Five games to save PS Vita [Editorial]


Another E3 passes, and Sony has once again outright ignored PlayStation Vita. Their eighth generation handheld is of supreme quality, but it lacks the software to validate a purchase for many gamers out there. So, where has Sony gone wrong?

It’s not because of lack of first-party Sony support. To their credit, Sony has worked to have their big franchises on PS Vita in the form of Uncharted and Resistance, but looking back, are the first-party Sony exclusives really what sell the systems? Or is it the third-party offerings? I think it’s safe to say that the success of the original PlayStation back in the day was due almost entirely because of the third-party games that released exclusively on that console.

I’ve touched on Vita’s issues with selling units a few months ago and even offered Sony five ways they could save PS Vita. One of those suggestions was to get more exclusive games on the system. In retrospect, that’s an obvious solution. These are the five exclusives that would cement Vita as a must-have system and ensure that it will, at the very least, meet the same success as its predecessor, the PlayStation Portable.

05. Monster Hunter Vita
In Japan, only one game series needs to be present to make a system fly off the shelves, and that series is Monster Hunter. One of Capcom’s strongest franchises worldwide, the Monster Hunter series is what helped the PSP reach the heights that it did, and with the series once exclusive to PlayStation, it’s easy to see how the device sold 71.4 million units worldwide.

Since then, Nintendo and Capcom have sort of gotten into bed together in regards to the Monster Hunter franchise, with the latest entries in the series releasing on 3DS and Wii U. Sony needs to pull out the checkbook and convince Capcom to release Monster Hunter 5 as a PlayStation Vita exclusive if they hope to win back some of their lost Japanese audience.

04. Resident Evil Vita
Tracing back Resident Evil’s history on PlayStation, and you’ll find a very fruitful one. Resident Evil originated on the first PlayStation console and was a big reason why people were buying PlayStation over Nintendo 64. Resident Evil’s sequels turned out to be just as good. Capcom even ported the GameCube-exclusive Resident Evil 4 to PS2 with enhanced features after promising Nintendo and Nintendo fans that the game would stay exclusive to GameCube.

3DS was having problems getting off the ground, but Resident Evil: Revelations, a once-3DS exclusive, was part of the effort to right that ship, and look at 3DS now. An exclusive Resident Evil title on Vita (preferably one that remains exclusive) would do wonders for the fledgling system. Plus, it’d be interesting to see just how well Capcom could take advantage of Vita’s powerful hardware and unique gameplay features such as the touchpad when it comes to handheld survival-horror.

03. Metal Gear Solid Vita
Yes, the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection is available on Vita, albeit in a butchered form. But I’m not talking about remakes and re-releases. What the Vita needs right now is an exclusive Metal Gear Solid game. Metal Gear Solid was one of PSP’s strongest franchises back in the day, with the likes of Portable Ops, the Acid spinoff series, and Peace Walker all releasing as exclusives, with only Peace Walker later being released as an HD game on other consoles.

MGS is practically synonymous with Sony, with Metal Gear Solid 4, one of the biggest games of the seventh generation, still having only released on PlayStation 3. Hideo Kojima has made it no secret that he is very much a Sony guy, and with 3DS lacking the graphical fidelity that could make a truly remarkable handheld MGS experience, I think it’d be only fitting to see the franchise on the handheld sooner rather than later.

02. Final Fantasy VII Remake
Back when PS3 was suffering, everyone was hounding Square Enix to release a Final Fantasy VII remake, especially after they created the Final Fantasy VII tech demo to showcase the graphical capabilities of PlayStation 3. Square Enix never did, and with PlayStation 4 already off to a great start before it’s even released, I think Final Fantasy VII Remake would be much more useful on PlayStation Vita.

Final Fantasy VII is one of the most beloved RPGs of all time, which is evident by the fact that people are still begging for a remake to this day. Having an HD remake of FFVII on the go would be a dream come true for many Final Fantasy fans, this one included. I think the quality and staying power of Cloud’s adventure is obvious, and I can picture many older gamers picking up a Vita system for this game alone.

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01. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Stories
PSP really took off after the release of Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories because people were downright amazed at the ability to play a game with the scope of a console GTA on a handheld. PS Vita NEEDS a Grand Theft Auto game.

The only question is, what would a Vita GTA game entail? Would we see a return to the San Andreas that was featured in the PS2 game, or would Rockstar pull some digital magic and feature the astonishingly vast world of the recreated San Andreas that will be in Grand Theft Auto V? Maybe they could have Liberty City as seen in Grand Theft Auto IV appear in a GTA Vita game.

Rockstar is known for pulling off technical miracles. Think they can achieve this on Vita?

Whatever the situation, GTA on Vita would work wonders. Rockstar supported PSP with Liberty City Stories and Vice City Stories, and I know I’m not the only one that would purchase a Vita GTA game on day one. With this year focused entirely on PS4, maybe next E3 Sony will surprise us all by announcing Rockstar is releasing GTA Vita.

Or at least Red Dead Vita? Please?

* * *

Vita is a great system, but its sales are suffering due to a lack of high quality games. These five titles from five of the biggest franchises in PlayStation history would absolutely result in Vita systems flying off the shelves, mark my words.


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