Lego City Undercover: The Chase Begins [Guide]

LEGO City Undercover: The Chase Begins

The 3DS prequel to the Wii U open world title, The Chase Begins tells the story
of Chase McCain’s earliest days as a police officer.

Lego City Undercover: The Chase Begins
Written by Dalton “HorrorSpooky” Cooper and Trade
Copyright 2013

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01. Introduction and Controls
02. Walkthrough

Cherry Tree Hill
Albatross Island
Fort Meadows
Apollo Island
Bluebell Woods
Cherry Tree Hill 2

03. Conclusion

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01. Introduction and Controls
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This is the story of how Chase McCain began his career as a policeman in Lego
City. Experience Chase’s earliest cases and reunite with friends from the Wii U

L – Camera
R – Camera
Circle Pad – Move
D-pad – Change Disguise
Y – Use
B – Jump
A – Use
X – Enter/Exit Vehicle
Touchscreen – Various
Gyroscope – Various
Select – Pause
Start – Pause

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02. Walkthrough
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Chase McCain’s first mission on the job is to get his fellow officers a box of
doughnuts. The game uses this mission to teach you basics, such as camera
control with the shoulder buttons or the touchscreen, and how to move, jump,
and more.

Once your map shows up on the touchscreen, head across the street and go up
the stairs to the shop. Speak with the shopkeeper, and then make your way to
the police vehicle back at the station. Hop in the vehicle and drive it to the
stranded delivery boy.

Rebuild the truck by standing in front of the broken pieces and holding A. Once
the truck has been built, you can hop in yourself and then drive it back to the
rear of the shop. Park it and then go back up to the counter. Pick up the box
of doughnuts and then carry them across the street to the police station,
dropping them in the area designated by the green arrow on the top screen and
the green circle on the touchscreen.

Now you are free to roam around Lego City and do whatever you want, or you can
continue the main story missions. To start the next story mission, go into the
floating icon that is represented by a police badge on the touchscreen map.

Starting the next mission gets Chase on his first real case. Go to the
distraught dog owner to learn that his buddy Mr. Waggles is missing! Go around
the corner into the alley to meet Doorlock Holmes, or whatever is hame is, and
he will teach you the art of detective work.

Stand on the detective icon and press A to make Chase whip out his magnifying
glass. Follow the footprints up the steps to the X in front of the dog house.
Press A to search there and you’ll find a dog bone. Now smash everything here
and use the leftover pieces to build a trampoline.

Jump on the trampoline. Hold B to make Chase get higher. Once he grabs the pole
above, press A to swing and jump across to the other pole. Do it again and then
you will reach the next area with another detective icon.

Follow the footprints again to find another clue, this time a shirt. The shirt
apparently belongs to some gang members. Grab a car and drive to their house.
You’ll find the front gate shut tight, but there is a nearby building that can
give you a better vantage point, marked on your map.

Go there now and use the little platforming ledges, which are always blue and
white, to reach the top of the building. At the top, you will be at a vantage
point where you can use your audio scanner. Aim the scanner with the circle pad
or by tilting the actual 3DS system using the motion controls.

The green arrows around the scanner cursor indicate where you need to be
pointing the device. Point it at the right area and it will start pulsating
green. Hold A to listen in on the audio, which will reveal that Mr. Waggles is
being held on the balcony over there. Use the convenient zipline on this roof
to get over the gate.

Climb the pole on the side of the building and make your way around it to get
to the balcony where Mr. Waggles is being held captive in a kennel. Free the
poor puppy dog and watch the scene that unfolds. How sweet!

Go to the roof of the police station. You will need to climb a ladder to get
there. Chase will be told that a news crew wants to do a story on the heroics
of the officers at the Lego City PD. Grab the Super Brick from the ground and
then once you have 300 bricks (you should have well over that much at this
point, unless you actively avoided collecting bricks for some reason), you
can build the helipad on the roof.

This will allow the news crew to land. Once they’ve landed, Chase has to be
filmed performing the heroic deeds. Hop off the police station roof and then
go to the designated area in the construction yard. The Knuckles Gang, the
same gang that kidnapped poor Mr. Waggles, has stranded a construction worker
on a suspended piece of scaffolding.

Whip out Chase’s magnifying glass and follow the footprints to find the
controls to the crane buried in the dirt. Put it back together and then use the
lever to save this citizen. However, the trouble isn’t over yet, as there is
another citizen that is being terrorized by the Knuckles Gang in the park.

Go there now to find the citizen is stuck on their lawnmower and it won’t stop.
Go over to the red lift and break the brown boxes in front of it to get the
parts to the lever that controls the thing. Throw the lever onto it and then
ride the lift to the top. Smash the blue wheelbarrow in front of the cliff wall
and use the pieces of that to create another platforming ledge.

Climb across the wall and then drop down. Make your way to the concrete mixer
and a cut-scene will trigger. After the scene is over, Chase’s filmed heroics
can be put on the back burner for now.

Some baddies are trying to hijack cars from the dealership in town. Go there
to put a stop to it and learn the game’s combat basics! The game will teach
you each one of Chase’s combat techniques one by one (or brick by brick, eh?),
but allow me to reiterate them anyway.

Press Y for a quick-throw. Press X when the button appears above an enemy’s
head to counter their attack. You can press A to grab people, and then press A
again to change how you are holding the individual. Press Y again when they are
being held with an A grapple to throw them. You can hold Y to aim the direction
of the throw as well as give it more of an “umph” factor.

Defeat the enemies in the parking lot and then even more will come down the
ladder. Defeat them as well and then climb the ladder. Get rid of any enemies
that are left over and make your way across the roof to Booster. Unfortunately,
he will flee through the window on the roof and hijack a car in an attempt to

Chase will automatically hop into a Trooper-style car. Now your goal is to
chase Booster around the city blocks and smash into his car enough times so
that his heart is depleted and then his car will be destroyed as a result. Do
not worry if you run out of blue hearts (representing vehicle health), as Chase
will just respawn inside of a new Trooper, and Booster can never get away
anyway. He just drives around the block a bunch like a madman.

Upon destroying his car, Booster will get out to fight Chase. The fight with
Booster is like the fight with all the other bad guys, with the only exception
that his meter that shows up displaying the time you have to run over and
handcuff him drains much quicker. By the way, when an enemy is defeated, they
will either disappear automatically if enough damage is done, or struggle on
the ground with a handcuff icon above them. When that icon appears, walk over
to them and press A to slap the cuffs on them to defeat them for good.

With Booster in custody, the interrogation begins, and Chase and the Lego City
PD learn of a secret hideout in an apartment complex. Guess that’s the next
stop for our heroic rookie cop!

Start the mission and then head to the first door. This mission revolves
entirely around using Chase’s wiretap gadget. Go to the door and press A. Then
you have to tilt the 3DS in different directions until the meter on the
touchscreen reaches 100 to listen in on the conversation.

Make your way to all the other doors and just repeat the process. You’ll have
to build a wall to climb up after the first door by smashing things, but you
should be smashing everything anyway so that shouldn’t be a problem.

At the end of this mission is a battle with a few thugs. Lock ‘em up.

Proceed to the bank where, if you paid attention to the conversations that
Chase was listening in on, there is a robbery planned. The thief will run once
he sees Chase at the scene, so pursue him.

The thief will climb up a pole. Follow him up the pole. Then go to the fence.
When fences have the blue and white bricks at the top, that indicates you can
use those platforms to get over the fence. Do this and then on the other side
of the fence, climb up the wall and continue chasing the thief.

You will have to slide and jump over ventilation shafts. When these objects
are marked with blue and white bricks, approach them and press B and Chase will
perform the necessary parkour action. You’ll have to follow the thief over a
tightwire as well as up a water tower and across another zipline until Chase
finally corners him on the edge of a roof.

This mission is incredibly simple. Just go to the police station and stand in
the waypoint to get Chase the grapple gun and that’s it.

It seems the apparent mastermind of the car thefts is nearby. Go to his
location and defeat all his thugs. Then using the new grapple gun, zip up to
his position and start chasing him across the rooftops. Expect the same parkour
elements from the previous chases, but now grapple points (marked on the ground
by a police badge icon) as well as launch pads are thrown into the mix as well.

Once the chase has come to a stop, you’ll have to fight the boss himself. He is
a “big” enemy, so fighting him is a bit different. Grab him with A, and then
you have to keep mashing on A to fill up the meter. Once the meter is full,
then you are able to throw him. Throw him a few times and he will retreat to
the object in the corner of the area.

On here, he will call forth his minions. Defeat them and then once they’ve all
been defeated, repeat the process with him. Keep doing this until his heart is
completely depleted, at which point you will be given the opportunity to slap a
pair of handcuffs on him.

Head to the docks. You’ll then be told to obtain your first disguise, the ever
exciting “plain clothes” disguise. Suit up and then walk up the boat ramp to
complete this very short prison.

To Top


Upon arriving at the prison, Chase immediately realizes that he is going to
need a better disguise to survive here. So follow the studs inside the prison
proper where you can find a costume closet. Problem is the way to the actual
closet is blocked off.

So first what you need to do is smash everything. Throw the lever together and
then pull it down to make more stuff fall from the ceiling. Build the stuff to
create a small trampoline. Then use your magnifying glass to find a valve
buried under some dirt. Use the valve on the pipe to close the shutters on top
of the furnace.

Now go back to the trampoline and hold B to build up some height. Jump across
to the ventilation shaft hanging from the ceiling and work your way to the
ledge. Shimmy across and then drop down onto the furnace. Jump over the
fence and then open the closet to get the Robber costume. Using this costume,
just like in the Wii U version of the game, you are able to break through doors
with a crowbar.

Using a crowbar, break through the initial door by mashing on the A button.
Then go back outside. Use your crowbar to break through another area and then
you’ll come up to a bunch of grey boxes. Push the initial grey box up to the
stack of other ones so you can get over the fence and then watch the next

Speak to the guy that is sobbing in the prison yard. His pet bird has ran away
it seems. Use the crowbar to break through the door blocking you from the
bird and then chase it. The bird will fly away, so pursue it throughout the

The bird will then stop and attack another inmate that has some boxes of
doughnuts. A piece of one will fall to the ground. Pick it up and carry it to
the designated location. Drop it to attract the bird. Pick up the bird while it
is eating and take it back to the sobbing inmate.

Head to the designated area, pick up the box, and then drop it on the green
Lego pad. Then throw the pieces together to create a trampoline. Bounce on the
trampoline to get above the wall and jump over the wall.

Switch your costume back to the cop costume. To switch costumes, press the icon
on the bottom right hand corner of the screen. Step on the badge icon on the
ground and then use your grapple hook to pull the bleacher seats out. Climb up
the steps and jump over the fence.

Fight off the enemies. Then the big guy will drop down. Grab him and mash A
near the lockers to throw him into the lockers. This will cause the key to fall
out. Pick up the key and then take it to the lock. This will allow you to reach
a higher area to use your audio scanner to discover the location of the warden.

Make sure you’re in your robber costume. Break through the door and then go
through. Then you can get up to the roof and use the zipline to get across.
Smash all the boxes and you’ll get another key. Pick up the key and then use it
to open the cell door.

Speak with the warden. Then head to the door with the keypad next to it on the
wall. Use the keypad to unlock the door and then go through the door to get to
the area above. Smash all the boxes and build the radio tower and use it to
radio for back-up.

Afterwards, make your way back to the zipline point you used to get to the
warden in the first place. Instead of riding it all the way to the warden, drop
down to the building in the center of the area. Make your way to the control
panel on the roof here to take control of the RC car that is in the yard.

Smash the RC car into the cart and then drop down. Rebuild the cart on the
other side of the fence and return to the warden.

Speak with the warden again, and then walk him down to the new RC-powered white
cart. After he gets inside, make your way back to the RC controls on the roof
(who was controling it before, I do not know). Drive the warden right out of
the front gate.

Join him and then walk with him to the next locked door. He will unlock it,
allowing the two of you to continue. Follow the path, fighting all the bad
guys that show up and stopping to rebuild the ladders on all of the
watchtowers. Escort the warden to yet another locked door to complete the

Break through the prison cell with the robber costume. Smash all the beds and
the walls. Then you are able to climb up the wall to reach the upper area.
Pull the lever to release one ladder, and then push the crate off of the ledge.

Drop back down and use the parts that came out of the smashed crate to build a
new ladder. The warden will use these ladders to get up to the next locked
door. Stand with him near the next keypad-locked door for yet another quick
and successful mission.

Go through the newly opened door to reach the roof. On the roof, go to the
helipad Super Build. You can throw it together for free. After that’s done,
the “Bird Man” will show up with the controls to dynamite-equipped RC cars.

Your goal now is to trick the RC cars into going into their spawn points on
the roof. When the spawn points are on fire, that is how you know that they are
destroyed. Once they’ve been destroyed, the Bird Man himself will jump down
and come fight you.

Defeat him like you would any other “Heavy” type enemy. Once his heart just
has a sliver or so left, slap the handcuffs on him and call it a day.

To Top


Upon arriving back in the city, it’s time to make your way to the Auburn
district of town. As you drive there, there will be a loading screen and the
game will ask if you are on a mission because going to this part of town will
cancel any mission you’re on. Nope, we’re going TO a mission, silly game! So,
continue to the Auburn docks when ready.

Upon arriving at the docks, watch the cut-scene to get a hold of the situation.
Then head over to the lift. Throw the lever parts on the lift and then ride it
up. At the top of the lift, follow the studs to see a thug hounding the warden.
Defeat the thug and speak to the warden.

Walk to the end of the scaffolding and put together the jump point. Walk to the
end of it and then jump off for a free fall segment. Fly through the stud rings
to get extra studs. Chase will automatically deploy a parachute. Upon landing,
make your way to the designated area, climb up the pole, jump across to the
thugs, defeat them, and then use the grapple point to get over the wall.

Defeat the thugs here as well. Once they’ve been defeated, you’re free to get
the Construction Worker costume from the costume closet locker thing. Use your
newfound power to smash the concrete on the ground, which will cause a water
stream to jet upward, allowing you to return to the city and go to your next

Talk with the warden again to find out that the construction crew is actually
missing some of their vehicles. The first one you need to retrieve is the
digger. Head to its location and then use your construction worker powers to
drill a hole through a cement, riding the water over the fence.

Defeat the enemies on the other side and then hop in the digger. The digger is
a large enough vehicle that it can just smash through the gate. Drive it back
to the warden and hop it. The next vehicle to retrieve is the forklift. Switch
to your cop costume and head there now.

Stand on the police badge icon that is superimposed on the ground. Press A to
use the grapple gun. This will yank the truck back onto its tires, which will
cause the parts that were in it to fall to the ground. Use the parts to create
a section of wall to climb to the pole above. Shimmy along the pole to the
right to get over the fence and then drop down on the other side of the fence.

Fight the enemies here and the steal the forklift. Once again, drive it to the
warden and drop it off. Finally, you will have to get the hazard vehicle for
them. Go to its location and then switch to your construction worker costume.
Nearby will be more concrete tiles that you can use the jackhammer to drill

Destroy the concrete pieces and then pick up the key underneath them. Take the
key to its designated area and use it to open up the gate. Fight the thugs on
the other side, hop in the vehicle, and drive it back to the warden. Get out
of it to complete the mission.

Unfortunately for these construction workers, they just can’t catch a break.
Now their blueprints have been stolen. Head to the site of their stolen
prints and the baddie will run away. Chase him down by using the blue and white
climbing LEGO points to get to the top of the roof and then use the launchpad
to get into the “cage” with him.

Defeat him and then pick up his blueprint. Now go chase down the other guy that
has a blueprint. This is a much easier, straight-forward affair. Defeat him,
get the blueprint, and then return to the warden with the goods.

Go to the garage and get in the Steadfast, the truck you will be using to carry
the supplies to the construction workers. Drive the Steadfast to the docks and
then fight the enemies that pop out to fight you. Proceed to the end of the
docks and then rebuild the magnet controls after fighting off more goons.

See the open spaces in between the shipping containers? Drop the magnet between
these spaces to get boxes. Once you’ve collected all the boxes, someone will
drive off with the truck. Chase them down and smash into the truck enough times
so that the heart is completely depleted. Defeat the two goons that pop out,
and then jump in the truck yourself.

With the supplies secured, drive them back to the warden and drop them off by
parking the truck in the designated mission objective area. You know, the weird
blue portal thing with the police badge floating above it.

The warden has just one more favor to ask of Chase so that they can finish work
on the bridge. The generators they need are all not working, and he wants Chase
to go around and fix them.

Even though all the generators appear on your map simultaneously as blue dots,
you have to do this in a certain order. Go to the dot in the northeastern
section of the yard, behind the large pile of gravel. Make sure you’re in your
Construction Work costume and then approach the generator. Mash on the A
button to fix the generator.

A key will be dropped by the dude that Chase startles. Pick up the key and
then go to the locked door in this area with the worker leaning against the
door. Place the key in its slot and then turn the key to open the door. Go
into the fenced area and then start up the other generator.

Switch to the robber costume and then break into the shipping container in the
fenced area. You will find a box full of parts inside. Pick up the box and then
carry it to the designated green area on your map. Drop the box and then use
the parts inside to construct a ladder. Climb the ladder and walk across the
beam to reach the next generator.

Fix it and then stand on the launchpad. Chase will be launched across the gap
and then land right in front of the final generator. Fix this one as well and
the bridge will be completed!

To Top


Drive across the bridge to the distressed farmer. Speak with him and then go
beat up the thugs. After that, use your grappling hook to yank the box of parts
off the balcony. Throw the parts together to create a ladder and then climb up
the balcony.

Get the Farmer costume. In the Farmer costume, you can stand on areas on the
ground with the chicken symbol and then jump off, using the chicken to fly
through a series of rings. Test this out now and land on the barrels of hay
that are down in the field.

Return to the farmer and speak with him after accomplishing this. Jump in the
tractor and then drive it back to the farm and park it.

Turns out the goons running the barnyard want some eggs, but like the
construction workers from earlier, they are far too lazy to do anything
themselves. Unlike similar missions you’ve already done in this game, the
objectives here can be completed in any order and you can gather the eggs in
any order you want.

In total, there are three eggs. I’m just going to start with the egg that is
closest to the start of the mission which will be the “center” egg. There is a
blue dot next to the green dot that indicates you can do some detective work!
Follow the footsteps with the magnifying glass to be led to a police badge
symbol on the ground, which, of course, indicates a grappling point.

Grapple to the roof and then jump into the nest. Press A to pick up the egg.
Now let’s head to the egg that is on the “right” side of the map. Next to the
water tower there you will find some concrete slabs. Bust into them to cause a
stream of water to pop out. Ride the water to the top and then get on top of
the water tower. Switch to the Farmer costume and fly over to the roof. Jump in
the nest again, grab the egg, and then jump down.

Now head to the final egg area. If you search around the building you will find
a door that is locked. Switch to the robber costume to break into the door. Go
through to reach the roof of the area. Then it’s just a matter of snagging the
egg and returning the three eggs to the head goon.

Turns out the goons need some scarecrows set up in the fields. The first
scarecrow is easy enough to set up (actually, they are all easy to set up). For
the first one, switch to the Robber costume, bust through the shed door, and
then drag the box parts to the designated location and put it together!

Next go to the location where the second scarecrow will be erected. Bust up all
the yellow boxes here to get to the scarecrow parts. Now throw those together
to set up the second scarecrow.

It’s time for the third scarecrow now. This one is also very easy. Switch to
your police costume and then stand on the police badge. You can then use your
grappling hook to yank it the scarecrow head out of the windmill. Pick it up
and carry it to the scarecrow body. Attach it to the body and then this
scarecrow will be completed.

For the fourth and final scarecrow, you’ll once again need your cop costume.
This time you will need to follow some footprints. You’ll be led to an X in
the ground. Dig up the dirt there to find more scarecrow parts and then throw
them together to make the final scarecrow! Mission complete.

Okay, so there’s yet another job for Chase to do. This one involves setting up
satellite dishes for the “farmhands”. Get in the green truck and then drive it
and park it in the designated location. Now go over to the garage nearby and
smash the boxes in here.

This will reveal a tire. Pick the tire up and put it on the truck. Push the
truck forward. Then use the truck to climb up and smash the boxes up here. This
won’t reveal any tires, but it will reveal a grapple point. Use the grapple
point to smash through the window on the roof and then balance across the wire
to reach the top of the water tower.

Switch to the Farmer costume and then use it to fly across to the generator.
Push the generator off the roof and into the back of the truck. Then get inside
of the truck and drive it to the designated location out in the field. Push the
generator in place and then switch to the Construction Worker costume. Use the
Construction Worker costume to fix the panel on the site of the dish and get it
all set up.

There is another satellite on the other side of the field that needs fixing up
as well. Drive there and then switch to the cop costume. Follow the footprints
on the ground to find another grapple point. Use it and then switch to the
Farmer costume. Fly across to the broken dish and then put it back together.

Drop down and switch to the Construction Worker costume again. Mess with the
box to fix this satellite as well. Once it has been fixed up, Chase will be
warned that there is a plan to blow up the bridge. Drive back to the farm

There will be a bunch of apple crates. Smash them. You won’t find apples. You
will, however, find the pieces to a small blue trampoline. Build the trampoline
and then use it to bounce up to the balcony above. Approach the door and then
tilt the 3DS properly to reach the 100 number so that you can successfully
listen in on the conversation at hand…

Those dastardly pigs have escaped! The first pig is very close by. First break
the crates by the lift (you’ll be led right to to it via your map) and then
pick up the crate of fruit. Set the fruit on the green block and then pull the
lever. This will trick the pig into walking on the lift. Get in your Farmer
costume, hop on the pig, and then ride it back to the pen.

Now go to the second pig. There is a goon there that will stop you from taking
the pig and fix the sewer pipe first. Put the pieces of the sewer pipe
generator back together and then switch to the Construction Worker costume
again. Mess with the box to knock the goon down with uh, well, it’s straight
up raw sewage.

With that taken care of, it’s time to hop on the pig. But wait! You are wanted
in a race! Race the pig around the designated track really quick to get them
off your back. Then you are free to return the pig to the pig pen.

The third pig has apparently commandeered a tractor. Get in a vehicle and
drive down to the highway. Follow the pig as he drives the tractor down the
road. The poor little guy will get into a crash outside a gas station and gets
stuck in some farm equipment.

Use your grappling hook to yank the tire out of the equipment which will cause
the pig to fly and land on the roof of the gas station. Nearby are a bunch of
platforming pieces (remember, white and blue) that are just bouncing around on
the pavement. Throw them onto the wall and then scale the wall. You can then
get across to the roof of the gas station.

Ride the pig and jump into the back of the truckbed below. Then make your way
to the final pig. He will be chilling on the roof of a house. Change to the
cop costume and use the grapple hook to get to the top of the house. Then
ride the pig to the pen.

Immediately after returning the pig, you will hear someone yelling for help in
the nearby cabin. Run over there and switch to the Robber costume. Put the
ladder together and climb to the roof. Open the hatch on top of the roof with
the crowbar and then drop through.

Beat up all the bad guys in here and handcuff them. Once they’ve been dealt
with, switch to the cop costume. For some reason, Chase is only able to search
through cupboards when he is dressed as a policeman. Open the cupboard doors
and a key will pop out. Use the key to open the door of the cabin and then
step outside to complete the mission.

Jump on the back of the pig and follow the lady. You will be stopped a few
times for fights. Once the fights are over, get back on the pig and keep riding
it to the next fight. Eventually, the pig will leave. Just continue on foot
until you come to your destination.

At the castle out in Fort Meadows is where this mission takes place, which is
the boss battle of this section of the game. Yippee! So what you need to do
first is go around the side of the castle and watch the red marks on the
ground to know where the vile Kruchman is chucking those sticks of dynamite…

You need to trick him into blowing up all the boxes here. Once all the boxes
are blown up, avoid the dynamite and assemble the catapult. Grab the stick of
dynamite lying on the ground and place it in the catapult. Pull the lever to
send the dynamite flying right at Kruchman’s face!

Now run over to the pot on the ground and water it with your newly acquired
watering can! This will cause a large stem to grow that you can use to climb
higher. Switch to your cop costume and grapple up even farther. Turn around and
use the small ledge sticking out of the wall to make your way around to the top
of the castle.

Run to each of the three different pots and build the brown barricades at each
one. Then the trick is figuring out which pot you have to water to make the
Venus fly trap things snap their jaws and damage Kruchman. Figuring out the
first one will be the most annoying, but then process of elimination will
make the rest of this boss battle go much quicker. Of course, he will be
chucking stuff at you this entire time, so watch out for that.

When he has been damaged enough by the plant, he will retreat and start
furiously chucking the dynamite. Quickly go to the crate at the end of this
upper area and make the dynamite fall on it. Pick up the pot and carry it to
its designated location. Drop it and then water the pot to create another stem
to climb.

Climb to the top. Chase will assess the situation. Switch to your Farmer
costume and use the chicken jump to glide across the gap. Upon landing, switch
to your cop costume to grapple upward, which will then cause Chase to go
through the door and smash them into the back of Kruchman, taking him by
surprise and defeating him.

To Top


You are thrust into this mission very quickly as you basically go from the
boss fight, to a cut-scene, to this. Chase has to skydive onto the science-
fiction area of Apollo Island. While you are falling through the sky, fall
through the rings of studs to earn more cash. Lego cash, but cash nonetheless.

Go up the stairs and then switch to the robber costume. Open the hatch and
then drop down. Open the costume container to get the astronaut costume!
Totally out of this world bro! Go over to the next room and stand on the
astronaut icon. Blast through the roof (you have to stop the cursor in the
meter properly or else you’ll blow up) and then return to the guard and speak
with him.

Stand on the next astronaut icon and blast off onto the next room. Smash the
box up here and then use the smashed pieces to create a platform in which to
push the other box here off of the roof. Do this and then it will smash into
pieces. Throw the pieces together on the side of the building and then switch
to the Construction Worker costume to activate the control panel that is
attached to this building.

The lasers will then be removed. Jump into the dune buggy and stop in the
next objective marker. Hop out of the buggy and switch to the cop costume. Use
the audio scanner to find the radio. Go dig it up out of the ground and return
it to the guard. Now he will finally open the gat efor you to continue deeper
into Apollo Island.

Drive the dune buggy into the objective marker. Then chase the criminals then
fly by on a similar vehicle. Chase them down and smash into them repeatedly to
drain their heart and destroy their car. More will show up around the island
as red circles your map and they will constantly be driving.

So after destroying the first enemy vehicle, speed your way over to the second
enemy vehicle and continue ramming into him until his heart is depleted and his
vehicle blows up as well. A third vehicle will show up, so go smash him, too.

When all of the enemy vehicles have been sufficiently smashed, you need to
drive the dune buggy to the launchpad. It will be marked on your map like any
other objective is. Park the dune buggy in the designated area.

Switch to the Astronaut costume, grab the power cell, and then stand on the
teleporter that is on the ground. This will teleport you to the lift controls.
Place the cell in the designated area to lift up the first lock on the top of
the lift.

Drop down and then fight the bad guy astronauts that show up. Beat them up and
get them secured with handcuffs. This will net you another power cell for your
troubles. Pick it up and then take it to the next designated area to lift up
the second lock.

Your attention will then be directed to the nearby storage hangars that it is
surmised house the next power cell. Switch to the cop costume and stand in
the designated area to whip out the audio scanner. Aim it inside the nearest
hangar to pick up the audio rumblings of the third power cell.

Upon discovering its location, enemy astronauts show up, fresh from a visit to
the donut shop in Cherry Tree Hills. Beat them up and then walk across the
street, switching to the cop costume again. Grapple up higher and then use
the angled platforming pad to run across the wall and grab onto the beam. Use
the beam to jump up even higher, then climb up the blue and white blocks that
are attached to the wall as well.

On the roof, smash everything. Then use the zipline to reach the top of the
hangar. Change to the Robber costume and rip open the hatch that is on the
roof of the hangar. Drop down the hole to be in the hangar. Smash all of the
specially marked astronaut boxes in here to make the laser door open up and
then grab the power cell. Return it to the area to get the third lock released
on the lift.

Now it’s time for the final power cell. Switch to the cop costume and head to
the end of the runway. Use the zipline to reach the segmented island. Use the
control panel to open up the hatch and then drop down to find a skeleton as
well as the final power cell. Switch to the Astronaut costume and use your
jetpack to get out of the hatch. Then use the launchpad to get back to the
larger part of Apollo Island.

Put the final power cell in its place. The final lock will then release and
will reveal a Super Brick as well as a place to build. You should then be able
to construct a giant space shuttle. Build it and then mission will then be

Watch the cut-scene. The door to the ladder will then open up. Climb up the
ladder to reach the next story. Then switch to the Cop costume and use the
grappling hook to pull down the next ladder. Climb up that ladder and then go
to the police badge icon and mess with the control panel on the wall here,
which will destroy the generator powering the laser door that is blocking the

Go through that door now and then switch to the Robber. Crack the case using
the touchscreen and stylus. I’m not sure if I remembered to mention this little
mini-game before, so if I didn’t allow me to explain and if I did, allow me to
reiterate. You drag the red dial across the other studs until you find one that
lights up, then do it in the other direction, and then do it in the opposite
direction of that. It’s actually quite easy.

Once you’ve done that, return to the control panel to have floor panels
return. Go to the end, smash everything, and then rebuild to create a potted
sapling. Water the sapling to create vines that will grow on the wall. Climb on
the vines and then beat up the bad guys here.

When they’re defeated, you can pick up the panel to restore power to the
teleporter that is above. Switch to the Cop costume to grapple up and reach
that teleporter, then switch back to the Astronaut costume. Use the teleporter
and then climb up the ladder. Up here you can launch off with your jetpack.

Upon landing, use the wall jump area to get up even higher. Go across the
bridge and fight the enemy that shows up here. Defeating him will get you the
piece to yet another panel which will completely fix the tower after you have
put it in its rightful spot.

Approach the valve and then turn it. Then use the jetpack to get up higher on
the fuel station. Switch to the Cop costume, using the grappling hook to pull
down the ladder. Then climb up here and use the broken valve pieces to
construct a new valve. Turn this valve to get the initial fuel leak under

Use the zipline to reach the forklift that has the piece of segmented pipe
needed to fix the broken pipeline. Drive the forklift to the broken section of
pipe to repair it. Then get back inside the forklift because the criminals
destroyed another section of the pipe further down the line as well. Drive the
forklift to the designated area.

Enemies will spawn as a result of doing this. Defeat the enemies and then do
the Simon Says-style mini-game on the Astronaut box to open it up. This will
cause another piece of pipe to teleport onto its location. Get inside of the
forklift. Pick up this new piece of pipe and then drive it to the next broken
segment of pipe to fix that up as well.

Immediately ehead over to the next objective marker. Use the device here to
locate the signals of the different satellites flying through space. Aim the
cursor directly at the satellite and then hold A until the meter is full to
completely lock in on its signal.

After all the satellites have been deat with, return to the launchpad.

Following the cut-scene, head over to the helipad area. In your Farmer costume,
water the potted plant to create a large stem. Climb the stemb to the top and
smash the box up here. Go over to the RC controls and drive the RC car through
the small opening on the ground immediately under the fence. There are yellow
areas marked there so you won’t be able to miss it.

Drive the RC car over to the red switch and park it there. This will open the
door so you can reach the blue and white wall to climb onto the roof. Fight
all the enemies here. Once they’ve been defeated, ahve a little chat, switch
to the Construction Worker costume, and then mess with the fuse box here.

Drop down and then use the little grips to climb up to another bar. Shimmy
around the side of the building and then leap over to the pole that is hanging
down and then you can get to another part of the roof. Run around and smash all
the Astronaut boxes that are up here.

This will reveal three different switches. Step on all of the switches to turn
on one of the fans. Then use the teleporter to get inside of the cage where
the final switch is. Step on this one to turn on the other fan. Now use the
fans to float up to the higher roof.

An enemy will show up to put a damper on the situation. Defeat him and then
smash the brown box here. Use the pieces of the broken box to create the
little platform so that you can push the box off the roof.

Drop down and then use the pieces from that broken brox to create another Simon
Says box. Use it to summon a launchpad. Use the launchpad to launch chase over
to another building. Scoot along the wall on the beam and then keep going
until you reach a satellite dish. Fix it with your Construction Worker costume

Keep using the various platforming objects to get across to the next objective
marker. Basically every platforming object that you’ve encountered in the game
so far will be used here. Switch to the Astronaut costume at the end of it and
use the jetpack to get up to the next level. Fight off the enemies that spawn
here once you show up.

Once they’ve been defeated, climb up the ladder to get over the fence and fight
off even more baddies. Smash the boxes, jetpack around the other fence, and
then defeat the other bad guys here as well. You can just jump over the next
fence, but of course, there will be more bad guys to fight on the other side of
that, so be careful.

Change to the Farmer costume and water the plant to create vines. Climb up the
vines and jump over the large pipe. Go over the next fence and defeat the next
set of enemies. Then jump over the next fence and fight off even MORE enemies.
Yes, lots of LEGO bashing in this mission it seems.

Change to the Robber costume and break open the door. Watch the little scene
and then fight the goons that arrive. You can now rebuild the helipad, which
will complete the mission.

Leave the helipad and then go over to the laboratory of the doctor. Use the
control panel to get inside. Switch to the Astronaut costume and use the
teleporter inside. Fight all the enemies in here. After they’ve been defeated,
talk with the doctor for a second.

After the chat, a new Astronaut symbol will appear on the ground. Go to it and
use it to jetpack higher. Switch to the Construction Worker costume and mess
with the fusebox. Or “fix it”, as it were, Chase McCain style — by smashing it
with a hammer.

You will now have access to the ray gun. Pick it up and then switch to the
cop costume. Use the new grappling hook item to reach the higher area. Switch
back to the Astronaut costume and use the gun to blast the control panel here
to save the doctor.

Drop down and use the teleporter to return to the other area of the lab. Talk
with the doctor here.

Natalia has been kidnapped it seems. Oh no! And by Flash Johnson, the “big bad”
for this area. Go to the area of Natalia’s kidnapping. Flash will summon a
bunch of thugs to fight with you, so defeat them all.

Flash will then try to fight you. Defeat him and the machine in the middle will
power up. Use the ray gun to shoot it, which will in turn cause a bridge to
extend. Jetpack up to the bridge, use the control panel, and then drop down
through the new hole in the ground.

Mess with the control panel and then a short scene will play. Jetpack out of
there before being killed. The machine will start up and start rotating yet
again. Keep repeating the process until you can destroy the machine by using
all the levers.

To Top


You have a long drive ahead of you transporting Natalia to the sheriff station
in Bluebell Woods. Drive here there and then stop in the objective marker.
Drive to Blackwell Mines and then speak with the foreman there to learn about
your next costume.

Make your way to the costume closet and open it up to get the Miner disguise.
You can now smash boulders and do other various miner things. Head over to the
entrance of the mine and use your pickaxe to smash through the glittering
boulders that are here. Once they’ve been smashed, you can move forward and
enter the mine proper.

Fight the enemies here. Then go to the switch and pull it to change the
“color” of the area. Switch to your Robber costume and use the Color Gun to
get the new color. Shoot the nearby red switch this color to open the way, and
then continue through the mine with your Miner costume.

Smash everything. You’ll come to a  stopping point, but it is bypassed by
building a ladder. Climb up and fight all the enemies that are up here. Switch
to the Construction Worker costume and smash a hole in the concrete. This will
cause another water sprout to shoot up out of the ground. Stand in the water
and then drop through the hole of the shack.

Still as the miner, defuse the bomb in the corner here. Then use the nearby
switch to blow up the blocked areas of the mine. Go to the next objective
marker so that you can exit the mine. Now just return to the mine foreman and
report to him about your progress.

Change to the Cop costume and watch the scene. After the cut-scene is over,
a detective mode symbol will appear, allowing Chase to use his magnifying glass
to search for clues. You’ll come to a cupboard full of pieces that you can
throw on the wall and then climb up.

Use the tightwire to collect studs and reach the next elevated position. Turn
the valve to shut off the water pressure. Then climb up the subsequent ladder.
Enemies will start rushing you to fight, but you can beat them very quickly by
throwing them off the ledge.

Now it’s just a simple matter of beating enemies, using the platforming
objects, and turning off the water by turning the valves. At the top of the
dam, you will find another bomb that has been planted. Defuse this bomb as

The enemies have trapped a squirrel! How dare they! Use the pieces to create a
wall that you can climb on. Then make your way along the wall using the grips
and the poles to shimmy along and such. Fight the enemy by the squirrel cage
and then release the squirrel.

With that squirrel free, there are still more furry buddies to save. Use the
zipline for a quick way down and then get in a vehicle. Drive to the area where
the next cage has been spotted. There will be two enemies by this cage this
time, so defeat them.

Now use the grappling hook to get into the tree. Use the tightwire to walk from
one tree to the next, and then the next tightwire to reach the telephone pole.
You can then use the zipline to reach the next caged squirrel. Release the
little guy and then head to the next caged squirrel, which is being held over
the river by a crane.

Fight all the enemies here, there will be two again, and then use your cop
skills to pull down the ladder. Change to the Construction Worker costume and
mess with the control box to make the crane drop the squirrel on the dock.
Free this third squirrel, but they, of course, have yet ANOTHER squirrel in

As you arrive to your destination, you will find that a bear is in the path.
Go opposite of the bear to find a campsite. Speak with the people there and
they will give you a fish. Take the fish to the bear to distract him and then
switch to the Miner costume.

There will be two piles of boulders blocking the path. Smash all the boulders
and then you should be able to reach the cage. Open the cage to save the fourth
and final squirrel.

Using your detective skills, locate the cupboard with the valve. Take the valve
to its slot and then turn the valve to make a ladder drop. Climb the ladder to
the roof and then smash the boulders. Pick up the letter and then hop inside of
a car.

Upon arriving at the garage, defeat the enemies. Use the Construction Worker
costume to bang on the control panel to open the door inside of the barn.
Smash everything in here for bricks and then climb up the ladder so that you
can reach the roof.

A lot of enemies are waiting for Chase on the roof. Defeat them all and then
make your way to the hatch. As the robber, rip the hatch open. Drop through
the hatch to land right into the police car. Drive the car back to the police
station and park it where they want it to be parked.

Go to the next designated area to find more goons setting up another bomb.
Defeat them all. Then defuse the bomb as the Miner. One of the enemies will
run away. Use the jetpack and then the balance beam to chase them across the

GGet into the car and chase them as they escape in their truck. Smash into the
truck repeatedly and then fight them when they are out of the car. Arrest them
and then return to the station.

Drive to the cabin in the woods. Enemies will show up, so defeat them. Then
wiretap the door to listen in on the conversation that’s inside. Follow him to
the next cabin and then defeat the enemies that show up outside to stop Chase.

Wiretap this cabin as well. Follow him to the next area, which is protected by
a gate which will shut behind his vehicle. Defeat the people that are guarding
the gate. The gate will then open. Go through to reach the next cabin, which,
like the others, is protected by enemies. Fight them all and win, preferrably.

Wiretap the final door.

Chase now knows where to go based on the information he ascertained from the
wiretaps. Drive to the temple and then approach the front gates. Use the
broken LEGO pieces to put the lion statues back together at the top of the
steps. Turn those two statues and then go down the steps and turn the two by
the entrance to open the doors.

Go through the temple doors to find a bunch of enemies. Defeat them all and
they will be replaced by another wave of enemies that come in from the left.
Then defeat the second wave of enemies that come in from the right. A samurai
will then show up to fight, but he is easily defeated. Just use the same
strategy used for all the other “heavy” bosses.

Fight the goons. Then use the platforming objects to get to the top of the
tower and defuse the bomb.

Fight the enemies. Defeating them will grant you the new ability to use
dynamite. There is a pile of extra strong boulders blocking the entrance to the
mine. Now with the ability to use dynamite, you can blow up the boulders and
enter to face Carl Walnuts, Aliens suit and all.

Chase will get a suit of his own to fight with Carl. In this suit, the controls
are a little bit different. Press Y to fight with Carl and bang into his mech.
Carl will automatically defeat Chase. When this happens, he will retreat to the
back of the cave to avoid the falling rocks.

Avoid the rocks yourself and start placing bundles of dynamite by the four
support beams. Keep doing this to destroy the mech.

To Top


There is a fire nearby, but Chase is ill-equipped to deal with it. The man in
the window will toss down a key. Pick up the key and use it to unlock the alley
door. Smash the boxes in here to create a Color Gun machine. Change the color
in the Robber’s Gun and then shoot the panel. Then shoot the switch under that
to open the door.

Go through the door and stay in the Robber costume. Crack the safe dial to
open the garage doors. Now make your way to the roof and drop through the hole
on the roof. Open the costume closet to get the Fireman costume. Use the
abilities of this costume to put out the fires in the garage.

Then scale the building the reach another fire blocking the doorway. The
firechief will then be rescued and you can head over to the next mission.

Use the pieces here to build the trampoline. Bounce on the trampoline and then
start putting out the fires up here. Then you can proceed to the next level.
Continue putting out the fires. Water the plant and then climb the large stem
that grows from the pot.

Put out the fires. Pull the lever, then switch to the Cop costume. Use the
hook towswing across the gap. Switch to the Construction Worker costume and
bust up the concrete on the ground here. Then continue putting out the fires
and when they’re all done, report to the chief.

Proceed to the scene of the next fire. You’ll find the flames hard to put out.
Change to the Cop costume and follow the footprints to the “X” that is on the
ground. Dig up that area to find the pieces to the firetruck. Throw the pieces
on the truck to fix it up.

Then smash all the boxes that are around the firetruck to find more parts.
Throw those parts onto the firetruck as well. After the firetruck has been
completely fixed, go to the nearby valve connected to the large water pump.
Turn the valve to fill up the truck and then get control of the hose. Spray
down the fires to put them out and then drive the truck through the garage

Drive the truck to the next fire and get behind the controls of the hose again.
Put out this fire and then hop out of the truck. Change into the Construction
Worker costume and then go mess with the box on the wall. This will make the
garage door open up and then another firetruck will be revealed.

An apartment complex is on fire! Uh oh! Once again get behind the hose and
start spraying down the windows as the fire billows out of them. When all the
fires are out, hop out of the truck and approach the potted plant. Change to
the Farmer costume, water the plant, and then a stem will grow. Climb it to the
top, hop off onto the blue and white poles attached to the building, and then
use those to platforma round the side.

Walk across the tightropoe to the adjacent building and start climbing up the
side of it using the grips and the poles. Put out the fires across the rooftop
and then get to the hatch. In the Robber costume, open the hatch and then fall
through after the civilian.

Step out onto the sidewalk and speak with the civilian.

Another explosion means even more fires! Good thing Chase McCain, the jack of
all trades and apparent master of all of them as well, is on the case! Get on
the firetruck hose. Remember, to do this, simply go to the back of the truck
and then press X like you would enter any other vehicle.

Put out the fire of the dish tower that is sitting on the roof. It will smash
to the ground in pieces. Use the pieces to throw together a ladder. Climb up
the ladder and then put out the fires as you make your way across the roof

Get up to the water tower as there will be fire too strong for you to put out
by yourself. Change to the Miner costume and place dynamite at the base of the
tower. This will cause the tower to tip over and spill water out over the
fire. This will save the first civilian.

Now make your way across to the next roof. Fight the goons that show up to give
you trouble. Now as you continue wait for the fans to stop spinning so that you
can cross without being knocked off. Make your way to the second civilian (you
will have to fight with more enemies) and put the fires out around him.

Get to the roof and then rip the hatch open. Some scary black smoke will start
coming out, but a civilian will as well! Phew! Change to the Farmer costume now
and stand on the Chicken symbol as always. Use the chicken to fly across the
way, going through the rings for extra studs remember, and to even more fires
for you to put out in your Firefighter costume.

Put out these fires and smash the box here to save the fourth civilian. Use
the leftover pieces of the box to create a teleporter. Stand on the teleporter
to be transported to the next building. Climb up the side of the building to
get to the rooftop. Put these fires out as well and smash everything that is on
top of the roof.

Put out the fires. Then you will have to use the Robber costume to open the
door that is blocking the final hostage.

Oh no! Not the mayor! Whatever will Lego City do! Lean on the Chase McCain
crutch, that’s what they’ll do. Lucky Chase. Start scaling the building in
typical fashion, putting out the fires as you go. A launchpad at the base of
the steps provides an easy means to getting higher up on the building. Shimmy
along the side of the building and keep putting out the fires.

As you continue, you will use a teleporter, and then come across a ladder
imbued with electricity that you have to cut the power off to by messing with
a nearby box as a Construction Worker. Getting higher up on the roof results
in enemies literally coming out of the woodwork, so smash them down before
they become too much of a headache.

Continue putting out the fires and beating up the bad guys. There will be a
Simon Says box that you will have to mess with using your Astronaut costume, so
do that when you get the chance. Throw together the parts that come from that
to create your own personal watter turret. Use it to put out the fires that
are surrounding the mayor.

Rex Fury must be destroyed! Anyway, start making your way up the building in
the Cop costume. You’ll be confronted by a bunch of goons. Defeat all of them
and then switch to the Construction Worker costume. Smash the concrete under
the hanging blue port-a-potty. Defeat the enemy that comes out and then use
the pieces of it to create a wall that you can climb to proceed further.

You’ll find a Color Gun machine up here. Suck out the green color into the
Color Gun as the Robber and drop down. Pull the lever to activate the generator
and then shoot it with the Color Gun. This will then smash the generator into
pieces. Use the pieces to create a launchpad and then launch across.

Pull the lever here to make the steam push the platforms up. Use the platforms
to get across to an area with more goons to fight. Beat them all up and then
turn to the Miner costume. Smash the boulders that are in front of the crate.
Then push the crate into position so you can get over the next wall.

Defeat the enemies and then use the dynamite. Climb up the blue pole. Then
climb up the ladder and jump across the supports to the blue beam. Walk across
the beam and make your way up the tower to Natalia.

A bank has been robbed, so jump in a car and drive there immediately. Starting
this mission grants Chase a new ability when he is in his Fireman costume, the
ability to use a fireaxe on doors. Do it on the door that is shown in the scene
to get parts to a lever. Throw the lever together and then pull it.

Use the grappling hook to reach the roof. Switch to the Astronaut costume and
then use the jetpack. You’ll land in front of a door that needs smashed down
with the fireaxe. Do this and use the pieces inside to create another grapple
point. Use this grapple point to go up another level on the bank.

A multitude of enemies will rush out to meet Chase. Take them all down with
Chase’s expert fighting skills (Hiyah!). A panel below will open up. Go there
now and then switch to the Construction Worker costume because inside that
alcove is some concrete that needs smashin’. Smash through it and drop through
the hole to be in the bank proper.

Fight the enemies that come out. Then smash everything. You can use the pieces
to start putting together a water cannon as Rex Fury is blocking your path to
him and the vault with some fire. Push the lion statue over a bit and then
switch to the Fireman costume. Smash the barricade to free the people and then
go inside there to find a water cooler.

Break the water cooler and then pick up the gallon of water and take it to the
cannon. Use it to spray down the fire. Rex will start another fire and even
destroy your cannon. More enemies will come out to support him, so defeat those
enemies and then push the lion statue on the other side of the room. Smash the
barricade, free the hostages, go inside, get the water cooler. Use the pieces
to the new water cannon to build it and then place the water cooler container
on it to equip it with water.

Rex will retreat inside the vault and a red laser barricade will pop up to
block your progress. You can create a Color Gun machine with the parts of the
old water cannon. Take the red color and shoot the green button above the two
doors with it. Then use your Robber costume to break into both of the doors.

Inside the door to the left of the vault you will find parts to create a
wall to cimb. The second door will have parts to a lever. Create both and then
pull the lever to make the hand grips position themselves in such a way that
you are able to reach the control panel above. Use it to remove the red lasers
that are protecting Rex.

Rex will escape and now you have to smash into his truck repeatedly to drain it
of its hearts. When enough damage is done, Rex will try to escape on foot, and
will then jump onto a speeding truck, though Chase will manage to get on it as
well. You will have to fight enemies that jump on the truck and then try to
pull away the shield Rex has.

A firetruck commandeered by Rex’s man will drive by and start spraying at
Chase with water. Jump over the water and ignore Rex for now. Jump over to the
adjacent truck and use the Simon Says Astronaut thing. Hilariously, this will
summon a UFO to abduct the goon on the firetruck.

Now return to the blue truck with Rex. Use the grappling hook to yank Rex’s
shield away from him. Then it’s just a matter of throwing Rex off of the roof
to defeat him.

To Top

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03. Conclusion
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I hope this guide helped you beat Lego City Undercover: The Chase Begins
exclusively for Nintendo 3DS!

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