Monsters Invade: Oz Walkthrough [Guide]

Monsters Invade: Oz

Stepping into Oz this time will not let you meet the Tin Man, Scare Crow, and the Cowardly Lion as you go down the Yellow Brick Road. Monsters have invaded the land, and it is up to you to save everyone from the Wicked Witch and bring order back by completing quests and defeating monsters. Monsters Invade: Oz plays similar to Pokemon, in the sense that players will be able to acquire and train monsters, and they can also collect different types of monsters to add to their collection.

Monsters Invade: Oz is a scrolling game with monster collection and battle elements thrown in. Players are required to complete quests in each area in order to access succeeding areas, and random battles will also be activated along the way. In combat, players can use monsters that they have captured and trained, and weakened monsters can be acquired, added to your collection, and used in further battles.

There are two types of currencies that can be used within Monsters Invade: Oz. The first type of currency is ink, which is generated naturally by Toto. Coins are used to generate the health of your monsters. On the other hand, gold bars are the premium currency of the game, which can be used to speed up training and reviving monsters. In addition, coins can be used to purchase additional ink as well as purchase overall boosts for your monsters. Coins are mainly acquired via in-app purchases, although both ink and gold bars can be collected by defeating monsters, completing quests, or via random drops in the world.

Monsters are the main characters that can be used in combat. Players start off with one monster, and they can use other monsters that they have captured in order to move forward. Each monster has different types of attacks, the strength of which is defined by your performance in a mini-game during turn based combat. Opponents can be knocked out and defeated completely; however, players can also opt to capture enemies using scrolls. The chance of a successful capture depends on how low the opponent’s health is. Captured monsters will have to be trained before they can be used, but this process can be sped up by using gold coins.

Once monsters have been completely trained, they can be brought into battle. There is a limited amount of monsters that players can bring with them to battle, and this can be expanded by purchasing additional slots using coins. Having lots of slots available is important as players would need to either switch knocked out monsters with fresher ones if they have been defeated completely, or run away.

It is also important to note that monsters that have been knocked out cannot be used again until they recover. Players can wait until they have regained consciousness, or they can also spend gold bars to speed up the process. In battle, players can spend ink in order to completely refill health.

Monsters level up independently from each other. The more you play your monsters, the more experience they would get, and higher level monsters will have better health, attack, and defense stats. Players can also spend gold bars to boost the overall stats of all their monsters, which is great especially during latter stages where enemies can dispatch your lower level monsters with just one hit.

Each stage within the world must be unlocked first before players can gain access to them. In order to do this, players must complete quests, which may involve attacking and defeating monsters, capturing monsters, or getting a specific number of items. Not only will these quests allow you to move further into the game, but completing quests will also allow players to earn rewards such as ink, gold bars, or scrolls.

Tips and Tricks
As with most games that typically play by RPG style, turn based rules, Monsters Invade: Oz requires players to level up their monsters properly in order to have an edge over increasingly tough enemies. Here, players can employ many different strategies, which may include concentrating all of their efforts towards upgrading one or two monsters, or letting more monsters in your employ level up more evenly. Both of these strategies have pros and cons, so players must properly weigh the consequences of their strategies.

A better technique would be to wait until they are able to encounter higher level monsters. At this time, make sure that you have either high health monsters, or lots of monsters that can be switched when they are knocked out. When the enemy already has low health, capture them using scrolls. This will allow you to get stronger monsters without having to level them up manually. Make it a general rule to not try and use scrolls unless monsters have about fifteen to twenty percent of health left so as to not waste scrolls on unsuccessful captures.

Even though gold bars are quite prominently awarded as compared to other freemium games, you might find your supply depleted quite quickly. Thus, reserve your gold to purchases that will provide the most benefit, and opt to wait for training and reviving to complete rather than spend gold bars to speed these processes up.

Ink is one of the most important resources that you can get. Toto will create ink for players for free, but rates will deplete unless you pet Toto. Thus, it is recommended that players pet Toto before they log out. This will cause Toto to be elated, allowing him to provide you with the maximum ink possible. Also, players can spend gold bars so that players would be able to get more ink for a limited period.

In order to unlock succeeding areas as fast as possible, players must move as fast as they can. Failing to do so will cause more random battles to pop up, and this might cause you not only precious time, but ink and monsters as well. Thus, making as less moves as possible is recommended in order to get ahead of the game. Of course, grinding is also recommended, especially if you want to level up lower level monsters, or even add more monsters to your collection. Going to earlier areas work best in this situation and players can just walk around in order to trigger random battles.

Capturing monsters is also one of the most advantageous things that you can do. There will be times where players can capture monsters of a much higher level than even the strongest monster in their possession, so looking at enemy stats before battles begin is important, especially if you want to know if you have the chance to defeat or capture the opposing monster.

Lastly, be patient when it comes to battles. Players have an unlimited time to complete their moves, so make sure to keep a steady hand in order to maximize your attacks. However, you will usually be no match against some enemies in a one or one matchup, so the best strategy would be to have as many monsters as you can equipped, whittle down your opponents’ health slowly, and then equip your strongest monsters for the killing blow. You don’t even have to heal your “cannon fodder” monsters as, most of the time, they will be knocked out by more powerful enemies with just a single blow, even if they are at full health.


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