Running With Friends Walkthrough [Guide]

Running with Friends

Running with friends is enjoyable, but not so when there are a herd of bulls chasing you. That, however, just applies in the real world, and not with Running With Friends. In this game, you can compete with friends and people from all over the world as you run around the streets, avoiding obstacles and trying to get the highest score possible. There’s a lot of danger about, but that shouldn’t stop you from having a great time with this endless runner game. How far can you go? Can you beat them in terms of score and distance? Now you can with this comprehensive guide.

Running With Friends is an endless running game where players can compete with each other for the highest score. Score is computed based on both distance and stars collected. At the end of three rounds, the player with the highest score will be declared as the winner. To help players along the way, boosts can be purchased via spins in exchange for gems which can be earned by playing games and leveling up. Multiple matches can commence at the same time, with lists displaying as to which runs you would have to do, and which matches are your opponents’ turns. However, players must stay connected to the I Internet in order to be able to run.

Controls within the game are pretty simple. Swiping left in right will allow players to switch streets or turn corners. Players can even switch lanes while in mid air. Players can also jump to collect items and avoid obstacles, as well as slide to avoid how hanging pipes and other objects. Sliding will also allow players to trip up fellow players and destroy smashable objects such as traffic cones, haystacks, boxes, barrels, and the like.

Gems are the premium currency within the game, and they can be earned by running. The number of gems that will be given to you will depend on how well you fare in each run. Gems are also rewarded when leveling up using experience that is awarded based on distance covered, completing words by collecting tiles within the game, or by purchasing them outright using real currency.

Gems can be used to continue runs, which you can do for a total of two times per round, as well as purchase spins that can provide you with boosts as well as upgrade them. Gems may also be used to purchase new avatars that will provide you with a new look as you run. All in all, players can pretty much play the game without in-app purchases, as the game is pretty generous when it comes to awarding gems, and you’ll pretty much just have to grind if you want to get the high level avatars and are always going for retries and boosts.

Boosts are buffs that are applicable only during the current run. Boosts will provide players with buffs that will allow them to get more stars than usual. An example of this would be a boost where players will get one hundred stars for destroying a barrel rather than the usual ten stars, or the boost where the total stars collected would be multiplied by two by the end of the round. Players must spend gems in order to get a spin, where three boosts will be provided to you. You can also spin again as well as upgrade current boosts using gems.

Social Function
Aside from being able to play with Facebook friends as well as strangers from all over the world. Running With Friends also features a chat function where opponents can talk to each other, as well as a leaderboard so that players will be able to see how their scores stack up against other runners. This is a great way to keep players motivated so that they will try their best to cover longer distances as well as get higher scores.

Tips and Tricks
The first tip, and probably the most essential one, is to not be too greedy. The one hundred gems that you will need to run again will not be worth the ten or twenty stars that you might collect by switching towards a crowded area with little time or space to spare. A much better strategy is to prioritize those items that are affected by boosts, such as foregoing a long line of coins in exchange for smashing a barrel that is worth one hundred stars, or tripping up three runners in a line, if you have the right boost,  rather than getting that big bag of stars that is worth considerably less.

Another tip worth noting is to stop switching lanes a lot, especially when there are no items of high value to collect. Most of the time, obstacles can be slid under or jumped over, and they can even be smashed in exchange for coins. This will require fast thinking as well as weighing pros and cons, but more often than not, going through or jumping over obstacles is so much better than switching lanes.

Also, keep an eye out over the horizon, and not just on what is directly in front of you. This will give you precious seconds to think over your next move, such as avoiding collisions with incoming bulls or buses, as well as putting yourself in the proper position to access shortcuts that will allow you to get a large amount of coins. In addition, look out for big stars, which are the best items within the game as they provide you with one thousand stars upon pickup, as well as tiles with a bull on it, as it will allow you to ride a bull and destroy everything in your path.

In addition, save up on your gems especially if you have your eyes on that avatar worth thousands of coins. If you are well ahead of an opponent, then you’re much better of saving your gems rather than spending it on buffs and retries. If you’re also in need of gems fast, then prioritize distance over score as this will allow you to get more experience points which will in turn get you more gems as you level up.

Another good idea is to have as many games ongoing at the same time. In order to get the most out of each session, you can run all of your assigned turns and start a couple of games, especially when your other opponents are not yet making their moves. This will allow you to collect more gems as you wait for other players to run. Of course, you have the option to resign a game if your opponent is making you wait a long time before he makes his run.

Lastly, always remember that tilting is not necessary when playing the game. All movements within the game are done by swiping, and those who are used to games like Temple Run may take a little while to get acclimated with the new mechanics. The game also has a distinctive turn delay which allows you to make the turn command even if you’re a bit farther away from the corner. This will allow you to manage tight and sudden corners, such as those found in shortcuts as well as during the latter stages of your run where speed is increased drastically and a lot more obstacles are showing up.


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