Fast and Furious 6: The Game [Review]


The law of the universe dictates that for every popular movie, a video game tie-in must precede it, and while that adage does not often play out well for both gamers and developers, it’s still pretty much the trend. This is the reason why Fast and Furious 6: The Game comes as no surprise, with the movie is coming out in theaters soon, and both Universal Studios and Kabam are definitely taking advantage of riding on the coattails of this latest installment in the FF series.

The game has both a Story Mode as well as a form of Career Mode. Story Mode requires players to take on a variety of missions in order to push the story, which takes place within the FF universe, forward, while other game modes allow players to test their driving skills against races of increasing difficulty. Both modes typically play out the same way, with timing being the ultimate key, as well as earning enough cash to buy newer and faster cars as well as upgrades.

Controls revolve around launching your vehicle, shifting, and drifting. Nitro can also be launched to give your ride that much needed boost. Coins can be earned based on your performance, and you’ll be needing every little bit that you can get as races and missions get progressively harder with each stage.

The visuals and sound effects are, hands down, top notch, and the game features many cars from manufacturers such as Ford, Honda, Dodge, and many more. However, that’s pretty much all the praise that this game can get as it is obvious that the game was released just a wee bit too early. For instance, the game is frustratingly crashy, and it would be very fortunate if you were to completely exhaust all of your fuel without the game crashing at one point.

Fuel is also another issue within the game. Fuel serves as energy which allows you to race, and the game only gives players five paltry fuel slots, with upgrades available for premium currency, which more often than not translates to in-app purchases. Premium currency is also a bit of a requirement especially if you want to not get left in the dirt by AI racers, and although gold bars are provided each time you level up, this isn’t just quite enough especially with all the crashing that you’ll experience and all the upgrades, and some decals, that you would need to buy.

Lastly, there are quite a lot of functionalities that are still missing, most notably the social function. Being able to ask friends for additional fuel would be a godsend. Alas, this is not yet available as of this writing. Ditto PvP racing, which would definitely add more value to this game. This isn’t saying that the game in itself isn’t good, but more effort and more time should have been put into its development before the gamers are exposed to its quite numerous flaws.

If the game gets fixed, then Fast and Furious 6 would definitely be a top contender for one of the best racing games to date along with CSR Racing and Real Racing 3, among others. The game features some sweet cars, and purchasing new accessories at the store will definitely give your ride a more personalized look. Also, car enthusiasts will definitely get to appreciate its upgrades system, as they can improve certain aspects of the vehicle in order for it to become more powerful, lighter, improve on shifting and drifting abilities, and many more. However, the bad points are just a little bit too overpowering to make gamers consider this game to be a hit rather than a crash.

Tested on iPhone. Final Score: 5/10

Fast and Furious 6: The Game was released on May 15, 2013. The game was developed by Kabam, and is available on all current iPod devices while an Android release will follow in the near future.


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