Nuclear Outrun Walkthrough [Guide]

Nuclear Outrun

Nuclear Outrun is a fun game set in apocalyptic times. There are nuclear weapons, zombies, and even cyborg dinosaurs. What else could you want? Survival is necessary within the game, even though that is a luxury that you’ll have for only a short time, but players need to make the most out of their time left by traveling as far as they can, collecting coins, while destroying zombies and saving other survivors along the way.

Nuclear Outrun is an endless runner type game where players must travel at the farthest possible distance within thirty seconds. Players are able to drive a vehicle and have a designated driver, and there are various weapons and other powerups to equip and use. Once the timer is up, or if the vehicle has been damaged enough by zombies and other obstacles, then the round will end.

Players will also be able to save survivors that they can add to their collection. These drivers can then be used with different combinations of weapons and vehicles in order for players to try and beat their personal scores.

Coins are the main currency within Nuclear Outrun. Coins can be earned as drops during each stage, and completing missions specific within each level will also earn players coins as well. Players can use coins to purchase and upgrade weapons, unlock new vehicles, purchase WMDs, as well as buffs at the beginning of each level. Should players need extra coins, they are welcome to acquire them via in-app purchases as well.

Various survivors are available within the game, and each can be used as a driver. Survivors must first be saved by driving past tubes where they are being held captive and depositing them in checkpoint located throughout the road. Some survivors work better with certain types of vehicles and ammo, and this will provide them with perks such as additional ammo or armor.

Various weapons can be unlocked and used. Weapons have varying damage, ammunition, and properties, which may include the ability to bounce, pierce multiple enemies, or even have spread shots. Weapons may also be upgraded so that their attributes would be improved. Buying and upgrading weapons would require coins to accomplish. Also, the game will also allow players to try out weapons for free for a limited time period. This will in turn allow players to use a weapon and knowing its abilities without purchasing it just yet.

Players can equip four different weapons, and these would cycle throughout the game until all ammunition has run out. Powerups that will double your ammunition cache at the beginning of one stage is also available.

Vehicles can also be purchased using coins. Vehicles have varying speed and armor, the last of which defines how much damage it can take without breaking. Different combinations of drivers and weapons will yield certain benefits when using a specific vehicle, so make it a point to read descriptions for all items available within the game so that you can equip accordingly and get the most advantage.

Weapons of Mass Destruction, or WMDs, are abilities that players can call upon to help them in a level. WMDs cost a lot of money and must be bought again should they run out of it. WMDs include being able to call upon George the T-Rex, a bomber that drops a hail of teddy bears, and the ability to heal up and freeze time for a limited period.

Gadgets are powerups that are only activated during a single run. Players would have to spend coins so that these could be used. Gadgets include items that will allow you to zip automatically at the 100 meter mark, ammo caches that will double your ammo capacity, as well as items that will give you an additional thirty seconds so that you can collect more coins and destroy more zombies.


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