Dark Manor Walkthrough [Guide]


As heir to a 1920′s mansion, you must restore the place to its former glory. Its past occupants, however, are not shy in making their presence known to you, and some will help you along in your task. Having a keen eye, as well as a lot of patience, is necessary in order to move forward in this game, and it would require a lot of skill in order to unravel the secrets of Dark Manor.

Dark Manor is a hidden object game and part building simulation game where players must find specified objects within an area by clicking on them. Multipliers will add up if players are able to click on the right items quickly, which would increase the rewards at the end of the stage. Rewards are also provided whenever players purchase decorations in the mansion, which would unlock further puzzles to solve. Stages can also be replayed repeatedly in order to acquire the necessary items for the next step of your game.

Coins, gold, and juju are the currencies at play within Dark Manor. Coins are earned by completing puzzles, and are used to purchase items that you can use to decorate the mansion. Juju, on the other hand, can be used to unlock more puzzles, and are primarily acquired from decorations. Lastly, gold are also rewarded when completing tasks, but the most efficient way to get these is via in-app purchases. Gold can be used to speed up tasks as well as purchase other essentials within the game.

Leveling Up
Completing puzzles, among other methods, will earn you experience points that you can use to level up. Players will be able to unlock specific items when leveling up, which will allow access to more content within the game.

Energy is required to play puzzles. Different puzzles will have different energy requirements, and you will have to wait or purchase an energy refill when you run out in order to continue playing.

Puzzles are played as a typical hidden object game. The goal of puzzles is to get ectoplasm from them, and there is a list of items for the players to find. In order to make things easier, players can swipe at the screen to move the area around, and they can also zoom in and out. Once the correct object has been clicked, it will disappear, which might also reveal other objects behind it.

If player are stuck in a rut, they can use the Hint System, which will highlight an object that has not been found. Players can use the hint many times, although this has a cooldown period, so players will have to wait a bit to be able to use it again.

Rewards are based on how quickly players are able to complete a puzzle, as well as on any multipliers that they have amassed in the stage.

Free Spins
Players are also awarded with spins on the wheel whenever players complete tasks. These can include experience, gold, or coins. This is one of the easiest ways to earn rewards, although players have no real control as to what they are going to get.

Quests are tasks that will constantly appear, and players are required to complete these tasks in order to move forward. Rewards will include experience, coins, or even gold. Achievements are also present, and players can complete these at any point in the game in order to get even bigger rewards. It is recommended that you prioritize towards completing quests and achievements so that you can get the most items within the shortest possible time.


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