Warhammer Quest Walkthrough [Guide]


Take up your arms and start questing with this action packed adventure. Set in the Warhammer Fantasy universe, Warhammer Quest is an independent story that will really challenge players, as this game requires them to be at the top of their game while crawling through different dungeons and destroying monsters and other types of opponents. It is a pretty straightforward RPG that combines skill, precision, and luck so that you would be able to control the best adventuring party in the land.

Warhammer Quest requires players to control a part of adventurers and send them on quests that would require them to navigate dungeons and defeat creatures along the way. Each character has different classes that will require players to change their strategies depending on the situation and according to the enemies that they are facing. There are also items and special abilities that can be equipped and cast in order to turn the advantage to their favor. In between dungeon crawls, the party can also go into town in order to buy and sell equipment as well as upgrade their respective characters.

Coins are the currency within the game. These can be won by finishing quests and can also be collected as loot from fallen enemies. In addition, coins can be collected by selling items that you will no longer be using. Coins can be spent to train characters in order to make them stronger in combat, as well as to buy equipment, items, and additional weapons. Additional currency can be acquired through in-app purchases.

There are different characters classes within the game that fall into three major categories. Melee characters are durable and are strong in close ranged combat, while archers have more balanced durability and are great in ranged attacks. Lastly, mages are used for support such as healing, and they can also cast spells that deal damage to enemies, although magic can be quite fickle as power available per turn varies depending on luck, allowing you to cast only specific spells, or even none at all.

All characters can move around, although their range depends on the character, and all can perform melee attacks with varying amounts of damage for as long as they are adjacent to enemies. Players can also purchase more powerful party members through in-app purchases, although this is not a requirement.

The Store is where players can buy and sell items that will be able to make them stronger in combat. Items range from new weapons and armor that will increase their attack and defense abilities, as well as consumables that will provide them with buff and additional benefits during battle. It is important to equip the right gear as selecting and using items is not allowed while you are in the dungeon. Additionally, you can also sell items that you will no longer use in the Store, allowing you to acquire much needed coins for purchases that you will actually need.

The Journal is a reference guide that will also serve as an encyclopedia of sorts. Entries will be added into your Journal once you have encountered a specific beast or area. You can refer to the Journal if you want to get acquainted with specific terms, beasts, abilities, statuses, or other items within the game, but you must encounter them first before it is added into your log.

This is the area where players can provide permanent improvements to their characters. Skills and other special ability upgrades may be purchased here using coins. This is especially important as succeeding quests will increase in difficulty, so party members must be upgraded accordingly.

Tips and Tricks
Proper positioning is key in order to succeed against more powerful enemies, and it is also especially important when there are many monsters present. Generally, you should have your melee characters close to monsters in order to deal and absorb damage, while mages and rangers attack from a distance, as they are more effective this way, and they are not that durable as compared to the former.

It would also be wise to concentrate all your efforts towards one monster first before moving onto another, especially when there are many enemies around. Multiple enemies will chip away at your party’s health if left unchecked, so it would be good to eliminate enemies one at a time, preferably the weaker ones as well as those that can inflict you with status ailments, before moving on to the next one.

Lastly, use the environment in your favor. As battle areas often become crowded, you can use your characters to block enemies’ paths so that they cannot go near weakened characters or party members that you would like to protect. This will allow you some time to heal characters so that you can once again deploy them into the thick of the fight.


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