Dungeonism Walkthrough [Guide]


Dungeonism is a no-frills rogue not common in today’s hi-res graphics and animations. Still, there’s a lot of deep gameplay involved, and the randomly generated dungeons will assure players that no playthrough will ever be the same. The game also has some RPG elements thrown in, which allows players to stock equipment, items, and spells that can help them in even the most formidable of dungeons. If you want to try your hand at adventuring in this unique yet very enjoyable game, then feel free to read this guide so that you will be better equipped to deal with the task at hand.

Dungeonism is a rouge-like dungeon crawler where players take on the role of a lone adventurer that sets out to conquer monsters and collect treasure from different dungeons that are segregated into zones and areas. Each player has stats and attributes to monitor, and they can also equip themselves with additional gear as well as use items against monsters that they will be facing. There are also objects that players can interact with such as blocks that can be moved around or destroyed.

Players can also collect coins that they can then use to purchase items as well as experience points that will be able to boost their overall stats. The game utilizes a random maze generator so that each dungeon would be unique each time a particular level loads.

Energy is an important part of Dungeonism. Energy is required to be more formidable in battle, as it will increase the effectiveness of spells and attacks. In addition, energy will also increase your defenses, which would lessen the impact of attacks from monsters. Players can replenish energy by using items as well as clicking on your character. While resting, players will be able to block attacks from monsters, resulting in less damage. Monsters, however, have this ability as well.

Health is another attribute that players will have to keep an eye on. Players as well as monsters have health, and this can be lessened by attacks. Status effects such as being poisoned and being set on fire will also gradually lessen health. Health can be refilled by using items collected in a dungeon or purchased using coins.

Players will only be able to move for a specific number of tiles. Players can move by clicking on the designated location. Being able to move in an advantageous spot is important especially when battling enemies. Facing monsters will allow you to block attacks and resist status effects, although monsters are also capable of having that advantage.

It is also important to note that certain tiles will affect movement in a variety of ways. For example, ice blocks will slide characters if they move or are knocked towards one, and water tiles will also affect your movement range.

Battling Monsters
Monsters can be snuck upon, but they will notice you if you get too close. Players can attack monsters by clicking on them, and combat is done on a per turn basis. Thus, battling multiple monsters at a time will definitely put players at a disadvantage. With this, players would do well to stock up on items that will allow for ranged attacks such as arrows, as well as equipping spells such as poison that can inflict damage on enemies even as you move away from there.

Several items and equipment can be used while adventuring. Items can be collected while navigating through dungeons, while some can also be acquired by purchasing them at the store. Items have various effects such as increased attributes, rejuvenating health and energy, being able to increase attack damage and inflicting status effects, being able to conjure up spells, and many more. Equipping yourself with the proper equipment is important especially when dealing with latter dungeons and challenges.

Tips and Tricks
Sometimes, it would be more prudent to run away from monsters rather than tackling them head on. Monsters will forget your presence once you have kept some distance from them for a period of time. It is also very important to put yourself in a position where you are facing just one enemy, with walls hiding your more prone sides against other monsters.

Players should also mind staying away from fire, as they would cause your character to get aflame. Be mindful of all your surroundings, and you can probably use this to your advantage as well, especially when it combat with multiple enemies.

Be sure to collect all items present in the dungeon. Health and energy items should be top priority, to be followed by coins and experience points, and then by other items that can help in battling items. However, learn the risks involved, especially when there is danger on your path.

Lastly, return to previously conquered dungeons if succeeding levels prove to be difficult. This will allow you to level up and earn coins that you can use to purchase items that can help you further in your adventuring.


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