War of Nations Walkthrough [Guide]


War of Nations does not have any fancy storylines – it’s simply all about war. Players must build up their bases and armies so that they are able to expand upon their empire. With this, resources must be managed and units must be trained, and it will take a lot of skill and strategy to balance exactly what you need in order to extend your territories and be one of the best tacticians in the land.

War of Nations is a building and combat simulation game where players must build bases, collect resources, train units, and do research to be able to acquire advanced items within the game. Players must also perform quests and expand their territories. In order to do this, they must train an army good enough to battle enemy forces. Combat between both computer and player controlled bases are available, and it will take a wise selection of troops to deploy to assure victory.

Different kinds of resources are being used within Wars of Nations. These include cash, oil, steel, and gas. Each of them have different uses within the game, and oftentimes building bases, training units, or doing research may require one or the another. Special buildings such as oil derricks, trading centers, and refineries will allow players to extract these resources over time, with the amount increasing as players level up these structures.

Resources may also be collected as rewards, either through the accomplishment of quests or through the daily bonus. Resources may also be purchased in exchange for gold bars, which serve as the premium currency in the game. Gold bars, like most premium currency, will require in-app purchases to acquire.

It is also important to note that players may only store a finite amount of unused resources, although this number can be increased by purchasing and upgrading resources.

Different kinds of buildings can be constructed within your territory, with each serving its purpose. The most common ones are the resource gathering buildings, training centers where players can train different types of units, research centers where players can unlock special abilities and upgrades, as well as defensive buildings that will help you against attack. Building bases, as well as both training and research, will take time and resources, although players can speed up the process by using speedups, items that either be purchased with gold bars or earned via rewards. Upgrading buildings, which would allow constructs to function more effectively, will also require resources and time to complete.

Quests are objectives that may be completed in exchange for rewards and experience. This will require players to perform tasks such as building bases, joining an alliance, and training units, among others. It is recommended that players complete quests above anything else as these would help unlock more content, and it will also serve as a tutorial on what other things may be done within the game.

Outposts are built whenever players would have to expand on their territory. These serve as additional bases, as players will begin the game with just one. Each base will have one command center, and it is also important to upgrade them accordingly as they each have different buildings, commanders, and units, and thus would have individual offensive and defensive capabilities. In order to acquire bases, players must attack areas and have the required amount of power cores so that these territories may be occupied.

Combat is pretty simple within Wars of Nations, but winning is a different matter altogether. Players must deploy powerful units when attacking other bases, although offense is not the only factor that must be put into consideration as some units work better against enemies as compared to others. Winning armies will be able to earn rewards upon their return to base.

Commanders are special types of units that can be deployed along with your armies. Commanders have their own statistics, boosts, and level, and they can also be upgraded and fused in order to create more powerful ones. Upgrading will combine two different commanders into one, while promotion will combine two similar commanders with a better stats rating. Commanders can only be deployed for as long as they have energy, which regenerates over time.

Different types of items can be collected, which will provide you with resources, allow you to recruit more commanders, give commanders energy, and many more. Most items are given as rewards for completing quests and successfully attacking territories, so players are advised to check up on their inventory to see what items they can use given the right situation.


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