2Fuse (Mobile) [Review]


Touchscreen mobile devices have proven to be great gaming platforms, especially with the casual gaming crowd. Most of the games that have become hits in these platforms are lightweight and simple, proving that even with all the big games with sophisticated graphics and such, there is still room for simple games for quick spurts of entertainment, which is what mobile platforms are definitely good at. 2Fuse by Mojo Forest is one of those games that is all about the modern handheld arcade experience.

Each round of 2Fuse has a time limit of about a minute, in which you must collect the highest score possible. When you start a game, you get a bunch of 1′s in different colors. Your objective is to combine those 1′s into 2′s, then combine those 2′s into stars. When you combine stars, they are eliminated and you get points. The more stars you take out, the higher the score, and higher still if you can get combos with them. This is a game of speed and quick color-pattern recognition, and getting a high score is about how quickly and consistently you can take out stars.

However, this is not just about tapping the screen wildly as you have to plan your approach beforehand. Achieving high scores is about putting together the highest combos possible, so you have to put together 2′s and stars in rapid succession, which is queued by the sound. As you rack up a combo, the pitch of the sound goes higher. If you break a combo, the sound goes back down and you have to start over. With how different colored boxes always pop up as you play in different positions, you have to think quick on your feet and keep up the combo or you’ll just string up low combos, which won’t do as much good for your total score.

As with a lot of its counterparts, 2Fuse is not without its powerups and bonuses that are combined with in-game currency and microtransaction options. After each round, you earn “volts”, which you use to purchase temporary powerups to boost your performance. If you really want to beat your friends to top of the scoreboard and you do have some spare cash to throw around, then you can buy stuff in the game to make you a 2Fuse juggernaut.

First impressions do look good for this game, especially with the clean look and the good use of colors in the presentation. The animations and visual effects used during gameplay are smooth and do well to enhance the gameplay experience. The way it uses sound as an integral part of the gameplay is a nice touch as well. The boxes are quite easy to tap, which prevents frustration due to mis-taps and makes this a great puzzle game that is both cerebral and exciting at the same time.

Overall, 2Fuse is a well-made mobile game for all types of gamers, whether you’re just a casual gamer who seeks to be entertained during downtime, or a hardcore gamer who likes beating high scores.

Tested in Android. Final Score: 8.5/10


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