Animal Crossing: New Leaf – Halloween Walkthrough [Guide]

Animal Crossing New Leaf

Animal Crossing: New Leaf is a game that integrates real life holidays and events into itself, and none is more exciting than Halloween. During this period, you can go trick or treating and traverse your town scaring neighbors, and you can also do this in the virtual world. Doing so will reward you with items that you cannot find anywhere else – the Horror set. Come join in the festivities and have a lot of fun doing so. October may still be a bit far off, but that’s no excuse to not be prepared, so here’s a comprehensive walkthrough so you’ll know what to expect when Halloween does come around.

The festivities will start at the first week of October where the Pumpkin King will be making his appearance in your town. He can be real easy to find, or you may just have to look for him. Either way, there’s a big chance that you will get to see him during the week without any real effort. Once you get to talk to the Pumpkin King, he will tell you to get Halloween masks from Able’s and candy from the Nook, as these are very important in the upcoming weeks. Masks will be used to scare villagers while candy will be used as prizes in exchange for your chance to get items from the very exclusive set.

For the entire month of October, players will be able to talk to other characters so that they will get to know what they are afraid of. This is extremely important so that you will know what masks to wear during Halloween, as some characters are immensely scared of one type of mask, while mildly afraid or indifferent to others. Being able to determine what he or she is scared of is not is essential as to whether you would have an easy time collecting the Horror set or not. More details about this can be found below.

Come October 31, you will be given a variety of tasks should you want to complete your collection. This includes going from door to door and scaring your neighbors using the masks that you have collected. Wearing the right mask is required in order to get lollipops. Lollipops, in turn, are used in such a way that you will have to give them to the Pumpkin King, which will also be present during the affair, in exchange for a piece of the Horror set.

This, however, will prove to be a feat in and of itself as some villagers will be disguised as the Pumpkin King himself. Neighbors will also play a mini game with you should they catch you, or if you fail to scare them. If you win, you will be given candy; otherwise, they will play a trick on you, and tricks will depend from character to character.

It is important to note that you can also try to give the Pumpkin King candies, but most of the time you will just get Halloween themed items, such as furniture, masks, or clothes. These, however, are purchasable during the season, and getting the Pumpkin King to give you a piece of the Horror set by exchanging candy is extremely rare, so it would be much better save up on this and focus on gathering lollipops by scaring indoor residents. Also, remember to take note of what they are scared of and equip the appropriate mask for the situation.

It is also important to know that the process mentioned above will only be available for a brief period of time. Halloween lasts only from six in the evening until twelve midnight on October 31, so it would be really necessary to move around a lot if you want to complete your collection.

Lastly, the location of the real Pumpkin King and the fake kings will reset each time you enter or exit a building, so it would not do you any good to find fake Kings and use the process of elimination in order to determine where the real one is. It’s really just a matter of luck and doing it over and over again.

The Horror set cannot be found anywhere else and can only be acquired using this method. Thus, it is very important to stay active and collect as many masks and candy that you can so that you will have a fun and exciting time during this particular season in Animal Crossing: New Leaf.


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