R.I.P.D. The Game [Review]


Here is another movie tie-in game that could prove interesting, like the premise of the movie itself. This is R.I.P.D. The Game, which continues off the comic book premise of cops who continue to be cops in the afterlife after being killed. If you want to play as either Jeff Bridges or Ryan Reynolds in an action game, then you could find this game to be rather interesting, if not generic.

Developed by Old School Games, who also developed God Mode, and published by ATLUS, which seems to still be hanging on despite reports of their compromised existence. It seems that they still have enough life in them to publish games, and the R.I.P.D. game is like a faint murmur of a heartbeat to tell the world that they’re still alive.

The visuals aren’t really that bad, but the graphics do get wonky at times. Sounds are fairly average with some music thrown in. There’s not a lot of voice acting to go around though, which is usually the focus when making a movie game. There is a short introduction at the start of the game and maybe some more in between, but there’s barely anything else. You get the bare bones in the presentation department, and that may not really bode well for the rest of the game.

The same kind of wonkiness also goes for the gameplay itself. Aiming and shooting at enemies looks and feels distended, and the kinesthetics of shooting in this game doesn’t really feel good at all. There’s no decent feedback when you hit something, and that makes the combat feel quite dry. You do get pretty good variety in terms of weapons, so it does let you play around for quite a bit. But if you can’t get over how disconnected to shooting feels, then it may not help at all.

The story in this game is rather basic, which boils down to just killing Deados and looting stuff. In the end, you’ll find yourself just grinding aimlessly without much rhyme or reason. The co-op play is much better as it does have challenges and betting that do make it a bit fun, but only just. Whatever fun you do get in online multiplayer is marred by pretty bad matchmaking though. Your partner can quit the game out of the blue, either from frustration or boredom, and you’re left in the dust. The enemy AI doesn’t fare any better either, with pathfinding that makes a goldfish look like a navigational genius and combat intelligence equal to a dodo bird.

Basically, what they did here is take God Mode, re-skin it, and turn the 4-player co-op into 2-player. Not only is it redressing a previous game, but it also downgraded its main selling point from accommodating 4 players to 2 players in order to fit the movie’s 2-man leading cast. Messing with it does make the co-op multiplayer almost as bad as that of Star Trek: The Video Game, which doesn’t feel like a conducive environment for teamwork at all.

If you do want to play a third-person action game with pretty good co-op, then maybe you should just play God Mode anyway, since that’s better made. If you do decide to play this, you should wait for a discount sale and have another person to play with you since you might as well go for how it was meant to be played, which is the co-op. R.I.P.D. is yet another movie game that disappoints and disengages players from the gameplay experience.

Tested in PC. Final Score: 3/10


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