Solstice Arena Walkthrough [Guide]

Solstice Arena

Solstice Arena is a no frills three-on-three combat game where players must use strategy and teamwork in order to defeat their opponents. Mechanics are pretty straightforward, but there are still a lot ways to win, as well as a lot of ways to experience defeat. Solstice Arena can be a lot of fun whether you would like to play alone or with friends, but you would definitely need to be well equipped and well informed.

Solstice Arena is a game that can be played solo or with and against other players online. Three players will make up each team, and the point of the game is to destroy the opposing team’s Oracle, which is located near their base. Players will also have to protect their own Oracle from destruction. Each Oracle is defended by three towers which can attack the enemies, and players can destroy these towers to make it easier to get to the Oracle.

Players are given special abilities that they can use, and they can also collect powerups that will boost their stats as well as coins that they can use to purchase items while on their platform. Coins will also be awarded by capturing the chest at the middle of the screen and by killing enemies, which is as easy as tapping on them until their health bar is depleted completely. Players that are killed will respawn in their platforms, and players can also return to the platform to heal as well as purchase items from the store.

There are many types of heroes that can be selected within the game. Each has different classes as well as different abilities that can be summoned within the game. These abilities can be upgraded by spending skill points, which are awarded whenever players level up. It is also important to note that abilities have cooldown periods, and can either be offensive, defensive, or supportive in nature, so knowing what each hero’s ability can do is essential in winning a battle.

Additional heroes may be purchased by spending valor, which are won naturally by playing the game. Alternately, players may also spend gems, which are premium currency and can be acquired through in-app purchases.

Powerups are buffs that will boost your hero’s different statistics. Different colors and icons determine the type of stat boost, and different hero’s will benefit from these, as some powers’ effectiveness is based upon a specific attribute. Some boosts can be collected by simply walking over them while some would need to be channeled. Powerups spawn automatically during gameplay.

Some boosts may also be available at the beginning of each game in the form of potions. One potion can be brought into the game free, while others would require gems to purchase.

Items are equipment that you can purchase in the store, which you can access whenever you are in the platform. Gear can be equipped in a particular body type, and these can be purchased using coins earned in battle. Different types of gear will increase different attributes, and items will also have different tiers, with the third tier giving the player the most benefit.

While it might take players some time to manually select items to purchase, the player can opt to purchase the recommended item, which is automatically displayed by the game. Alternately, players can also take less time in the store by turning on the option to automatically purchase items so that they can return to battle immediately.

Group Commands
Solstice Arena also provides players with the ability to provide group commands by clicking on a button and tapping on a specific item. This will allow the player to issue commands to the team to attack a specific tower or opponent, retreat, attack, or defend or heal a specific character. This, when used properly, will prove to be an essential part of gameplay as it would greatly improve teamwork and acting as a unit towards victory.


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