Breach & Clear [Review]

Breach & Clear

Breach & Clear is a turn-based strategy game that might interest a lot of gamers, especially those who love games based on the military. This title allows you to control troops from the elite forces of the U.S. and Canada as you try and complete missions, which basically require you to clear all rooms in a particular stage. One of Breach & Clear’s charms is that it derives real elements from the military, especially with regards to weapons and accessories used.

Each mission begins with the players breaching a doorway and clearing all enemies within, hence the title. This can be done in a multitude of ways, and players can control the method by which players would enter, where they would be positioned, and where they would be looking at. There are also special tactics and items that can be used in order to add more flavor than the usual entering and shooting everything in sight method. Combat takes place automatically, and this is where equipping yourself with high powered weapons and armor comes in.

Breach & Clear utilizes real life weapons and items based on those actually used by the military. Customizations can also be done on firearms in order to make them more powerful or accurate, among others. Also, your platoon can have different roles, which would define what kind of tactics they can perform. Lastly, skill points can be distributed among your platoon so that they can improve their attributes. All of this can be done in a very easy to use interface at the home screen.

The way by which Breach & Clear is presented is absolutely amazing. The level of customizations allowed, as well as the infinite ways by which you can take on a mission, whether it be going in as a group or dividing breaches among the soldiers gives the game an amount of playability that is well worth the game’s asking price. In addition, there are also various missions that are labeled as coming soon, among these new locations as well as new mission types, allowing players to go on missions to save hostages or diffusing bombs. This new content extends well beyond the simply breaching and clearing, and players would have already purchased this title will surely be excited for these updates to be released, although no schedule has officially been released for this.

One thing that can lead to some bit of frustration, however, is that commands can tend to be a bit difficult to execute smoothly, especially for those who are going to be playing on smaller devices such as the iPhone or iPod Touch. Some levels can be a bit expansive, and seeing everything would not be very easy. Camera angles can be manipulated, but this does not solve the problem of directing players in a certain location that you cannot tap on unless you have tried multiple times. This is where you would probably be where you would spend most of your time during gameplay, rather than on the actual action itself. However, this is a very minor flaw considering the game’s absolute enjoyability especially if things are running smoothly control wise.

Breach & Clear is an absolutely enjoyable game that gives players complete freedom on how they would like to attack each mission. There’s a lot of strategizing and planning involved before you deploy your troops, and properly equipping them with the right gear and items is necessary as things can get pretty hairy quickly once you breach a room. This title is quite easy to play, but properly mastering it is another topic altogether. Those who like authenticity in their games would surely have a lot to rave about with Breach & Clear. Also, this game is a refreshing take on military games that usually focus on FPSs or over the building and combat. With Breach & Clear, it’s not all about the combat but rather on how you would approach the situation in order to assure victory. This title is as real as you get, and is probably, for most of us, as close to getting into a real combat situation as we can.

Tested on iPhone. Final Score: 8/10

Breach & Clear was developed by Gun Media Holdings, Inc. It was released on July 18, 2013 and is available for the iOS via iTunes.


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