Crush! Walkthrough [Guide]


Crush! By Radiangames is a title that will definitely have you hanging by the edge of your seat. It is a game that will excite and stimulate you, as a single mistake might cost you the game, as well as the high score that you have been working so hard on. It is a thinking man’s game, and players must race against the clock – as well as a quirky sense of gravity – as you destroy blocks and try to survive for as long as you possibly can.

Crush! Is a game much akin to the game Collapse, where players can eliminate blocks by clicking on matching tiles. The tiles will automatically rise, however, and the game will end if a block reaches the top of the screen. This will require players to try and eliminate blocks evenly all throughout the width of the puzzle, and there are also powerups that can be used in order to help you along with your task.

Game Modes
There are three game modes available within the game, namely Think, React, and Crush. Think does not have a time limit, although the blocks will rise more aggressively with each elimination of blocks. React, on the other hand, will have players racing against the clock as blocks will steadily rise from the bottom of the screen. Lastly, Crush is a game mode that is a mix of the two. Players can choose as to which mode they would like to play in based on their liking and preferences.

Along the way, powerups may also be utilized that can help the player last longer as well as eliminate even more blocks. Powerups include the ability to remix blocks so that you will be able to see more combinations, the ability to slow down time, or the ability to remove blocks from the game regardless of color. Players will have the chance to select among these powerups at the beginning of the game, and they will appear on the screen once scoring milestones have been achieved. Using these at the right time is integral in getting the highest score that you can.

Tips and Tricks
It is very important to note that the very edges of the puzzle cannot be clicked on, so players must focus on these if they are already near the screen. Even a minor clear will be a lot of help especially if you are nearing the danger zone. Also, it is important for players to clear blocks evenly all throughout the grid, and possibly even sacrifice big clears in order to last longer, especially if some areas are already very high.

In order to get a high score, it would be advisable to eliminate all but one or two colors first before moving on to the others. This will give the blocks of the same color a bigger chance of sticking together, allowing you to eliminate them a getting a higher score than usual as compared to if you are only destroying groups of four or five at a time. This strategy, however, is pretty risky, and you might as well abandon this strategy if you are in danger of getting eliminated from your game.

Lastly, learn how to use powerups wisely. It is not required to use powerups once they appear, and utilizing them just when disaster is about to strike might get you out of some pretty hair situations effectively. Of course, do not wait too long to use these powerups, as you might find that you are using them a little bit too late to save your game.

There are also goals that players can try to reach, with each achievement possibly specific to each mode available within the game. The game does not reward the player anything for these achievements, as they only serve as a record for the player’s achievements that they may or may not break in their next playthrough, so it would be good to check up on these from time to time as well.


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