Greedy Grub Walkthrough [Guide]

Greedy Grub

It’s not easy being a lonely grub. Fortunately, there are many animals that will help you along the way in helping expand the forest. Thus is the premise behind Greedy Grub, the cute and challenging building simulation game from Pixowl. In this game, you must help the Grub plant and cultivate trees, as well as construct offices in order to help the citizens grow and expand their territory. Are you up to the challenge?

Greedy Grub is a building simulation game where players must manage resources as well as perform tasks that will allow players to collect items that they can then use to plant trees, decorations, and other structures that will help bring new life to the forest. Animal workers will help Grub along the way by providing him with tasks to complete, and players must be vigilant in monitoring everything that is going on within the territory.

Pips and azurites are the main currencies within the world of Greedy Grub. Pips can be collected by eating fruits from trees, and can also be given as rewards for completing tasks as well as by clearing bushes that pop out randomly in the forest. Pips are used to purchase items from the store such as seeds and new buildings. On the other hand, azurites are used to expand the land by feeding them to the Eye Tree, and can also be used to purchase premium items as well as speed up tasks.

Azurites can also be acquired via in-app purchases and can be converted to a large amount of pips.

By planting trees and building offices, players can collect experience points that they can then use to level up. Leveling up will unlock additional items for purchase, and most are required in order to get more pips as well as complete tasks further along the line.

Trees are the main source of income within Greedy Grub. Trees, like in real life, must be planted and watered in order to it to grow and bear fruit. The fruit can then be collected in exchange for pips. Each tree has different fruit output before they are required to be watered, and different trees have different pop values for their fruits. Trees also have varied times before they can bear fruit, so players must weigh factors such as fruit frequency and pip output when planting trees as the forest only has a limited tree capacity depending on its size.

Like the player, trees can also level up, allowing them to bear more fruit that are higher in value. Players can wait for this naturally or spend pips to speed up growth.

Water is the primary requirement for trees to grow. Each tree has different water requirements, and the player must provide this nourishment before trees can mature and bear fruit. Players can collect water from the well that is instantly available; although Grub has a maximum amount of water that he can carry, requiring the player to make multiple trips to the well in order to acquire the required amount.

Different offices serve different functions. For example, the Seed Store will allow players to purchase seeds that can be used to plant trees, while the Décor Store will allow players to purchase decorations. Offices take some time to build and can be quite expensive, so knowing which offices to construct is extremely essential as players must be able to handle their resources properly. Also, some quests are timed and might require certain offices to be built or certain items from buildings to be purchased, so players must not waste time on not essential expenditures.

As mentioned, the forest has limited space, although this can be expanded by feeding azurites to the Eye Tree. As an alternative, players can place items already put into the forest into the chest to free up valuable space, although they will not be able to serve their purpose while they are in storage.


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