Call of Mini: Zombies 2 Walkthrough [Guide]

Call of Mini: Zombies 2

It’s non-stop zombie blasting action with Call of Mini: Zombies 2. Save the city from utter destruction and learn to survive with your ragtag team against the hungry undead. There are several missions to complete, and being well armed is of the utmost importance. Do you have what it takes to last against the zombies out to get your flesh?

Call of Minis: Zombies 2 is a third person shooting game where players must defeat hordes of zombies while completing missions which are strewn all over the map. Each mission has different difficulty levels, which is why players must collect currencies and items in order to level up their attributes and arsenals. Players must utilize precision shooting in order to destroy the undead horde, as well as manage their resources properly in order to acquire equipment than can help them complete missions faster.

There are three types of currency available within the game. Gold is the basic currency and is used to purchase and upgrade weapons. Vouchers, on the other hand, are used to level up your characters and increase your armor. Lastly, diamonds can be used to purchase gold or vouchers should you run low on these two types of currencies.

Gold, vouchers, and diamonds are available in decreasing rarity, although extra diamonds may be purchased using real money.

Players can switch between different weapons within the game. The two main weapon types are melee and ranged, and both must be utilized with skill especially when you run out of ammunition. All weapons may be purchased and upgraded, and additional ammo for each weapon can also be bought at the store.

For some weapons, certain components must be collected first before they can be crafted and purchased.

Call of Minis: Zombies 2 utilizes a combo system which will increase depending on how many zombies are killed in succession. The higher the combo count, the more bonuses will be provided such as increased fire rate or damage.

There are many different mission types available within the game. These may include escort missions, item collection missions, or simply destroying a certain amount of zombies. There are also daily missions as well as boss missions where players can get a lot of bonus items such as weapon components and currency. Finishing missions will open up other missions that players can try and accomplish.

Tips and Tricks
It is very important to move around, as zombies may sneak up behind you or pop up from the ground. It is also essential to know each zombie’s abilities, as some zombies may spit acid and even have increased speed or damage, so knowing how to properly attack and avoid them is advised.

Keep an eye out for item pickups such as ammo and health items in order to replenish your stores. It would be a very big problem if you find yourself running out of ammo in the middle of a mission. Also, don’t forget to top up your ammunition before each mission, as it only costs a few coins to purchase a lot of ammo.

Also, always try and chain attacks together in order to accumulate combo points. This will give you a very clear advantage as your shots would become more powerful and fast. Clump enemies together and blast at them so that you can get your combo gauge to climb faster. Once it has reached a certain level, don’t let it drop by consistently clearing zombies until you can group them together and mow them down again.

In escort missions, keep an eye out on your ally. They tend to move around a lot, and you might have a hard time locating them if you do not pay attention, and by the time that you get back to them, they’re most probably already getting devoured.

Lastly, don’t spend your hard earned coins on upgrading low level weapons. Try and get more powerful weapons and use those instead. Earlier levels can be defeating quite easily using just basic weaponry. If you find yourself getting beat in certain missions and you do not have enough currency to make the upgrade, you can select other missions as more than one usually pop up in the map once you have cleared a previous area.


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