Supreme Heroes Walkthrough [Guide]

Supreme Heroes

Everyone has imagined themselves to be a superhero at one time or another. What’s not to like, as you can patrol the streets and beat justice out of evil doers. Now, you can do just that with Supreme Heroes, the action card collecting game from EA. Supreme Heroes lets you design your own heroes and train him – or her – in order to become the best crime fighter in the land. Of course, you will have to butt heads with your fellow heroes from time to time, but this is all part of the job in this epic mobile game.

Supreme Heroes is a card collecting game where the goal is to improve your character’s statistics by boosting his stats and equipping gear that will improve their abilities, among others. The player is also required to complete missions and battle other heroes in order to prove their dominance. All items are represented by cards which can be purchased or given as awards, and all are necessary in order to turn you from zero to hero in an instant.

Getting Started
Once you downloaded the game, you will be asked to either connect to Facebook or play as a guest. Doing the former for the first time will reward you with Supremium, so make this a priority. After this, you will be asked to select the gender of your character as well as your name, although these can be changed later in the game. At this point, you will also be given a brief tutorial as to the mechanics of the game.

Further along, you will be able to customize the look of your character, from masks, capes, body color and type, accessories, and many more. Some customizations are readily available while some would have to be purchased.

Supreme Heroes utilizes two types of currency, namely bucks and Supremium. Bucks are used for mutating abilities and fusing gear, and they can also be used to buy card packs. Supremium can also be used to purchase card packs, but they can be used also to refill your energy and battle gauges, among others. As Supremium is the far more superior currency, acquiring these are difficult and may require you to make in-app purchases, while Supremium can be earned by doing missions and participating in fights.

Energy and Fights
Energy is used to perform missions. Energy regenerates slowly, but you can choose to spend Supremium or use consumables that can help refill this resource much faster. Fights, on the other hand, are used when battling against other players online. Like energy, Fights also can regenerate or can be refilled instantly using the aforementioned methods.

Leveling Up
Performing missions and participating in fights will cause the player to level up. Leveling up will completely refill your Fight and energy meter, as well as provide you with stat points that can help you improve your character. Thus, the higher your player’s level is, the higher his base statistics would be, making him or her more formidable in battle.

Each chapter within the game is broken by chapters, and players must play a particular mission multiple times in order to complete it. Completed missions may also be played once again for big bonuses. Missions will reward players with bucks, experience, as well as card packs and stat points from time to time.

Missions will cost differing amounts of energy, and this would require players to sometimes participate in battle with other players. Most of the time, however, players would just have to click on the button and they would be able to see their energy diminish as well as see their rewards.

Stat Points
Each hero has different statistics such as Attack, Defense, and Mobility. The first two are pretty explanatory while the third one gives you a higher chance to dodge attacks. Stat points are awarded when players level up, and players can assign these points to whichever characteristic that they please. Assigning Stat Points to Attack will make them deal higher damage, assigning them to Defense will increase damage resistance, and so on. Assigning Stat Points wisely is integral when battling bosses and other players.

One of the many ways that players can increase their hero’s powers is through equipping abilities. Abilities can be earned as cards, and they can be equipped via ability slots. These can provide boosts to the stats of the player, allowing them to attack better, have a higher chance of critical strikes, dodge attacks more effectively, and many more.

In addition, ability cards can also be mutated, or fused with a card of the same type. Fusing them together will cause the cards to merge, producing an even more powerful card. This is a great way to get rid of multiple cards, although it should be noted that cards may have a level cap that cannot be exceeded until certain conditions have been met.

Another way to improve a hero’s stats is by equipping gear. Different types of gear can be equipped at different parts of the body, and these will help in boosting a player’s attributes. Like abilities, gear can also be fused together in order to make it stronger. Unlike ability cards, however, it’s not necessary for gears to be identical before they can be fused, although using the same card will produce a better card faster.

It should also be noted that mutating abilities and fusing gear will also require that players spend bucks in order to complete the process.

Consumables are another way to improve your character, and it will also allow you to get more out of your game. you can use boosts to top up your Fight and energy meter so you can participate in more battles and missions, while buffs will temporarily increase your stats for a specific amount of time. This is a great way for players to improve their powers even if they do not have ability or gear cards on hand. Consumables, like other items within the game, will also come from card packs and can also be given as rewards.

Battle Mode allows players to battle each other online. Battle pits a player’s stats against another, with bits of luck thrown in. Players can select as to whom they want to fight, and rankings will be displayed in the global leaderboard. Players can also communicate with each other and form alliances through the social function found within the game.


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