Breach & Clear Walkthrough [Guide]

Breach & Clear

Breach & Clear is a fun and exciting game from Gun Media and it promises the most realistic military experience that you can get to play on a mobile device. Participate in missions and attack enemies in a multitude of ways, and use troops and equipment modeled after actual teams and items from all over the world. Breach & Clear will test how you can manage your troops and command them to clear stages and perform breaches and clears as an effective and cohesive unit.

Breach & Clear is a turn based strategy game where players can control troops that will have to breach areas and clear them room by room. Soldiers can be controlled individually, allowing players to command where they would be positioned, what actions they would do, and where they would be looking at. Items can be purchased to be used in missions, and weapons can also be customized using attachments to make your squad better during engagements.

The game allows players to control squads modeled after real lie military groups such as the U.S. Navy Seals, the Army Rangers, and Canada’s JTF2. Players can control four soldiers, and players can assign roles for each. Each role has specific special attributes known as tactics, and they can also level up specific attributes such as speed, health, accuracy, and many ore using skill points earned when participating in missions.

Different weapons can be purchased using silver earned when completing missions. Premium weapons can also be purchased using stars, which serve as the game’s premium currency. Attachments can be purchased and equipped in the Workbench, which can increase a weapon’s damage, rate of fire, and many more. Soldiers can have different loadouts, and being able to equip the correct armaments suited for the mission is very important, requiring players to prioritize spending currencies on purchasing and upgrading weapons.

Aside from weapons and attachments, players may also purchase gear and consumables. Gear would include helmets and armor that can help resist damage and increase some stats, while consumables include grenades, lock picks, and health items. Like weapons, these would require currencies to purchase, and soldiers must bring them along in missions by equipping them. Using items constitutes as one action, although some soldier classes would allow the use of items while still being able to perform actions during a turn.

Breaching pertains to when soldiers would be entering a room. Most rooms will contain enemies, although these are not visible to the player until the soldiers have already entered the area. There may also be multiple breach points, and the player can choose to enter a room as a single unit or have coordinated attacks from multiple points. Players can also have multiple breach methods such as kicking down a door, blasting a door using a shotgun, or using a lock pick or explosives.

Once an area has been breached, it is important to take cover immediately after entering a room in order to avoid getting attacked. This is especially necessary when entering close quarters or in areas where you might get ambushed. It would also be wise to enter with at least two people per group, one for positioning, and the other for support should there be one or more enemies present.

Additional Content
Breach & Clear would also feature additional missions aside from the ones currently available. As only one country is currently available to players, two would be unlockable while others are labeled as coming soon. There would also be other mission types available in the near future, so players should make it a point to monitor news about these updates and download this additional content once they become available.


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