Toy Defense 2 Walkthrough [Guide]

Toy Defense 2

If it is intense combat that you want, then let Toy Defense 2 take you to where the action is. In this title, war is a literal game, as players will be placing toy units in order to defend their base against similar toy soldiers, tanks, and other units. Proper strategy and management of resources is essential in winning the game, and only the best generals will be able to withstand the endless waves of enemies coming your way.

Toy Defense 2 is a tower defense game where wave after wave of enemies will walk down one or more predetermined paths towards the base. Players must then place different units that will shoot at the enemies, with the purpose of not letting enemies get to your base. Players can promote units before and during the game, and they also have access to an arsenal of other weapons to help them along in their mission.

There are two types of currencies available within Toy Defense 2, namely stars and tokens. Stars are earned depending on how players perform during the many levels, and these are used to buy upgrades for units as well as to purchase slots for hero units. On the other hand, tokens are considered as the premium currency, and these are used to buy arsenals. Tokens are much harder to come by than stars, but these, along with stars, can also be acquired in a variety of ways.

Extra stars and tokens can be purchased in exchange of real life money, and they can also be earned as rewards by completing achievements which would require players to perform specific tasks such as destroying a hundred units and completing an entire set of missions, among others.

Within the stages themselves, coins act as the currency, and these are used to purchase and deploy units. Each unit has different costs, and they may also be upgraded using coins. Coins are acquired by defeating units, and players can also earn coins by selling units that they have already deployed. Take note, however, that you will not be getting the full cost of units back if you decide to sell them.

There are four different kinds of units that can be selected in the game, with each having their own strengths and weaknesses. Riflemen are fast, but are the weakest in terms of firepower and range. Interceptors have a wide range of attack but also have mediocre firepower. Artillery is good for heavy damage, but is slow in reloading. Lastly, ack-acks deal good damage, but can only be used for flying enemies.

Units can be upgraded using stars, which will provide them with boosts and special abilities such as increased damage, area damage, causing chain damage, and many more. Upgrades are specific to each unit and are arranged in a tier, so succeeding upgrades can only be made if previous ones have already been purchased.

Unit can also be promoted in a way, giving them better abilities in combat. Units must be at play for a specific length of time and must have destroyed a number of enemies before leveling up may be done. This process will also need coins.

As enemies can attack your units, players must also spend coins to heal them. Otherwise, units that would have their health depleted completely can no longer be used unless they are revived. Lastly, units may also be sold so that you can use earned coins to purchase new units or promote existing ones.

Hero Units
Hero units are simply units that you would want to take with you after the round. These hero units have the advantage of being deployed at the beginning of the stage ready for promotion. Like regular units, however, players would need to spend coins to deploy them. There are a limited number of slots for hero units that you can bring and take to battle, and you can increase this number by spending stars. Having hero units is handy especially if you do not want to spend time to make your units powerful enough to take on numerous and stronger enemies.

Arsenals are special powerups that you can trigger to give you an extra advantage. These arsenals include the ability to slow down troops for a specific amount of time, the ability to launch a powerful attack in the immediate area around your base, the ability to repair damaged units, and resurrecting destroyed units, among others. Some rounds will provide players with free arsenals, with additional ones requiring purchase using tokens. Take note also that arsenals have cooldown periods, so they cannot trigger another one immediately once the effect of one has worn off. While using arsenals are completely optional, these will definitely turn the tides of battle in your favor when triggered at the right moment.

Toy Defense 2 is currently being updated with new content, and some features to look out for are base upgrades as well as a tournament mode where players can possibly interact with each other via a weekly or daily leaderboard.


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