Fast and Furious 6: The Game Walkthrough [Guide]

Fast and Furious 6

Rev up your engines and take it to the streets with Fast and Furious 6: The Game, the official video game tie-in for the movie that is soon to come out in theaters. Play through the storyline and pimp up your ride in order to dominate the streets with your high-speed car and amazing drifting skills. This article will have you racing left and right and proving your dominance on the track in no time flat.

Fast and Furious 6: The Game revolves around proper timing of moves based on visual cues displayed on the screen. Players must launch, shift up, and drift based on what is happening during the mission in order to win races and meet certain objectives, which would in turn earn them coins and other currency that they can use to redesign their cars, upgrade them, or purchase new ones. Challenges increase in difficulty, so getting better cars is certainly a must.

Coins and gold bars are the currency within the game, with the former being regular currency and the latter as premium currency. Gold coins can be earned by participating in races and doing missions, and more coins can be collected if players actually win and perform well. Gold bars, in turn, can be earned by leveling up and by purchasing them using real currency. Some items in the store such as upgrades can be purchased using coins while gold bars are used for premium items such as better cars and decorations for your vehicles.

Fuel serves as the energy that players will need in order to race. Fuel regenerates at a rate of one every ten minutes, and players will only be able to carry a maximum of five fuel at a time. However, the maximum capacity can be upgraded using premium currency, and your tank can be fully refilled using gold bars as well if you do not want it to be replenished by waiting.

There are two types of missions within Fast and Furious: The Game. Story Mode pushes the plot forward, and players must perform missions based on what is asked by the NPCs. In Career Mode, there are various races that players can participate in, and they are organized via ladders with each rung increasing in difficulty. Being able to win races will open up new areas with harder challenges that will require even better cars and superior driving skills.

The game features several cars based on real life vehicles such as the Honda Civic 2012, the BMW M3 E30, the 1971 Dodge Challenger, and many more. Each vehicle has a Performance Index, which will indicate how good the car is in terms of overall rating. Players can increase this PI by purchasing upgrades that will affect the car in terms of power, weight, drifting abilities, and many more.

The Store is where players can purchase new vehicles, upgrades, and new designs for their cars. Upgrades are necessary for purchased vehicles to perform better, while designs will not only make your car look better and more personalized, but some designs will also provide cars with buffs such as being able to collect more coins when participating in or winning races. Some items in the store can be purchased using either coins or gold bars, while premium items can only be purchased using premium currency. Also, take note that upgrades will take some time after purchase before it can be installed.

Oftentimes, players must make multiple upgrades in order to make them more formidable in races. Thus, players must grind it on in minor races in order to get enough coins to get the necessary upgrades or buy a better and faster vehicle altogether.

Other Functions
Fast and Furious 6: The Game also has several features that are not available yet. This includes a social function where players can ask friends for energy, and quite possibly a Player vs. Player Mode where players can race against each other online. Players should watch out for any new updates to see what changes and improvements will be available in the near future.

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