The Silent Age Walkthrough [Guide]

The Silent Age

The Silent Age is an episodic adventure game with point and click and puzzle solving elements thrown in. The game tells the story of Joe, an ordinary man that is suddenly tasked with saving the world from a horrible future. Set in both the present, in this case 1972, and the future set four decades later, Joe must discover the mystery as to why this disaster struck, and is thus given the heavy responsibility that the events that lead to this do not happen.

Chapter 1
The story begins with Joe standing in the hallway. Discover the note telling you that your boss wants to speak with you. Open the door beside it and walk inside where you will find yourself in a dark room. Get the light bulb from the shelf and use it to replace the one hanging from the ceiling. A tap will then brighten the room up. Pick up the blue card on the table as well as the green glove on the shelf where you found the bulb.

Once outside, use the card on the card reader and go inside. You will find yourself in another room where you must talk to the secretary. After this, open the red doors and talk to Mr. Hill. He will then hand you a red key card that will give you access to another room. Head back to the hallway where you began the game in and move to the left. You can use the red key card to enter the elevator. Go to the sub basement and, once there, use the glove to fix the control panel that is obviously broken. This will unlock the door beside it.

You will now find yourself in a lab once you enter the room, and you will also see some blood splattered on the floor. Look through the lab coat where you will find a rag. Use this to wipe the stain, and then go back to the place where you talked to the secretary. Once you have been given a plaster, go back to the lab and stick the plaster on the left button beside the door. Press the button on the right so that you can gain access into the inner room. After talking to the injured man, the chapter will end.

Chapter 2
After a brief cut scene, tap on the device found on the table and then use it to make your first time jump. You will then find yourself in a dark room. Exit the room and walk upstairs. You will find a man hanging from the ceiling. Take the key from the corpse’s belt as well as the hammer on the right side of the screen. Go back downstairs and use the key on the evidence door to unlock it. You will see another corpse on the floor. Get the ID card from the body and go back upstairs. Use the ID card to open the red door. There, you will find a note tacked on the bulletin board. You would also be able to find and take some gun oil from the desk drawer found in the room. Exit the room and continue upstairs.

Once upstairs, tap on the picture of President Lincoln. This will reveal a safe, and you can open the safe by using the code written in the note that you found. Get the paper clip that is contained inside. Again, go back to the evidence room where you can use both the gun oil and paper clip to open the padlock. You can then get the katana sword from evidence. Head back to the second floor and cut the rope that is attached to the door. Go back to the ground floor and retrieve the rope from the neck of the previously handing corpse. Go back to the second floor and enter the newly unlocked room. Use the hammer to break the glass windows and climb up the tree. You can then use the rope to climb down onto the ground.

Chapter 3
You will now find yourself in a dimly lit garden like area. Walk towards the light, and you will discover that the time device is now powered up. Jump back to 1972 and get a screwdriver from the tool belt near the motorcycle. Use this on the gate to the left and exit the area. Immediately next to you is an umbrella in a basket. Take this and walk further until you find a police car. Use the time device again to jump forward into the future.

You will see the same police car beside you, albeit a bit worse for wear. Take the nightstick from the car, and walk towards the motorcycle. Go back to 1972 and use the umbrella to lower the ladder. Climb up the ladder where you will now find yourself on top of the roof. Get the carpet hung on the wire and jump forward into the future again. From there, you can slip into the building through the hole in the roof.

Tear at the wallpaper on the left side where it ends, and it will reveal a door, but you cannot use it as of the moment. Jump back to 1972 and you will find yourself in the same room, but darker. Open the shades and get the wallpaper paste by your feet. Open the lamp and you will see a key hidden inside. Use this to open the door and exit the room. Go back down the fire escape and use the wallpaper paste on the poison ivy. Go back to the future and climb one floor up. Snap the handle off the door to the left and enter the door to the right. Use the handle on the door in the middle of the room, and this will allow you to enter another room. Make a time jump and turn on the TV. Climb down the window by smashing the nightstick through it, but put the carpet over the shards of glass first. This will end the third chapter.

Chapter 4
Open the trash can to your right and get the broom head located inside. Go to the future and get the meat hook hanging by the screen window. Go to the end of the room and lift the broken plate, revealing a circular patch. Use the broom head to clean the dust and you will see that it is a manhole.  Use the meat hook to lift the manhole and go down it once it has been lifted away. Get the metal rung lying on the floor and go back up.

Make a time jump to 1972 and open the gate by pressing the red button beside it. Walk through the open door and you will find yourself in a hospital. Jump to the future once again and go to the right end of the area. Use the metal rung to break open the lock in the container and get the bonesaw from inside. You can also take this time to get the lighter from the corpse lying against the tree.

Go back into the manhole by jumping through time and moving to the required areas. Once inside, take note of where the light switch is found. Jump back to 1972 and click on the spot where the light switch should be. This will illuminate the area greatly. Use the bonesaw to cut through the grates and go inside, where you will find an empty syringe. Pick the syringe up and go back to the “modern” hospital. Use the syringe to get some turpentine from the bottle lying on the floor. Again, go to the sewer and switch to 1972. Go into the inner room and switch again to 2012. Go to the end of the area and use both the turpentine and the lighter on the rubble on the floor. Go back to the future hospital and you will find that the smoke has cleared the hornet’s nest blocking the way into the hospital. You can now enter through the hospital doors, ending the chapter.

Chapter 5
Enter the first door you see. You may want to get the tire iron found near the second door while you’re at it, though. Jump to the past and get the car battery lying on the shelf. Go back to 2012, go back to the hallway, and switch back to 1972. Enter Room A and switch to the future once again. Go through the hole in the far end of the room, and you will find yourself in a room with a decayed skeleton on the table. Pick up the scissors on the shattered display case. Go to the past, and cut the toe tag off the corpse using the scissors. Go to the future and exit the room.

Use the battery on the exposed red and yellow cables to light up the room. Get the key near the remains, then switch back to the past (which would reveal the very much alive doctor, just in case you want to know) and get the ambulance key from the drawer. Go up the stairs and you will find yourself in the hallway at the beginning of the chapter, right outside Room B. go to Room A and use the small key in the cabinet. Use the toe tag to find the correct file from the cabinet, and then go back to the hallway.

In the hallway, go to the future and go through the first door that you entered. Switch back to the past and use the tire iron on the tire to attach it to the ambulance. Press the button to the side in order to open the garage door, and then use the key to open the ambulance. This will then allow you to drive off, ending the chapter and the first episode of the game.


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