Kingdom Rush Frontiers Walkthrough [Guide]


Take the reins as you command your troops against the endless hordes of evil in Kingdom Rush Frontiers. Armed with your powerful archers, warriors, mages, and others within your command, you must fend off wave after wave of enemies that aim to overwhelm you with their sheer strength and numbers, and you must do all you can to stop that from happening. Are you up to the task? Then play Kingdom Rush Frontiers and find out.

Kingdom Rush Frontiers is a tower defense game where players must go through different stages filled with many enemy waves. The goal of each stage is to not allow enemies to breach your defenses by placing towers along the enemies’ path that will help destroy the incoming hordes. Players may only place towers in strategic spots, and they must pay in coins in order to build and upgrade them. Only by clearing out all waves will the player be able to progress to the next stage.

Each stage has three difficulty modes, as well as different challenges that players can choose. Settings will determine the number of waves, and it will also provide restrictions to players for a bigger challenge. This, however, is only recommended for players who have already acquired most of the upgrades, as these would be extremely difficult if you have not yet upgraded your troops.

Coins are the main currency within the game. players start each stage with a fixed number of coins, and they will use these to build up their initial formation of towers. Coins can be earned during play by defeating enemies, which can in turn then be used to build even more towers as well as upgrade existing ones.

As enemies breach your defenses, you will lose health. When this reaches zero, you would have to repeat the stage. Thus, it is very important to defend your base and prioritizing your abilities towards the defense of this area. Also, your health determines the number of stars that you will receive at the end of the level, which you can then use to purchase powerful upgrades.

Towers are your main line of defense against the enemy. Tower types include archers, warriors, mages, and artillery, with each having different specializations and ranges. Towers may also be upgraded so that they would become more powerful, and some will also provide for bigger range and a faster firing or deployment rate. It is very important to place towers strategically so as to prevent enemies from passing you by. Towers may also be sold in exchange for coins if you ever find yourself short of this very important resource.

Aside from towers, players can unlock and use abilities that can help them repel the enemy forces. Abilities can be used multiple times, although they have a cooldown rate between uses. Using abilities wisely is essential in clearing each stage. Additional abilities may be unlocked by purchasing upgrades related to the particular ability.

Upgrades are very important in order to improve your troops and abilities. Upgrades may be purchased using stars which are awarded per stage, depending on your performance. Certain upgrades relate to each other, which means that other upgrades will be unlocked further down the line if previous upgrades have been bought. Upgrades include the ability to have stronger troops, spending less on building and upgrading, or faster cooldown rates, among others.

Kingdom Rush Frontiers features different types of enemies such as goblins, orcs, brigands, ogres, and many more. Each has special abilities as well as different resistances to different affinities, so knowing as to which tower is best to defeat them is essential. Enemies also have different speeds, so bunching them together for ranged or area attacks is also a wise strategy.

The Encyclopedia is where players can look at information about enemies, as well as other information that can help them have an easier time playing the game. This will allow players to formulate better strategies to better fend off enemy attacks. Players can use this as a guide in order to find out what enemies are susceptible to what type of damage, and this area also provides tips and tricks so that you can better defend your base.


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