Tiny Thief Walkthrough [Guide]


Tiny Thief plays out pretty much like the premise of Robin Hood. Players must steal in order to aid and give back to the needy, and they will have to utilize some pretty ingenious tricks in order to get ahead of the many guards littered about. With the help of your trusty ferret sidekick, you must be able to complete several levels of challenging puzzles from the same company that gave you Icebreaker: A Viking’s Voyage for the iOS.

Tiny Thief is part stealth, part puzzle solving, and part click and explore. The main purpose of each level is to collect one or more items, all the while avoiding meeting up with patrolmen that guard the area. This will require players to hide in barrels, create distractions, or even take a more aggressive approach like drop a bucket over a soldier’s head in order to complete each puzzle.

With each objective completed, players will be rewarded stars, which act as currency so that the next set of stages would be unlocked.

When a puzzle seems unsolvable, players can use hints that will give them clues on where key items are placed. Hints are a very valuable resource, and it regenerates once every four hours. It is advised to use this as a last resort due to its slow regeneration rate.

Tips and Tricks
In order to get the most stars out of each stage, players must be able to acquire all items requested. This will require players to tap at objects in order to activate or collect them, and players must then analyze how these objects can be put to use in order to solve the puzzle. In most cases, one item must be used in order for another to be acquired.

While Tiny Thief is not a platforming game, there will be instances where players will have to climb ladders and swing from ropes in order to get from one place to another. Try to plan out all your movements before making them in order to have a higher chance of success in the least number of time.

There will also be times where players will have their path blocked by soldiers, and the game will end if they notice you. Players can get around them if the soldiers are asleep, or turned away from you, so sometimes players would simply have to wait until this happens. Other times, players would need to work their way around them in order to avoid detection or create distractions that would make them go in another direction or even run away.

If a particular level does not seem to be solvable, keep clicking at different objects within the stage. Objects that can be used or activated will have a sign appear on top of them once clicked, and this would provide you with a clue on how the puzzle can be solved. Take note, however, that your character may move around while this is being done, so simply repeat the process if you find yourself noticed by a guard.

Lastly, try and get the most stars possible in a stage. An easy star to get is the ferret, as he can be clicked on and, upon doing so, will run towards you. It might make some time for the ferret to make its presence known, so wait a few moments until it pops up. Make sure that you also return to previously completed stages in order to acquire stars that you may not have collected yet, so that you would be able to continue and play the succeeding set of stages.


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