead of you but they will most likely miss you if you stay
crouched. To the left here is a box of supplies -

If you go to the end to the left, you'll see a door ahead but you should not
enter it yet -

There are three enemies here talking and they will definitely spot you. If you
wait till their conversation is over, you will see two of the move away to
the left. Now go in and take out the lone guy sitting in the sofa. Now, move up
from behind him and once you are upstairs, you can see a guy patrolling the
sidewalk around this room. In this room on the machines you see, you can find
the first [[NOTE]] of this area -

Now you can start killing the enemies in this place however you want to. After
that though, move to the next area to the left of this place (where the first
enemies went after finishing up their conversation). Once you are there, climb
up the steps you can see and you'll come to a guy who wants to surrender.

In this room to the left is the second [[NOTE]] of this area -

You can also choose to kill or just knock out the guy here and then look him
and the box on the table nearby. Then move ahead and you will spot a crawl
space to the left -

Keep going and you will get out of this place...


You'll talk with Pavel in this beginning of this place itself and they take
him away...

Keep going till you can jump down into the next area. 

-- Find and save Pavel without setting off the Alarm

Keep going ahead and you'll see the enemies harassing a guy. Look to the right
and move there and you will come to the steps leading up -

Turn off the lamp on top of the stairs from below and move ahead. You'll come to
two guys talking to each other - stay hidden between the boxes and wait till
they finish talking. After which one guy moves to the left and goes back on the
path you just came in here from. Slowly follow him and keep going till he goes
into the place you first jumped here into and he opens a locker -

Knock him out, loot him and his locker. Go back and if you see that other guy
now then knock him out too and go back and climb the steps you saw earlier.
Once you climb, move ahead to the left and you'll see a guy near a switch board
under a light. Wait for him to move away and then hit the lights -

Knockout the two guys on top and if you are not lucky then the ones on the
bottom with notice you. Move to the other side and go down the steps there and
continue ahead. You'll come to a door and once you open it, you'll come into
the freezer and you see a guy begging for his life. Leave him alone and move
on. If you did not find the freezer then it is the room to the left corner of
the area below you. If you do manage to kill everyone below then you can loot
them for a lot of supplies. The sign to the meat freezer on the wall is this -

Look around below though and you can find supply boxes and then head into the
freezer. Once you come out on the other side, you come into a plantation room
which has a lot of plant. Move to the other side of the room towards the exit
and to the right of the exit is a medicine box -

Go into the next place ahead and to the left as you enter, you can see a switch
board -

Hit the lights and wait to the left behind the switches because and enemy will
come here to inspect this. Knock him out and there are two guys ahead as you
can see them. Just before you go to them - to the left you can see a way across

Move to the other side and knock out the enemies here. Move to the right and
you will come behind the two guys you saw earlier. Knock them out one by one
and go in thru the door you see here to the left with 2 written on the wall
and steps leading below -

-- Find the switch to open the Double Doors

Keep going thru the crawl space and once you come out, climb the steps and look
ahead below. To the right are more steps -

Once below you will a find water hole and a light. Unscrew the light and move
into the hole -

Before you jump into the hole, behind it are three lockers -

If you open the middle one, you can get a new weapon. Then move into the hole.
You will see an enemy in there so take him out and come out the other side.
Once you are out of the hole, move to the left and you will see a switch board
so hit it and you can kill all of the enemies below here.

After that, move to the left end of this area where you find steps. Go up them
and knockout the enemy above. There's a lever box here -

Once you pull it the door to the right below you will open -

Go thru it and you will see a [[NOTE]] on the table -

Go in front of the large steel door and move to the right. You will need to
spot a booby trap as you move ahead -

This will explode if you don't diffuse it. Move ahead and go up the steps to
the right. Once you go up, you will come to a large generator. Hit E to stop
it and continue ahead. You will see Pavel thru the debris being hanged. Kill
the two soldiers here and move close to Pavel and hit E to rescue him and
follow him out of this area.


--Find a way thru the Catacombs

Keep following Pavel and after a while, he stops and tells you of the creatures
which inhabit this area. They are afraid of the light - at the same time you
will also get a tutorial on how to recharge the batteries of your torchlight.
Hold F and the charger comes up, keep hitting LMB to charge it - you'll need
to remember to do this often.

Next, Pavel asks for your help in lifting a metal grate and  you ought to jump
down with him. Soon, you'll get in the lift with Pavel and suddenly it stops...
Keep shooting everything that climb up the walls of the evelator till the
elevator starts moving again.

Once you are on top, you'll come across one straight ahead. Illuminate the
creature using your torch light and when it exposes it's belly, then shoot it
to death. That's the only way to kill these things - light them up and then
shoot them in the weak spot.

Keep going along with Pavel and after a while you'll come to the edge of the
road and you'll need to jump across it - this is also the place where a small
group of the spiders come to attack you. Kill all of them and then Pavel shows
you how to get across the gap. Next, you'll climb up a rail car where more
of the creatures attack.

Once on top, as you move ahead, look to the right and you will spot the
[[NOTE]] for this level -

After there, you'll do another daring jump across a gap. Then keep following
Pavel and he takes up a torch to burn all the cobwebs around here as you move
along - all this time mistaking the spiders for female canines.  In the end,
you'll come to a door that's elevtrically locked and Pavel wants us to open

-- Find the Fusebox and open the Door

Move ahead, search the dead body to the right as you go and keep going, you
should see a gap in the wall above you to the left as you pass. You will jump
out of there soon. Go ahead and you will come across a locked door. Keep going
and you will come across more bodies with supplies -

                                              Past the first bodies to
the left is another dead guy holding the second [[NOTE]] of this level -

Keep going and you will need to find them nasties soon and just keep pushing
ahead and finally you will come to the fusebox -

Ahead on the wall straight across is a supply box on the wall -

Jump out of the gap in the wall to the left and go back to Pavel and follow him
out of here and out of the underground too...


-- Follow Pavel to the Theater Station

Go ahead and to the left on the counter table is the first [[NOTE]] in this
part -

There are also some supplies and Pavel asks you to wear the Gas Mask ahead.
From the moment you step outside, you will keep losing your filters so you will
need to collect them constantly to be able to move thru. I will give you the
locations of all the filters you can find on your way. 

You will come out and into the world. Follow Pavel and he first takes you
down a slope from the building. Once you come off it, look to the left to spot
a tunnel -

Inside the tunnel you will find supplies in the end along with an Air Filter
and also a customized pistol beside a skeleton -

Go back outside and join Pavel. You will cross a deep hole in the ground from
your left and as you go, Pavel moves into a station of sorts, before you go
in, move to the left outside and in the corner, you will spot another Filter -

Go inside the station with him and you will initially come across a dead body.
Hit E when near it and Artyom squashes a bug which crawls onto his mask. You
can now replace you mask with the one on the ground and and move ahead.

As you move ahead, you will come to a room adjacent to the path you are on
which has a filter. You will reach the exit of the station and you ought to
spot a door to the right below the steps leading out -

Go in and you can grab a new gun and a filter. After that, move ahead slowly on
the steps and Pavel asks you to stay low. Crouch then and stay hidden as a
pack of creatures is crossing. If they spot you, you'll be in a hell of a fight

After that, just follow Artyom and you will come to the airplane. Go inside
and as soon as you step in, look to the left to find a filter. Follow Artyom
inside and you will see a vision soon.

After that, you can see Pavel sitting on the ground andd a [[NOTE]] to his
left -

Pull Pavel up and move out. You will find another Filter with a skeleton as
you go thru the plane. Once you are out, you will also fight your first Demon.
Keep shooting it or it will take you away. Once that is over. From where you
fought the demon, Artyom goes ahead. But you can actually go into the houses
which are to the left and right here of the path. In each house you will find
filters and supplies.

After that, go out and near Artyom and soon you'll be in a fight. Take out the
shotgun which you recently acquired and start shooting. There's a filter and
ammo on the hood of the car to the left of where the fighting is going on now.
After that, go ahead with Pavel...

NOTE: There's a bug in the game and sometimes Pavel does not move ahead after
this fight. He just stands in one place - if that happes you will need to
restart the whole level again.

Go ahead and once you get into the large building, keep running and soon, you
will reach the red line...


-- Meet Pavel at the Theater Entrance

After the Reds here are warned about the watchmen, go thru the door to the
left and keep going till you get to Pavel.

Continue on after that and in the next place you go thru, look to the left
and with some luggage you find the [[NOTE]] -

Keep going and after a while, you'll reach the Market where you can trade in
your military grade ammo for some other useful things. Move ahead and you
will come to the entrance of Bolshoi theater, here in the beginning on a bench
to the left is the second [[NOTE]] -

Then Pavel comes in, follow him to the show and then to the dining hall. Sit
on the chair and have a few drinks and see what happens next.


This whole thing is a long cutscene and story reveal. After a long time, you'll
be released, climb into the hole in the wall to the left and go thru the vent.

You'll will also hear the covnersations between the primes of the Red Army.
Just keep going to your freedom.


You'll surely get your weapons at the beginning itself. Look around the room
for more supplies in the boxes around and go thru the door.

Outside, you'll see a lone soldier walking to the right and the metal detector
buzzing. You should go from the right of the metal detector. Wait for the
enemies to disperse and then knockout the two guys ahead of you.

Then go down the steps and take out the third guy and come back up the stairs
and look towards the broken set of steps leading up -

You have to jump across the broken area to the steps and go up and you can
pick up a weapon and some M-Grade ammo. Go back down the steps and you'll come
to some lockers (this is probably where you knocked out the third guy). In the
next room on the table to the left is the [[NOTE]] -

Then, go thru the door here to come to the enemies, move to the right
immediately and you can switch off some lights using the switch box. Now, wait
for all of the enemies to settle down. This area can be a bit challenging on
higher difficulties. Traversing thru the area undetected is the most
complicated part. If you do get into a gun fight then you'll have to fight a
ton of soldiers which is impractical.

I'll just lay down the path you need to take to get across the room -

NOTE: Always remember that you will be spotted when you step into the light or
take out an enemy who is in a lit area.

- Go to the left first and take out the guy working on the bench.

- Then move ahead and take out the guy who was sent to burn the rats.

- Go ahead and towards the right end of this room and continue ahead - there's a
lone guy with a light patrolling up and down - leave him be for now and go to
the front edge of the room from the right.

- In the end, you will come across some lights, take out the lights, one is on
a generator and the other is a lamp. Now wait for the conversation between
some enemies ahead to get over and one guy comes to where the lamp was and
another goes left back towards where the first two guys you killed were.

- Take out the guy who comes to the lamp and watch out for the patrolling guy
and then you don't need to kill anyone else. YOu can move ahead from the right
wall thru the shadows - even if there are enemies, they will not spot you.

If you move from the right wall, you will come to and entrance to the right
side area. Go there and switch the lights off -

Knock out the guy here and move to the large door ahead and pull the lever to
the right of the door to open it and immeditaly hide to the right of the door
as some enemies come thru after you open it -

In the next room is another enemy, take him out too and go into the next room.
This last room has a guy talking to someone else who is sitting above. Take out
these two guys and move ahead and you will find a [[NOTE]] -

Now, explore this are for supplies if you want to and go back out all the way
to the area full of soldiers. Keep hugging the right wall and move ahead and to
the right you will come to an iron wheel locked door -

There's an enemy sitting near the door so you'll have to take him out first and
then go thru it. You will again come into another room full of enemies. Here,
go right immediately to some switches -

You can actually take out all the enemies here and take their filters. But that
is going to happen only if you move stealthly. If you make a noise then the
chemical device they are calibrating gets blown up and poisonous gas leaks into
the room which makes it all the worse as you will use up your filters instead
of stockng up on them.

-- Find the switch to stop the Fanblade and crawl thru

This will take a lot of times since it's mostly sneaking around - just remember
to stick to the shadows. If you go from the right end of the room to the far
right corner of the area, then you will come to a hole in the ground -

If you go thru the hole to the other end and climb up, you will come to a
ladder -

Go up the ladder and stay crouched and go ahead in to the control room where
you ought to pull the lever to the left and pick up the [[NOTE]] -

Leave the guard alone as they will spot you if you take him out. Move back and
towards the fan here on top (you have to pass the fan to the right as you move
to the control room). Go to the fan and press forward and Artyom goes thru it
to the next area.

This next area is also similar - it has supplies here and there but your main
goal is to move to the front end of the room and go thru the door -

You will next come into a large cave like area which has some heavy enemies.
GO thru this place crouched as you should not distrub anyone - 

In the end, go into the tunnel to the right past the two guys taking - ones is
on a turret. In the end, you will need to get into some vents. The vents are
long. Go thru the vents and look around for supplies. The vents are such that
if you move down from a higher vent to a lower one then you will have two
paths you can take - one is behind you which leads to supplies and the other
path ahead of you leads to the exit of the area.


There's a book "Metrol 2035" on the table to the left - you can only look at
the cover of it...

You'll then be taken to a beauty of a Rail Car to continue to venice. 

-- Use the Railcar to reach Venice

Along the way, you will reach many rooms to the left and right of the rail.
I'll list all of them and what they contain here.

1) Steps to the left of the rails -

Shotgun and Military Grade Ammo.

2) Door to the left -

You can pick up a Filter to the left of the door. This is a large cave like
area. It is circular in pattern so no matter which path you take
(left or right), you will end up coming back to this door. There are a ton of
spiders in this area so be prepared before you go it.

But you cannot avoid this area as the path ahead on the rails is closed and you
need to open the way using the control box inside the caves. While moving in
the cave, you will come across dead guys so loot them for suppliesn also to
the left as you go, you will spot another path with red illumination -

At the end of this path you will find a Pistol and the control Box. Use it and
get back inside the main cave and then to the car.

3) Supplies to the right in a Dead Guy -

4) Filthy Green room to the left -

You can find the switch box as soon as you enter the first room -

As you go into the next room, you can find a Sub-Machine gun on the ground -

In the last room are supplies. As you go back as spider attacks and you need
to enter an action sequence to kill it and then back to the car.

5) You will come to an Airlock and you need to find the fusebox to open it.
The box to the Airlock is just to the left of the airlock straight ahead. But
let's explore the room to the right here.

Pick up the Filter while going in. This is a vey foggy spider infested area and
you will find another good SMG in here after a spider hole you fight near -

You will also find a control box to turn on the power. Then, get back outside
and pull the lever next to the airlock and go ahead.

6) You will come to a junction and go to the right. On the left path is a broke
down train. Go in and fight some creatures for supplies.

7) You path will soon be blocked by a train. To the right just before it is
a room. Take the filter before going in. In here, you will fight more of the
doggies. Be very careful because if they hear you, they'll come at you all at
once. You will find a shotgun to the right in the first room which is past some
grates -

Explore the rest of the area and kill the doggies and get back.

-- Use the Railcar to Push the Train out of the way

 8) You will come to an open door to the left -

Inside you will find a great long range rifle and ammo. 

9) You will come to another green lit room, you just need to go here because
you are going to find the note in here. Go in and you will fight more creatures
in the end and in the end itself you will come to a dead body with the [[NOTE]]
beside it -

Then as you go ahead, you ahev to kill the doggies which come onto your car.
Soon, the train ahead of you will stop and you need to back up a bit and go to
the lever to change tracks to the red light side -

You'll need to move fast as the are is blocked by wood walls so keep going at
full speed (use Shift) and Ram into the walls and you'll get to the end...


-- Use the Railcar to reach Venice

You'll reach a group of survivors from the Red army who want you help in
taking out the bad guys who'll come in your path ahead. Near this group are
two traders with Guns and ammo.

Keep going and you will come to a place on your right -

You'll hear the screams of some woman here. Just go in and kick their butts
and get back on your way. Next, you will reach a group of enemies. Kill them
all and you'll find a railcart block your progress. Get off your vehicle and
move past the railcart and you'll see a guy tied down to the right -

Untie him and he gets the cart out of the way. Then go ahead and you'll get to
another area to the right -

Inside, near the toilets, you'll find a [[NOTE]] -

Also a filter. Go out and don't go into the car. Move ahead and you will find
a lot of enemies to the left and right in trains and rooms. In the rooms to the
right you will find a lever in the end which opens up the path so that you can
go ahead on the railcar. You will come across some enemies and minor supplies
and then a rail change control again, get down and change the direction of
rails -

You'll enter an area marked will skulls and other stuff, the other side leads
nowhere so this is the place to go. You can just skip everything and smash
thru the wooden bars and go on. But there's a place you come to on the right
where you can enter.

Go in and deal with the enemies as you wish. Inside a room here near the end
past a dead guy on a chair is the enxt [[NOTE]] -

You can hear the screams of someone thru the door to the right here, if you go
in, you can kill off the guy and the people escape but you better clear out the
whole area before you do that.

Go back to your car and take out the wood spikes and move on.

-- Reach Venice

Your vehicle will stop after a bit. Get out and go thru the rail ahead and you
will come to a swampy area. As you go ahead near the water, you'll see a bell -

Use the bell and then move back and go up the stairs to the right. On top,
you will come across a quad-barrelled Shotgun -

Move ahead to the left corner of this place and wait here because you are going
to be assaulted by a huge family of doggies - I mean HUGE.... Your best bet
is to stay here in the corner and take them out one by one. When the ferry
comes, the fisherman shouts you to get in. Run to the ferry and you can finally
get out of here.


You can find the [[NOTE]] on the ferry itself, behind you -

What follows is you guys going to an extremely dangerous area filled with
"Shrimps". They will attack you and you will need to sometimes get into
quick action mode and tap E. Of just shoot the hell out of them. This will be
a long and sometimes a bit challenging battle.

Just keep killing and youll eventually get out of this area.


After the whole boat ride is over, get off the boat and onto the platform.
Straight ahead at the end is a box having a Filter. Go along the path and
towards the end, you'll come to some steps, just before these steps are another
set of steps which lead to the local in-charge you met earlier. To the left on
a box is the [[NOTE]] -

Go up the next set of steps and you'll come to a bar. If you drink thrice here
 - you'll pass out and sleep with an ugly woman and then wake up to see that
the whole place is wrecked. If you talk to the bar tender, he let's you know
that you trashed up the whole place. You can give him a 100 MG ammo if you want
to as compensation - if you want to avoid all of it, just don't drink or if
you do want to drink then don't give the money to the guy.

Past the Bar, you'll come to a split path. The steps ahead go to the sex shop
where our mission is continued. The steps to the left go to the market. Let's
go there first. In the market, to the right you can go into the shooting range
and place a bet -

If you win three times, along with 75 ammo you get a teddy. Go back and if you
enter the small lane which comes next, you'll come to a mother and a son -

The teddy you have belongs to him so you can give it. Go to the sex shop now
and you'll see Pavel inside. Just past the door he's in, on the aquarium is the
second [[NOTE]] -

After that, you'll meet up with a stripper. She'll dance for you each time you
pay 5 ammo - does not matter how much time you spend here. Go back outside and
continue past the market to the end (this area was guarded by 2 guys earlier)

You will see Pavel go to the end and if you go there, you'll come to a door
which you need to get into. Inside, one guy will come near the door so wait and
take him out. Move to the left in the beginning and you'll come to the light
switches -

One more guy comes to inspect this, take him out (he has a light so be hiding).
The next guy has a lamp to his left and right. Go from behind him and turn off
the right lamp, take him out and turn off the left lamp too and move ahead.
The next guy comes to the right and if you are in the shade, you can take him
out. Then proceed and you'll come to two guys talking to each other. Wait for
their conversation to end and one of them goes to the left. Take them out
and move ahead. If you see other enemies - they are usually occupies so just
sneak past them.

Finally, you'll come to a door in the end which has a light on top. There's a
guard and a lamp to his left. Go behind the lamp from the left in the shade and
put it off. The guard move ahead - then take him out. But before you enter the
room, go to the end to the right here and you'll see another guard doing
something. Take him out and then enter the room and see what happens.

After everything is said and done, you'll be asked to wear a suit so wear it
and climp up the ladder ahead.


-- Find Fuel for Ferry Winch

To the left is a dead body with supplies. If you move to the left and ahead,
then you'll find supplies amongst rubble.

The place you need to go to is the fuel station. From the center of where you
begin, move ahead and don't fall into the water - see the red flags which are
marks for a safe path. You ought to be able to see an gas tanker as you move
ahead to the right -

Your compass also points towards it. Go there and look inside to find fuel
canisters -

You'll find that they are empty. On a table directly opposite of the cans is
the [[NOTE]] -

Now, use your compass and go the direction it's pointing and you should come to
the airplane -

The path is to the right so take it to the plane and inside you will surely
find a can. 

-- Refuel the Engine

You will also find a very large and hungry swamp creature. Then go out and
use the compass the get to the ferry. Hit the button and fuel up the motor -

Make sure the motor is running at all times and after a little time the ferry
comes to your side from the other side - all this while, several Shrimps come
out of eat you. Once the ferry get here, get on it and pull the lever to it's
left and cross over.


--Meet the Rangers in the Church

You can pick up some filters nearby to the left and right -

You can use the compass on your diary if you want to see which direction you
need to go.

You are going thru a very dangerous swamp - do not go to the edges of the
place. Just keep going ahead - it's very very difficult to explore this area.
After a while you will cross a camp fire with supplies next to it -

Just keep going and after a lot of walking you'll meet the local swamp monster.
Past it are remains of what used to be a mall -

You can't do anything to the monster now so just go into the mall. In the
center of the mall, you'll see a broke down escalator which you can go up on.
Go up and to the right - you need to be extremely careful in this area as there
are some booby traps here that'll get you blown up in seconds. To the right
after you go up is the first trap -

As you move ahead, there's an area to the left with supplies and a trap -

Pick up the supplies and move ahead to another trap -

In another room ahead is a dead guy with supplies - if you move to the right
in the main room in the corner you can move out but be carefull because you
need to take the boarded patform to the right -

If you do fall down, the truck to the left has supplies and you need to go back
inside in the mall from below the platform above you to the right. Get on the
platform and jump off on the on other side. It's monster time!!!

That thing comes back out and a lot of other creatures accompany it. But good
for us, the rangers on the other side are a big help sp we need only
concentrate on the big one -

It'll keep opening it's mouth so if you have a good shotgun - shoot it in the
mouth and keep doing it for a long time. 

If you think it's taking too long or gettting too diffcult then you can use
your military grade ammo in some SMG or Assault Rifle you have. To use that
ammo hit Tab and you'll open the menu. Scroll thru the guns and if it can use
that ammo then you'll see a R to the left of the MG Ammo (to the top right).
Hit R to load your gun with that ammo - it's really really effective. 

After the creature dies (keep moving while fighting it)... the Rangers adjust
the log in the water and you can cross over to them where you meet Anna again.


-- Reach Oktyabrskaya

Follw Anna ahead and shop a bit if you want to. Keep going and.. Boom....

-- Follow the Catacombs towards Oktyabrskaya

Move ahead and go down the stairs, there's a recording in a tape on the ground
to the right. Be sure to listen to it and then move ahead. Move ahead and
soon you'll come into a dark cave. Here your light isn't going to work,
some shimmer shows up on the screent with a crackling noise if you try to
switch on your light.. Spooky....

Keep going thru the darkness and reach the end, where you'll find a lift. Get
inside it and as it lowers, several Watchmen climb on to attack you - keep
killing them...

After you fall down, go thru the hole in the wall and keep going - make sure
you have guns which are having a lot of ammo or you can pick up guns from
dead bodies on your way ahead. Keep going and going and going... there won't
be much to do except kill the occasional watchman and look around the area
for supplies - of which there are a lot. You'll reach a cgowheel turnable
door in the end -

Hold E to open the door fully and go out and to the left is another lift, get
in and pull the lever on top. This next area is going to be really really
crappy if you don't have enough bullets.

Remember that if you run out of ammo then you can always use Military Grade
ammo. There are a lot of watchmen ahead and you will have to kill all of them.
So start picking them out one by one. Go to the end where some more are
feasting and kill them all. Then you'll come to another lift, pull the lever
to bring it down -

After that, till the lift comes, you'll be under constant assault from the
creatures. You can set up mines ahead of you if you want to or use the flaming
bombs to cover up the area ahead of you with flames. Anyway, hold on till the
end and get into the lift to leave this place and you'll come to another large

It's best if you can use military grade ammo on this one. Stand behind the
pillars around here to avoid being hit directly and keep shooting it. After
it's weak enough, it'll go to the next area - follow it there and you'll come
to a place with low walls. It'll still keep charging at you so stay behind the
walls and keep shooting it, after it dies, the whole area get flooded...


-- Break thru to Hansa Ring Station. Find and save Anna.

Go ahead and into the room to the right and climb up the metal handle steps
and you will see Anna and Lesnitsky - but you cannot reach them yet. Go along
the vent and you'll come out soon. In the room with you are two enemies
torturing some guy. Take them out and talk to the guy. There's a gun nearby on
the table here - it's a good weapon and also you'll get the night vision from
now on... you can activate it with N.

Move out and you'll come to some enemies ahead. Don't go on the steps to the
left, instead, move ahead and wait till one guy brings a cargo box. Knock him
out and you'll see that the one of the left already is far away. Go into the
room here and wait for the two guys to face away from you and then take them

This next whole area is pretty linear and filled with enemies. Describing the
place and how to go about is pretty difficult. This is a long mission as you
need to crouch and crawl your way thru an entire army of enemies. Just hold
your cool and move slowly and be sure to explore all of the areas around.

Some of them are just burning down the entire area - why? You'll know that
soon but it's probably because the whole place is infected. And it's a lot
of infected area you need to cover.

In the end you'll come to Anna and Lesnitsky... You can trust him to not kill
Anna... that's a clue!

Follow her ahead and move out...


You'll have some alone time with Anna in the beginning...

-- Meet Khan through the checkpoint and outside the station

Keep going along the only path there is and you will be inside a containment
room with the Doctor and the Commander. After their conversation is done,
the doors open and you can continue ahead -

Here you will find the [[NOTE]] on a table to the right near some computers -

Just keep going after that and you'll meet up with Khan.

-- Follow Khan to find the Dark One

Keep following and near the end, Khan and you'll come to a closed door with a
red light on top -

Here, move towards the back and in the end, you can pick up the next [[NOTE]] -

Then go back and thru the red-lit door. You'll come to some traders where you
can buy ammo and guns (My sincere advice is to have a great shotgun filled with
bullets - absolute limit). Then follow Khan out of here...


-- Follow Khan to the Dark One

This is one of the best missions of the game... You don't really get to fight
much here - it's more like a psychadelic trip thru dimensions....

Follow Khan ahead... He'll take you thru some large fan blades - he switches
them off - you need to pass thru them as he holds down the switch.

Move ahead and you will go into a room... as you go ahead, you will see him
jump down to a lower area - don't go there yet. Move to the right and you will
come to the [[NOTE]] -

NOTE: The note you just got above has some info on what Artyom thinks about
Khan... it's a good read!

The rest of the mission is great if you play it by your own rules - don't
forget to look around for supplies though and enjoy this wonderful time with


-- Catch up with the Train and find the Dark One

As you move ahead, two sets of enemies come to your right. If you have a rifle
it'll be easier - sometimes, aiming from the scope doesn't help here - it's
like a bug. Anyway, your aim is to kill off the guys there - four in total.

Then you'll come up to the train carrying the Dark One. There are about five
guys here - you can crouch to avoid getting shot while reloading but you
definitely should kill all five guys there. After a while, you'll get on the
train following Khan's advice...

Once you are on the train, you will travel along a narrow path fit for only one
and you will have little cover to the left and right behind boxes - but enemies
keep coming from ahead and shoot you - when this happens, just blindly shoot
them. After you kill the first guy, pick up his gun - it should be a rifle -
it's a great gun. Just aim thru the scope and shoot ahead, you will not be
able to see all of the enemies ahead of you so just keep shooting using your

Once you move into the main rail compartment just ahead, to the right on top of
a cargo box is a [[NOTE]] -

Then the rest of the path is just blind shooting most of the time. Keep killing
all the enemies and you'll finally reach your goal...



Take the little one outside onto the surface...

-- Reach Polis and report your findings about The Reds

Keep going along, and the Dark one will show you one of it's very useful powers
which is going to help you a lot in the missions ahead...

Kill the watchmen and go ahead, keep following the Darkone (look for supplies
around) and after a bit, you'll come onto some ice -

Get across the entire area and you'll come to a set of stairs going up -

After you go up, look back and move back onto the barren area and move to it's
left end. Here, you'll find a great Bolt Gun and bolts and also the [[NOTE]] -

As soon as you pick up the things here a group of watchmen come to attack you.
Kill them and go back to the stairs and move ahead and you will come to a mall
of sorts ahead -

The whole place is dark inside so light up your torch and move in, go to the
end and open the grill door and go up the stairs after that and you will come
outside again and go into a broke bus. The little one joins you here again
(apparently with some clothes on!!!)...

Keep going and the bus'll be attacked and you fall back onto the ice again. Use
your compass to move ahead and in the end, you'll come to some busses submerged
in the water - get on them to cross over -

Then use your compass again to keep going and you'll reach a ladder after a
while which you can use to go up and to the next area...


-- Scale the Bridge and find The Crossing

NOTE: Along the bridge, you will find several dead bodies wth supplies - look
around for them and take the supplies - you'll need whatever you can find.

You can pick up supplies in the room to the left as you move out -

Then go up and the Darkone shows you all of the creatures ahead in Red. The
Bridge is a long one and filled with enemies so the best you can do is not
to waste ammo and crouch and make your way ahead. Just ignore everything - if
you want to then you can even get away with sprinting past the creatures. But
don't do that. Make your way ahead and near the end you'll come to a room to
the left -

Inside here, on the table is the [[NOTE]] -

Keep going and you'll reach a ladder in the end, take it up to the upper
portion of te bridge and move ahead. 

-- Use the Zipline to get across

Move ahead slowly and use the zipline -

A Demon shows up on the zipline but your friend helps you. Go ahead and thru
the crack in the wall to the right and move on...


-- Reach Polis and report your findings about The Reds

Follow your pointer and you'll come to a group of soldiers, you can also buy
equipment here and then move ahead and the Dark One shows you the enemies

-- Find out about the plans of the Red Line Troops

The exit is to the far right corner of this room. You can choose to get there
without hurting anyone or knock out stealthly or just firefight your way thru.
Whatevery you do, if you are going to deal with them then you should also
look around for all the supplies and then move out of this room and you'll
come to a set of steps and you'll see the Dark One behind some grates with
a note next to him. To get there, you need to go on your path ahead and move
left into the room when you can and you'll see a soldier in the corner ahead to
the left, knock him out and go thru the narrow opening to get to the [[NOTE]]-

Keep going and the Dark One shows you more enemies above you ahead. You'll
need to pass thru the next two areas to get to the end. There are special
squads assigned to patrol this area but they are no different. Just knock them
out and keep going and follow your compass.

In the end, you'll meet up with Lesnitsky and you can choose whether to kill
him or just knock him out - this is a choice which will affect the ending of
the game so choose carefully...


This is another of my favourite mission in the game... absolute brilliance...

-- Explore the Dead City and find a way into Red Square

Move ahead and you'll come to some steps inside a room -

You'll come into a room with a red table -

On the table past it is the [[NOTE]] -

Move ahead and go outside and you'll see the first of the illusions. There's
a hole in the middle of the road, jump in and you'll come to some steps, here
on top of the stairs is a booby trap -

Keep going, the whole area is fairly linear, no side-paths to take. After a
while, you'll get into the open where you'll fight a set of watchmen. Just
keep going and exploring the whole place.

After some more time you'll come to some steps which the dark one points you to
so climb up and run ahead and into the shelter you see on top or you'll have to
deal with a freaking Demon.

Go down the steps and you'll see visions, and a strange phenomenon, your lights
won't come on, and whenever you hit the buttons for your lights, some strange
noise with a little glimmer on your screen comes up... You'll reach the end and
get out of here soon...


-- Reach the Ranger's LightHouse

Just ahead to the left is the first [[NOTE]] -

Keep going and you'll come to a large broken house to the right. Go ahead to
the edge and keep going with the Dark One. After a while, the Dark One warns
of a strom coming...

It'll ask you to stop at time and duck at times - follow what it says closely.
Keep going and you'll reach the mass graves. Stick close to the dark one here
or you'll be drawn in with the dead. Stick to the Dark One - do not fall back
or go aehad or the Dark One. 

Keep going after that and you will enter a tunnel and come to an open door -

Keep moving ahead inside and in a room to the left you can find a [[NOTE]] -

Go back outside and keep going and you will reach the Red Square shortly...

As you move ahead here, you will hear from your ex-friend...

The Dark One helps you see the enemies once in the beginnig and then after a
while it'll help you see again. During this time you need to see where all the
enemies are and take them out one by one - after the first vision, during the
second vision, you will see that enemies came down and are ahead of you and
coming to you. Keep killing them.. This area can be a bit confusing... Firstly
there's no good cover from the shooter on the top - if you paly this 2-3 times
then you'll know where all the enemies on top are. And you will have to take
them out as soon as possible the next time.

After the visions, you will need to find and kill them on your own - you can
spot them by following their laser's direction. After you kill most of them
outiside, Pavel sends some more thru the closed door ahead - go ahead and kill
them and go in.

Inisde, Pavel keeps showin up from the corners and shoots you - be careful and
keep shooting him and moving ahead... after some time, he'll fall down - you
can go near him and later choose to get near him to save him or leave him be
while he is being taken from the dead - remember that this choice is one of
those that will affect the ending of the game.

Move outside from the left and go on...


-- Report the Imminent attack on D6

This whole place is a straight enough path with supplies to the left and
right of the main path - so go sideways whenever it's possible. You should be
following the Green Lights - use your compass if you think that's too difficult

After a long time, you will see some baby mutated bears being attacked by
watchmen and the bigh mutated bear mummy come out - they scatter...

Anyway, move ahead and keep going and after a while....

This fight - you definitely need a powerful shotgun or military grade ammo.
The trick here is to first kill off all the watchmen which come in and attack
both the bear and you. Kill off all the strays. Then if any more come it, they
mostly concentrate on the bear. You first ought to shoot the bear in the face
and mouth and this will make it collapse for a bit. This is when watchmen will
grab her and get on top... Immediately move behind the bear and shoot the red
parts - the Dark One will help you see the weakspots -

You will need to repeat his a ton of times to take down the mummy bear. After
it gets weak, it'll break open a path for you, go thru that path and you will
see more watchmen come to eat her - you can kill them off since the bear won't
attack you anymore anyway.

Keep going ahead and you'll meet up with Khan after a while...


-- Find a way to expose the Red Line Leader's Deception

Move ahead and after you leave the disinfection room, you will come to a
[[NOTE]] on a couch to the left -

Then, just go along with your escortees and when the kid does his magic, you
will enter the mind of the Red Leader. It's a long hall with doors. Keep
opening any door you want to and the Red Leader's secrets will be revealed.

And then it's war...


-- Defend D6 until the Bioweapons cache is completely destroyed

After Miller finishes up his speech, to the right you can buy some weapons
and also the [[NOTE]] -

Directly opposite to the weapons is an ammo cache -

You can fill up everyting you have over here. If you are willing to exchange
weapons then try to have an assault rifle and an LMG with you. Move to the
front lines and after they crash in, start shooting every Red you see.

The next wave consists of a tank. Move along with the other guys to the left
and you'll get there. Stay crouched and pick up the blast rifle which is on
the ground ahead of you -

Keep aiming at the tank. You will see that a shutter on top of the tank keeps
opening and closing up, after a while you will see some red stuff over here.
You ought to keep shooting to be able to see that. Then shoot the red stuff
to blow up the tank.

Now you move back to another line and here, you can pick up the next [[NOTE]]
which is on some boxes -

This is the last line and here, you can pick up a machine gun ahead of you -

You ought to take it up quickly because many enemies are going to come it at
the same time. Keep shooting them and don't stop your trigger. In the last wave
a set of shielded guards approach you slowly - throw everything you have at
them - the explosives and other stuff in your possessing - use all of them now.
Then start shooting the guy who is standing behind the shields and has a flame-

After you take them out, you can witness what happens next...

According to how you have been playing the game - if you had chosen to kill
everyone you encountered (Pavel and Lesnitsky and maybe others)... then you'll
get the bad ending - where you pull the plug and blow up all the Reds along
with yourself to end the war.

If you chose not to kill them ten you get the good ending - where the little
one comes back with it's kin and saves the day for you, so that you don't have
to die...

The End

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  1. Thanks for this walkthrough. It helped me a lot. I managed to finish the game only based on your walkthrough. It was sometimes quite difficult for me not to get killed by smart enemies, who seem to be smarter than in similar games, such as CoT.