Animal Crossing: New Leaf – Snowman Walkthrough [Guide]

Animal Crossing New Leaf

Whenever winter comes around, people always think of skiing down slopes, having snowball fights with friends, and of course, building snowmen. In Animal Crossing: New Leaf, you can build your very own snowmen – or rather, snowfamily – and you can also interact with them in order to obtain items from some very exclusive sets that you cannot get anywhere else. Here’s a short guide on how you can build your very own snowmen and get some great items from them, from the Snowbaby up to the Snowpapa.

Creating the Snowbaby is pretty easy. You only have to push two very small snowballs together. Take note that small snowballs will create the Snowbaby, while bigger Snowbabies will create the Snowmama. The Snowbaby will only provide the player with a gift once he has created the other parts of the snowfamily perfectly, so make this the first snowperson to create among the four.

The Snowman can be done by rolling two snowballs together, but the snowballs would have to be bigger than the ones used to create the snowbaby. Snowmen will only reward you if you have done them perfectly, and you will receive an item from the Snowman Series through a letter that will be sent the next day. If you did not receive a gift by then, then that means that you have done something wrong so you’ll have to repeat the process again.

You’ll know that you have created Snowmama perfectly depending on how many snowflakes she asks from you. If done correctly, she will ask for three snowflakes. Otherwise, she’ll ask for five. Collecting snowflakes is done using the net, and snowflakes will drop randomly from the sky. Once the necessary amount has been collected, you can then trade this for pieces from the Ice Series.

Getting an item from the Snow Series from Snowpapa is by far the most difficult process. Snowpapa will provide you with a bingo card once you have created him, and he will give you a number each day, which you can then tick off on your card, if the number is present. A snowpapa can only do this once per day, and you have the option to make multiple snowpapas so that you can get more than one number. Alternately, you can also visit other towns and interact with other snowpapas that will give you additional numbers. By having a five in a row on your card, you will be rewarded with an item from the series.

Take note that you can only build snowmen while there is still snow, and although this might span from a couple of weeks to a few months, you must rush things and build your snowfamily in order to complete the respective collections. These items are stuff that you cannot find anywhere else, so make it a point to build the Snowbaby, Snowman, Snowpapa, and Snowmama once the first snow falls in order to make the most out of the season and this once a year only content in Animal Crossing: New Leaf.


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