Bloody Harry Walkthrough [Guide]

Bloody Harry

It’s the night of the living dead veggies, and it’s up to Bloody Harry to take them down. The game follows any generic zombie flick premise, and you must plow your way through countless undead members of the food pyramid in order to win. Players can be equipped with various melees and firearms, and there will be allies that will be showing up along the way. Bloody Harry is not your usual side scrolling adventure game, and this guide will help you through most parts of this action packed title.

Bloody Harry is a side scrolling game where players control Bloody Harry, a chef that comes equipped with different types of weapons that can destroy zombies as well as other objects strewn within each level. New weapons may be purchased, and existing ones may be upgraded. However, take note that firearms have limited ammo, which can be replenished at the beginning of each round as well as by collecting them via items acquired throughout the game. Health is also finite, and players will have to restart the level should they die. In order to avoid this, health pickups can also be acquired.

Players can also upgrade their weaponry as well as their own abilities via perks, which will make them more formidable in combat against more powerful and numerous enemies and bosses.

Gold and crowns are the currencies within the game. Gold can be acquired by defeating enemies or as drops from destroyed objects. Like coins, crowns can also be collected from each level, although these are much rarer. When players die, coins collected during the level will be halved and added to your inventory. Coins will allow players to purchase new weapons as well as upgrade them. In addition, coins can also be used to purchase buffs that are only active for the current level.

Crowns, on the other hand, can be purchased for more powerful upgrades, such as having allies or having an add-on ability for a specific number of rounds.

Players can move on a three dimensional plane, and they can use both melee and firearms to attack. In addition, players can switch weapons depending on the situation and depending on their ammo status. It is important to have good positioning with relation to zombies being attacked, as being closer to them will allow for more headshots which would in turn allow for more coins to be collected. Also, firearms will miss if players are not properly aligned with the zombies.

Players can also try and complete missions, which are milestones that players must reach. These include killing a specific number of enemies using a melee weapon, traveling a certain distance, and many more. It is recommended that players prioritize completing these missions as these will earn players experience points that will help unlock more powerful weapons at the latter parts of the game. Leveling up will also reward you with perks that will help boost your characters’ stats and effectiveness in combat.

Tips and Tricks
As with any side scrolling game, it is very important to take note of two key points- your position as well as item drops. Make sure that you are not surrounded by enemies, and try to keep them all to one side so that you will not get flanked. Also, keep an eye out for drops such as health items or ammo, as these would be very critical to your survival.

Know when to switch from melee to firearms. For one on one attacks, melee weapons like cleavers and hammers work best. For those zombies that shoot projectiles, however, try to attack them from a distance. Shotguns work best for zombies in clusters, and firing one from close range will destroy multiple enemies. Reserve assault rifles for tougher bosses, and always look at your ammo count. Switch weapons accordingly in order to stay alive.

Also, look out for special items such as skateboards and cannons, as these would allow you to move around fast and gain you a short level of invulnerability while still being able to kill zombies in one fell swoop, respectively. In addition, allies may also appear from time to time to help you out, so try and rush through the game when this happens as they are only available for a limited amount of time.

Lastly, do not waste your currency on upgrading weapons or buying upgrades. Reserve these for stronger weapons that will unlock when you level. However, if you find yourself stuck in a level despite multiple tries, then by all means, upgrade a weapon or two but don’t waste them all in a buying spree.


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