Contra: Evolution Walkthrough [Guide]

Contra Evolution

Contra: Evolution is more or less a loyal representation of the original 1987 arcade smash hit. The concept of the game is pretty easy – get to the end of the level, destroying everything that stands in your way. The journey will prove to be extremely difficult, however, as classic games tend to be harder than current ones. Do you have what it takes to finish the game without the famous Konami code at your deployment? Read this article and be armed.

Contra: Evolution is a sidescrolling action game where players can go through different stages, shooting at enemies that appear from different directions and in all sizes and form. Players are provided with unlimited ammo, and special bullets and powerups can be acquired in order to increase your chances of winning. Players are very vulnerable to attack, as simply touching an enemy will result in them losing a life. Also, you are given very limited lives as well as very few additional ones, so every move must be decided upon meticulously, and your reflexes must be razor sharp.

Game Modes
Contra: Evolution has two game modes, namely Mission and Arcade. Arcade Mode follows the original version of the game, while Mission Mode allows players to play through the different stages, as well as change its difficulty. The latter is a great way to learnt the layout of each stage, as well as earn additional coins that you can use to get an edge over your opponents. Arcade Mode, on the other hand, is the ultimate test to your skill and should be done once you have adequately prepared for it.

Several powerups can be acquired during the game, and can also be purchased via coins that are awarded by further play. These powerups can come in the form of additional lives, V-Bombs that can be used to destroy multiple enemies on the screen, as well as different bullet types. Bullet types include Spread Shots, Rockets, Lasers, and many more, and being able to use the right bullet type for the situation is integral to have a higher chance of success.

Unlike the original game, players would also be able to equip powerups that can be brought into the game. These, when equipped, will allow players to toggle different bullet types, and upgrading the power of your shots, among other abilities, is also available. Another special ability includes the appearance of a random bullet type, which can be triggered at the expense of some coins.

When players use up all of their lives, their game will end. However, players will have the option to spend Diamonds in order to get back into the game. More diamonds, in turn, will require players to make in-app purchases, so make sure to make each continue count as these come in limited supply.

There are two default characters that can be selected. Two additional female characters may also be unlocked and would be available for play. Ricci can be unlocked by finishing Arcade Mode, while Sally can be unlocked by collecting a specific number of badges during Mission Mode.

Daily Bonus
Rewards, like coins, will be awarded to players who log into Contra: Evolution daily. This is one of the easiest ways to earn resources, so make it a point to collect every time that you can.


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