Where’s My Mickey? Walkthrough [Guide]


Mickey’s run out of water, and it’s up to you to help him out with Where’s My Mickey?, the latest game from Disney. It is also the latest in the ‘Where’s My’ franchise, and if you’re not that familiar with the series, then let this walkthrough be your guide on how to make the best out of your game.

Where’ My Mickey? Is a puzzle game where you must guide the water along a path from its source to where Mickey is. There will be obstacles along the way, and the point of the game is to circumvent all of these obstacles and have them work together so that the water would be able to reach its intended destination. Stars must also be collected as well as special items that can unlock further stages.

Each level is presented as a form of animated short much akin to an old Mickey Mouse cartoon, so players must be able to complete each set of stages to see how each adventure plays out.

Players’ scores based on how quickly they are able to complete the puzzle, how much water they have collected and how many stars they have collected. Stars are also required in order to unlock other stages, as players must acquire a certain number of stars in order to do so. Stats are collected by having them absorb enough water until they burst. Sometimes, stars are often found along the path of the water which makes this process easy. However, oftentimes players must split the flow of water so that it can reach a wayward star.

The game includes several types of obstacles that are present in most Where’s My games, while some are exclusive to this particular title. Sand can be swiped away in order to let water and other liquids flow through them, and there are also pipes that can transfer water from one place to another. In addition, there are also pumps that, when filled with water, will move levers that can change the flow of water.

Clouds and wind are also included within the game. Clouds work like cotton balls, as they can carry water and players can poke water out of them. clouds can also be refilled by water, which can serve as a great water carrying device, especially when used in conjunction with winds that can help move clouds from one place to another. Winds can also be redirected by using obstacles to block and redirect the flow of wind.

Among other items, there are also other types of liquid including a poison type fluid that will automatically end the stage once it reaches Mickey. This will also contaminate the clear water if they touch each other. However, there are certain situations where this liquid can be used to our advantage as it can dissolve other obstacles. Still, caution must always be employed whenever dealing with these types of liquids.

There are also treasures that can be collected in some levels. Treasures are hidden in the puzzle, and looking for these should be one of the player’s main priorities. Treasures will be able to open new stages once all items in the set has been completed, and these will provide players with additional stars that they can use to unlock further stages.

Tips and Tricks
In Where’s My Mickey?, all items found in the puzzle more or less relate with each other. Visually how the water will flow from source to destination, and slowly work through how the items found within the puzzle would interact with each other. It would also be wise to break down the puzzles into more manageable components, especially when dealing with larger puzzles spanning two or more screens. Always remember, however, that once you get stuck or make the wrong move, you will have to restart the stage from scratch.

Also, it would be good to know that some obstacles can also work in your favor. Oftentimes, the solution required may be more complex than you think, and might require you to move items such as levers or water flows multiple times. Simple solutions also often do not work, so try to think of wilder solutions and try to tame them slowly in order to come up with the right combination of moves.

Players should also be reminded to redo previous stages in order to get all stars and treasures available. These are very important to unlock further stages. Doing previously completed stages will also allow you to complete them faster, giving you the chance to earn a higher score.

Lastly, don’t be afraid to experiment. There are unlimited retries, so you can do this repeatedly if you want to try out a solution that you’ve never done before. This is a great piece of advice, as oftentimes it would take a lot of trial and error in order to come up with the perfect way to complete your goal while being able to collect all stars and treasures in the stage.


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