Dragon Storm Tips and Tricks [Guide]


The world is torn asunder, and all you have is a dragon egg and small resources that you must slowly build in order to defeat the evil in the land. Thus is the premise of Dragon Storm, the new time and resource management game from Griptonite Games. See mythical creatures and upgrade your forces in order to go through the main story, as well as defend your land against other enemies that would aim to plunder it. There are a lot of things to do and take care of, and this guide will help you get through most of the tasks within this exciting adventure.

Dragon Storm involves managing your resources in order to make your small empire. Various structures will help build up materials that must be spent for the development of your land such as upgrading buildings, developing skills, and training different types of troops for offensive and defensive purposes. The game also has a PvP function as well as a Story Mode where players can put their armies to the test. Monitoring jobs and making sure that all resources are used properly are essential to make the most out of the game.

Gold Crowns are the only currency within the game. Gold Crowns are used to purchase items in the store such as additional resources, stronger armies, Speed Ups, as well as Premium Dragons. Gold Crowns can also be used to automatically finish tasks. This resource cannot be earned by usual means, and must be purchased using real life currency.

Resources within the game include food, metal, silver, stone, and silver coins. All of these are necessary to perform most jobs within the game, which include training troops, upgrading buildings, and learning new skills. Being able to properly upgrade resource generating buildings properly is essential so that you will have enough to perform these tasks. Some structures like the forest, mine, and quarry will automatically generate resources for you, while others like the windmill, sawmill, and smelter will require some user intervention such as the starting of jobs and collecting from finished ones. Additional resources may also be purchased using Gold Crowns.

Special Buildings
Aside from structures that generate resources, there are also other buildings that can help you out in the game. These include the Oracle, which will alert players of pending attacks, the Training Hall, where players can add different types of troops to their army, the Wizard’s Tower, which can be used to learn new skills and help boost both your economy and army, and the Vault, which maximizes your resource storage and can protect a number of them against attacks by other players, among others. Other special structures will help players better defend their land against attack, as well as provide them the ability to send more troops when they are the ones on the offensive. Like resource buildings, special buildings would have to be upgraded as well so that players will be able to better develop their empire.

Each land will have their own dragon for defensive purposes. Players can choose from different dragons, and only one will be accessible for free. Other dragons can be used but would require Gold Crowns to unlock. Like buildings, dragons can also be upgraded, though they would only be put to use when defending your land. In addition, dragons also provide certain boosts such as increased resource production as well as reduced time in jobs such as training and research. However, dragons can get tired and damaged when participating in battles, so time must also be spent in healing them.

Troops are your main defensive and offensive force within the game. Players will be able to train different types of troops, and this would require different sources as well as some time to complete. Players can place a specific number of their soldiers in defensive posts, and they can also deploy them in Story Mode to defeat opponents. Having a good balance of both short and long ranged troops is essential to ensure victory, and they must also look at stats such as magic or physical damage and defenses so that they can come up with the right combination to properly fend off attacks and win campaigns.

Job Management
As with most management games, players may only perform one type of task at a time within Dragon Storm. The button at the right of the screen will be able to show ongoing tasks, and can provide the player with shortcuts if they are idle in either jobs, construction, training, or research. They can also use this screen to speed up tasks so that they can move on to other requirements.

Typically, the further along you are with upgrades and the more numerous and advanced the troops or research you would like to develop, the longer it would take to complete, so make it a point to do longer jobs for when you would be away from the game, such as when you are going to sleep, and to use your Speed Ups sparingly and wisely.

Quests are missions within the game that the player can complete in order to earn rewards. This also serves as a guide for players, as quests are often lined up in such a way that resources required are readily available once the previous task has been completed. Completing quests will open up new quests to complete. Make it a point to prioritize those quests on top of the list, as well as those that are recommended by the game itself.

Story Mode
Dragon Storm has a Story Mode where players must capture different tiles and eventually defeat the boss at the end of each chapter. Fighting takes some time to complete, and players will be able to see the results at the end of the battle. With this, players can deploy a specific number of up to three different troops, although this can be tricky as players will not know the capabilities of the enemy’s army unless they have engaged them first. Thus, players can either deploy their troops full force and hope that it is enough to defeat the enemies, at the expense of having your entire team wiped out, or just give a single soldier and sacrifice him in order to know details about the opponent. Completing missions within Story Mode and capturing tiles will earn players rewards in the form of resources  as well as Experience that will cause players to level up.

Social Function
Dragon Storm also has a social function where players can join alliances that can help them in battle. Alliance rulers, also known as sovereigns, can invite players into their alliance, as well as promote, demote, and kick them out of the group. Aside from this, players can also chat with each other and join different servers where they can get to play with other people from all over the world.

In addition to this, players may also battle each other by attacking other lands. Players will be able to earn resources if they are able to successfully defeat the defenders. On the other hand, players will be given six days’ worth of protection from attacks so that they would be able to have time to improve their kingdoms. They can also spend Gold Crowns for additional protection. Additionally, they can build and upgrade their vault so that their resources can be protected from attack. Of course, having enough troops is also very essential in order to increase chances of victory regardless of whether you are on the offensive or on the defensive.


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